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With these slides I presented our Linked Data based mash-up "Researchers Map" at the Scripting for the Semantic Web Workshop (SFSW) at ESWC'09.


<ul><li>1.DatabaseResearchers Map SFSW'09 Scripting Challenge Submission Olaf Hartig Hannes Mhleisen Johann-Christoph Freytag </li></ul> <p>2. Demo Olaf Hartig - Database Researchers Map 2 3. New Kind of Applications Users retain full control over their data Users manage and publish data on their own All that is needed for the application is a URI rdf:type :DBProfessor . Olaf Hartig - Database Researchers Map 3 4. Users Really Own their Data ... /freytag.rdf contact:fullName quot;Prof. Johann-Christoph Freytag, Ph.D.quot; ;contact:office [ contact:address [ contact:street quot;Rudower Chaussee 25quot; ; contact:city quot;Berlinquot;^^xsd:string ; contact:postalCode quot;12489quot;^^xsd:string ] ] ;foaf:topic_interest , , , ;owl:sameAs .Olaf Hartig - Database Researchers Map 4 5. Implementation Realized with SQUIN Query interface to the whole Web of Data The whole Web as a single databaseSELECT DISTINCT ?i ?label WHERE { ?prof rdf:type ; foaf:topic_interest ?i . OPTIONAL {?i rdfs:label ?label?FILTER( LANG(?label)=quot;enquot; || LANG(?label)=quot;quot;)} } ORDER BY ?label SQUINSemWebClient Lib Olaf Hartig - Database Researchers Map 5 6. Sample Query SELECT DISTINCT ?i ?labelWHERE { ?prof rdf:type .?prof foaf:topic_interest ?i . OPTIONAL {?i rdfs:label ?labelFILTER( LANG(?label)=quot;enquot; || LANG(?label)=quot;quot;)}}ORDER BY ?label Olaf Hartig - Database Researchers Map6 7. Implementation (cont.) Realization of Researchers Map was very easy due to: SQUIN / SemWeb Client Lib Approx. 700 LOC JavaScript (incl. 100 for the queries) Approx. 50 LOC PHP (Mainly to set up server side proxydue to same origin policy) Convenient access to SQUIN with SQUIN PHP tools $s = 'http:// '; // address of the SQUIN service $q = new SparqlQuerySock( $s, ' SELECT ...' ); $res = $q-&gt;getJsonResult(); // or getXmlResult() SQUIN install package available: http://squin.orgOlaf Hartig - Database Researchers Map7 8. These slides have been created by Olaf Hartig http://olafhartig.deThis work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License( Olaf Hartig - Database Researchers Map8 </p>


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