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    AI-Powered Data Cataloging Virtual Summit

    Data Curation and Collaboration for Self- Service Analytics

    With Nissan & Informatica

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    Today’s Agenda

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    Introduction Informatica EDC for Self-Service Analytics

    Nissan’s Approach to Self- Service Analytics


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    Data Drives All Digital Transformation Priorities

    Governance and Privacy

    Self-Service/ Advanced Analytics

    Cloud Modernization

    Customer Experience

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    Data Cataloging Is the First Step

    Discovery of critical enterprise data provided foundation for

    data governance program

    Governance and Privacy

    Flipped the 80-20% rule so analysts spend less time finding data and more time analyzing it

    Self-Service/ Advanced Analytics

    Enterprise-scale metadata understanding allows them to

    migrate from legacy to modern cloud analytics infrastructure

    Cloud Modernization

    Opening up data visibility is fueling development of new

    services and improving quality of patient care

    Customer Experience

    Industrial Services Company

    Regional Health Care Company

    Global Financial Services Company

    Large National Retailer

  • Requirements:

    Data Trust

    Data Understanding

    Data Provisioning

    Data Privacy

    Data Discovery

    Self-Service Analytics enables domain experts and line of

    business users make better decisions by harnessing the

    power of data.

    Self-Service Analytics

  • Robert Ray Maneeza Malik Aditya Patil


    Senior Data Architect Nissan North America

    Principal Product Marketing Manager, Informatica Enterprise

    Data Catalog

    Product Manager, Informatica Enterprise

    Data Catalog

  • Nissan Confidential C 7

    Nissan’s Self-Service Analytics Journey

    Rob Ray, Sr. Data Architect – Nissan Digital

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    Our Team

    Data Management & Analytics

    Within Nissan Digital, the Regional Data Office is a shared services group at Nissan North America, reporting through the global Chief Data Officer (CDO).

    Our Team's Mission: • Transform how business and Nissan Digital collaborate on data

    consumption & advanced analytics

    • Deliver next generation data integration & business intelligence solutions with self-service features

    • Establish data governance & stewardship in partnership with business divisions across the company

    • Advance an analytics framework that delivers maximum business value & meets demand

    • Support a growing community for advanced analytics & data science

    • Offer data collaboration tools, knowledge sharing sessions, user groups, and online self-guided training

    • Publish & maintain the Nissan North America Enterprise Data Catalog & business glossary

    • Provide a Data Scientist Interaction Model for Big Data

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    Digital Disruption

    • Business model under attack

    • Customer expectations

    • Mobility services

    • New competition

    • Cost containment directives

    • Riders / Owners

    • Scale for data proliferation

    • Refactor our workforce

    • Next-gen mindset change

    • Re-organize work functions for unity

    • Enable an enterprise catalog

    • Digital innovation

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    Driving Business Value

    “How can we accelerate with using data as a strategic asset?”

    Business Engagement

    Platform & ecosystem

    Governance & Framework


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    The Starting Line

    Current State • How does your area consume data today, to meet your KPIs? • What are some of the current challenges in obtaining certified,

    quality data? • How is your team consuming data & using analytics tools? • Are you using Nissan’s data to its maximum potential? • Is there compliance & proper data stewardship in your area?

    Future State • How do you feel about self-service data discovery? • Are there aspects of direct data consumption, analytics, or machine

    learning/AI that excite you? • What’s the financial impact if you had better data accessibility? • How can your business area, partners, and IS collaborate to be more

    data-centric? • How will you use data to your competitive advantage in the next year?

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    Ready… Set… Go!

    The 1st Annual Data Management & Analytics EXPO!

    • An inaugural event for education, platform launch & networking between business and IT teams

    • 221 total registrants from ‘high consumption’ groups

    • 155 registrants (70%) from 15+ business areas across NNA

    • 66 registrants (30%) from IS • Three tracks of content for novice & technical

    skill sets • Emphasis on ‘where does your data come from’? • Domain awareness & relevance (data ‘watering

    hole’ concept) and a better understanding of data lineage inside the company, traced to systems of record

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    Democratizing Data & “Citizen Development”

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    Phase 2 • Automation of Data Discovery tasks and workflow • Intake form/queue • Data Curation/Refinery • Data Engineering • Data Governance • Data Quality Scorecards • Data Certification • Self-Service Data Interaction • Prototyping & ‘Value Proof’

    Progressive Data Discovery, 2015-2019

    Data Catalog Review • See what is already out there by domain • Connect data stewards to the project team quickly

    Intake Discussion • Data domain/sub-domain selection (what do you need) • Attribute detail (what can be included/excluded) • Business logic or special requests • Overlapping projects (don’t reinvent the wheel) • Timing needs and security/external factors • PII or data restrictions • Auto notification of the intake request to domains & IS

    Analytics Discovery • BI decision tree (operational, visualizations, both) • Predictive or advanced modeling • 4 key questions (context, personas, snapshot, usage)

    Data Integration Hub

    Data Quality Data Validation Option

    Enterprise Data Catalog Axon

    Business Glossary


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    Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) Timeline

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    Information Systems

    View of EDC PowerCenter and DIH


    Business Intelligence Data Warehouse

    Initial Resources in EDC

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    Data Governance View of EDC

    EDC—Axon Integration

  • 18

    Business User View of EDC

    EDC-Tableau Plug-in

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    Nissan’s Data Catalog Best Practices

    • Engage Business users early and often • Start by loading high-value reporting

    data sources first

    • Focus on providing end-to-end lineage and impact for reporting sources

    • Plan for rapid expansion as adoption increases especially in the early stages

    • Integrate Catalog activities with Data Governance activities and reporting tools (Axon, IDQ, Tableau, Business Objects)

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    “Success with data governance is about altering the way we THINK and ACT around data…and the new

    practices we must adopt for consistency, sustainability, and data innovation.”

    Danielle Beringer, Regional Data Officer—Nissan Digital

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