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  • Version 1.0 January 12, 2000 DROM-02068

    Quick Startup Guide for STEP-7S7-300 & S7-400 PROFIBUS


    Section 1: STEP 7 Hardware Configuration

    Section 2: Explanation of PZD & PKW

    Section 3: Configuring OB1

    Section 4: PZD Process Data Configuration

    Section 5: PKW Parameter Data Configuration

    Section 6: Summary

  • Page 2 DROM 02066 Version 2.0 October 1, 1999

    We reserve the right to modify functions, technical data, standards, drawings and


    We have checked the contents of this document to ensure that they coincide with the

    described hardware and software. However, deviations cannot be completely ruled-

    out, so we cannot guarantee complete conformance. However, the information in this

    document is regularly checked and the necessary corrections will be included in

    subsequent editions. We are thankful for any recommendations or suggestions.

    e-mail: GMC@sea.siemens.com

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    This Quick Startup Guide is not an autonomous document, but is intended to direct users to the sectionin the Operating Instructions which are important for start-up. Thus, these brief instructions can onlybe completely valid when used in conjunction with the Operating Instructions. It is especially importantto observe the warning and information regarding potential hazards in the Operating Instructions.


    Electrical equipment has parts an components which are at hazardous voltage levels. If the warning information in the detailed Operating Instructions is not observed, this can result in

    severe bodily injury or material damage. Only appropriately qualified personnel may work with this equipment. These personnel must be knowledgeable with all of the warning information and

    service/maintenance measures of the Operating Instruction.

    Perfect and safe operation of this equipment assumes professional transport, storage, erection andinstallation as well as careful operating control and service.


    These instructions do not purport to cover all details or variations in equipment, nor toprovide for every possible contingency to be met in connection with installation,operation or maintenance. Should further information be desired or should particularproblems arise which are not covered sufficiently for the purchasers purposes, pleasecontact your local Siemens office.

    Further, the contents of these instructions shall neither become a part of nor modifyany prior or existing agreement, commitment or relationship. The sales contractcontains the entire obligation of Siemens Energy & Automation. The warrantycontained in the contract between the parties is the sole warranty of Siemens Energy &Automation. Any statements contained herein do not create new warranties normodify the existing warranty.

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  • Version 1.0 January 12, 2000 DROM-02068 Page 5

    Step 7 Hardware ConfigurationSection 1 Table of Contents:

    1.1 Launch Step 7

    1.2 Hardware Configuration Editor

    1.3 Insert DP Master System

    1.4 Add MasterDrive CBP to DP Master System

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  • Version 1.0 January 12, 2000 DROM-02068 Page 7

    1.1 Launch Step 7

    ASelect New Project from the File Menu.Name the Project and click OK.


    BBSelect Upload Station from the PLCMenu. This will Upload the HardwareConfiguration for the PLC connected viaMPI Network.

    Note: Offline Hardware Configuration isalso possible. If the HardwareConfiguration is not uploaded from thePLC, individual components for your PLCmust be chosen from the STEP 7Hardware Catalog.

    CVerify the MPI Address for the Stationthat you wish to Upload. By default thePLC MPI Address is 2.

  • Page 8 DROM 02066 Version 2.0 October 1, 1999

    1.2 Hardware Configuration Editor


    A B



    Notice that after PLC Upload aSIMATIC 300 Station is now presentin the Project.Click on the SIMATIC 300 Stationto access the Hardware Icon.

    Double click the Hardware Icon tolaunch the Hardware ConfigurationEditor. This Editor will allow you toinsert MasterDrives onto a ProfibusDP Network

    C C

    DWithin the Hardware ConfigurationEditor select DP Master from theX2 Slot in the Rack. This Rackdisplays the Hardware Modules thatwere Uploaded previously.

    DRight Click on the DP Master andselect Insert DP Master System

  • Version 1.0 January 12, 2000 DROM-02068 Page 9

    1.3 Insert DP Master System

    A BA


    Select New Network

    Select Network Settingsto Configure Profibus.


    Select the Transmission Rate and DPProfile for the new Network.



    Click OK with the new Networkselected.

  • Page 10 DROM 02066 Version 2.0 October 1, 1999

    1.4 Add MasterDrive CBP to DP Master System


    CSelect the appropriate PPO Type. For ourexample we will use PPO Type 2.(This Window looks different without DVA-S7)The PPO Type allows the user to select the typeand amount of data that will be transmitted.

    PKW data consists of four words of data thatare used to change individual Parameters.

    PZD data is Process Data that can be used asControl Words and Setpoints. AdditionallyPZD can be utilized with MasterDrives BICOData System of Connectors and Binectors.


    BAfter you drag the MasterDriveIcon onto the DP Network, ClickOK to confirm that you have theMasterDrive on the appropriateNetwork and it has the correctProfibus Address.


    ASelect the appropriateMasterDrive CBP from theHardware Catalog.MasterDrives are listedunder:Profibus DP / SIMOVERT / MASTERDRIVE CBP.

    Drag the Icon up to thePROFIBUS DP MasterSystem.

    AIf DVA-S7 is not installeddifferent options will appearfor selecting theMASTERDRIVE CBP.The important thing is toselect the desired PPO Typeand configure the driveaccording to this.

  • Version 1.0 January 12, 2000 DROM-02068 Page 11



    DNote that STEP 7automatically lists out theI/O Peripheral OutputAddresses for both thePKW & PZD Data Areasin Decimal format. Thelength of the data is givenin bytes.

    The Hardware Configuration is now complete. At this point youhave created a project, upread an existing S7 Station, created aProfibus DP Master Network and configured that Network with aSimovert MasterDrive. Please proceed to the next sections forprogramming instructions that will easily allow you to interfacePLC and Drive.

    EClick the Hot-Button onthe Toolbar to downloadthe current HardwareConfiguration to the PLC.

    Close HardwareConfiguration Editorwindow when complete.

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  • Version 1.0 January 12, 2000 DROM-02068 Page 13

    Explanation of PZD and PKWSection 2 Table of Contents:

    2.1 PZD Process Data

    2.2 PKW Parameter Data

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  • Version 1.0 January 12, 2000 DROM-02068 Page 15

    2.1 PZD Process Data

    Process data interconnection involves the linking up of setpoints and control bits to the RAMinterface of the drive. The transferred process data only becomes effective when the used bits ofthe control words as well as the setpoints, status words and actual values are connected to thedual-port RAM interface.

    The CBP stores the received process data at fixed pre-determined addresses in the dual-portRAM. Each item of process data is assigned a connector. The connector is also used todetermine whether the PZD is a 16-bit value or a 32-bit value.

    With the help of selector switches, the setpoints or the individual bits of the control words canbe assigned to a particular PZD in the dual port RAM. In order to do this the connectorbelonging to the required PZD is assigned to the selector switch.


    See MASTERDRIVE Compendium function diagrams [120] (Receive) and [125] (Send) forBinnectors and Connectors in the Drive. If the first Word of data transmitted to the drive is tobe used as a Control Word, BICO programming must occur in Control Word 1 of theMasterDrive [180]. Please note that BIT 10 must be asserted. BIT 10 is the LIFE BIT and mustbe asserted for the Drive to receive control from Profibus. Note that to turn the drive on P554must be explicitly programmed. (e.g. P554 = B3100).

    Process Data Transfer must be programmed in PLC program. The rules of consistent data applyto transferring PZD data. Consistent data must be sent together. SFC14 and SFC15 are used tosend and receive the data in the PLC program. The PZD data is sent to the Peripheral Outputaddresses that were assigned during hardware configuration. This will be shown in thefollowing sections examples.

  • Page 16 DROM 02066 Version 2.0 October 1, 1999

    2.2 PKW Parameter Data

    PKW Parameter Data is used to monitor parameter values, as well as to transfer andacknowledge parameter changes. The parameter area always contains at least four words.

    The first word of the PKW Data is used to request a task and identify the parameter number.The second word indicates the parameter index. The third and fourth words are used to passparameter values. The following Tasks are possible with PKW Parameter Data.

    Task ID Significance Reply ID (Decimal ID #) positive negative0 No


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