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<ul><li><p>Current Affairs: September 30, 2016 </p><p>www.talentsprint.com 1 </p><p> September 30, 2016 </p><p>Indian Army carries out surgical strikes on terror launch pads across LoC </p><p>Indian Army has successfully conducted surgical </p><p>strikes on terror launch pads across the Line of </p><p>Control () in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) i.e. </p><p>along Indias de-facto border with Pakistan. The </p><p>surgical strikes were Indias first direct military </p><p>response to attack on Uri army base by Pakistan-</p><p>based militants that had killed 18 Indian soldiers. The motive of the operation was to hit out at </p><p>the terrorists who were planning to infiltrate into the Indian territory. During the operation, </p><p>significant casualty was caused to terrorists. The cross-border action comes India reviewed </p><p>Indus Waters Treaty with Pakistan and pulled out of the regional SAARC Summit that was </p><p>scheduled to be held in Islamabad, Pakistan as part of a wider diplomatic offensive to isolate </p><p>Pakistan. </p><p>Union Cabinet approves ratification of the Paris Agreement </p><p>The Union Cabinet has given its approval to ratify the </p><p>Paris Agreement (on Climate Change) on Gandhi Jayanti </p><p>i.e. on 2nd October 2016. The Paris Agreement was </p><p>adopted by 185 nations in December 2015. India had </p><p>signed the agreement in New York in April 2016. So far, </p><p>191 countries have signed the agreement. The Paris treaty </p><p>on Climate Change will come into force when 55 countries contributing to 55 % of total global </p></li><li><p>Current Affairs: September 30, 2016 </p><p>www.talentsprint.com 2 </p><p>emission ratify the agreement. So far, 61 countries have deposited their instruments of </p><p>ratification, approval or acceptance accounting in total for 47.79% of the total global greenhouse </p><p>gas (GHG) emissions. </p><p>Worlds first three-parent baby born in Mexico </p><p>The worlds first three-parent baby boy was born in </p><p>Mexico to a Jordanian couple with the help a </p><p>controversial new fertility technique that incorporates </p><p>DNA from three people in the embryo. The three-</p><p>parent technique also known as Mitochondrial </p><p>donation (Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy) allows </p><p>parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy </p><p>babies. The boys mother was carrying genes for Leigh syndrome, a fatal genetic disorder that </p><p>affects the brain, muscles and nerves of developing infants. Genes for the genetic disease reside </p><p>in DNA in the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell), which provide energy for our cells. </p><p>World Maritime Day is observed on September 29 </p><p>The World Maritime Day is observed across the world on </p><p>29 September to highlight the importance of shipping </p><p>safety, maritime security and the marine environment. </p><p>Several events are organised to mark this day by the </p><p>International Maritime Organization (IMO), member </p><p>Governments, maritime industry etc. 2016 Theme: </p></li><li><p>Current Affairs: September 30, 2016 </p><p>www.talentsprint.com 3 </p><p>Shipping: indispensable to the world. The theme focuses on the critical link between shipping </p><p>and global society. It also raises awareness of the relevance of the role of IMO as the global </p><p>regulatory body for international shipping. </p><p>CCEA approves implementation of Project SAKSHAM for CBECs GST integration </p><p>The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) </p><p>under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra </p><p>Modi has approved Project SAKSHAM. The Project </p><p>SAKSHAM is a New Indirect Tax Network (Systems </p><p>Integration) of the Central Board of Excise and Customs </p><p>(CBEC). It seeks to bolster the information technology </p><p>network for the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime that the Union Government intends </p><p>to roll out from 1st April 2017. The Project SAKSHAM will help in Integration of CBEC IT </p><p>systems with the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). Extension of Indian Customs Single </p><p>Window Interface for Facilitating Trade (SWIFT) other taxpayer-friendly initiatives under </p><p>Digital India and Ease of Doing Business of CBEC. </p><p>India to invest $2 billion in Sri Lanka </p><p>India is going to invest 2 billion dollars in Sri Lanka in the </p><p>next three-four years. It was announced by Union Minister </p><p>for State (MoS) Commerce and Industry Nirmala </p><p>Sitharaman during her visit to Sri Lanka. She had visited </p><p>Sri Lanka for talks on the Economic and Technological </p><p>Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) to discuss the terms of </p></li><li><p>Current Affairs: September 30, 2016 </p><p>www.talentsprint.com 4 </p><p>the agreement. ETCA agreement seeks to boost cooperation in scientific expertise, technical </p><p>areas and research amongst institutions between India and Sri Lanka. It also seeks to boost </p><p>standards of goods and services to compete on global market and improve opportunities for </p><p>manpower training and human resource development. The ETCA initiative follows unfruitful </p><p>negotiations on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between two </p><p>countries. </p></li></ul>