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With ThinTrack, on an asset flow control issue, start implementing CyberPhysical Systems in your value chain !


<ul><li> 1. Thin-Track : On an asset flow control issue,start implementing Cyber-Physical Systems in your value chainWith Thin-Track, get support fromyour objects/assetsin their real-time management Business-2-Any 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. The way it works Thousands of avatars can coexist in each software instantiation(distributed architecture)Internet /Intranet(Cloud)2An end user feeds the AVATAR with events3readings on the associatedphysical asset/object. An Identifyer (Barcode, RFID, etc.) is placed on the asset/object. 1Process Business-2-Any 2012 3. The way it worksBased on our mutual knowledge, we self-organize locally with other avatars to produce a dynamic and real-time mapping.5In case of doubt, a simple and contextualexchange with the end user helps us to better understand the actual situation.Internet /Intranet(Cloud)For eachmovement, I am advised by the end user of my relative position to a closer 4objectLinkage of and theirobjectsavatars real312Process Business-2-Any 2012 4. The way it works Through its remote AVATAR, the physical asset/object becomes able to make decisions in the monitoring of the 1 process and to assist the end userIn case of a doubt, it can ask for end users arbitration !Internet /Intranet(Cloud) The softwareAVATAR PILOTS thebehaviourOf its associated physical asset/object in Track &amp; Trace on multiple the real processsites, Alerts in case of need formaintenance, Information on daily use,2 Etc.Process Business-2-Any 2012 5. The way it works In general context(manufacturer) :Why, How, What ? etc.Avatars know-howInternet /Intranet (Cloud) Adapts to everyIn local contextLocal contextIn local context(distribution In local context And reacts consequently(manufacturer): /sales): (personal use):Why, How, Wha Why, How,Why, How, Wha t ? etc. AVATARWhat ? etc. AVATARt ? etc. AVATARIn thatsituation, whatam I supposed to do or tointeract ? Information systems of AdaptableThin- Every actor ofThin- Thin-costs Thin- Track #1 Track #n the value chainTrack #2 Track #3Where, Where,Where,Where,when ? when ?when ?when ?Value chain Business-2-Any 2012 6. Thin-Track : a decisional Analysis engine to better pilotyour daily operations Thin-Track, as an intermediate and Real operationsconfigurable layer, gives the ability to Thin-Trackpilot and arbitrate, in real-time, all ofthe events of your asset flows. It also backs and enhances existingParallel adaptable and flexible control processes and decisions already hostedExisting within your Information Systeminformation system= No change at all ! - TIME + effectiveness, efficiency Business-2-Any 2012 7. Thin-Track can also be your CPS starter kit 1) Thin-Track feeds software avatarsReal operations real-time and dynamically associatedThin-Trackto your assets 2) Asset + SW avatar = CyberObject 3) Auto-organization of CyberObjects =Cyber-Physical SystemsCyber-Physical System Existing informationsystem =No changeat all ! Business-2-Any 2012 8. TT Software avatar : the first stone of your further Cyber-Physical SystemCLOUD (Internet) Its intelligence is infinitely expandable, Its only limits are your imagination or any Vehicleother stakeholders in the value chain,Software AVATAR Its technology allows this extension without limit ... 1st implementation 1st return over experience 2nd implementation 2nd return over experience Nth implementationNth return over experienceIterativeimprovement Business-2-Any 2012 9. Thin-Track, by Business2AnyBecause reality is always more complex than what can do existing computer systems, Thin-Track manages operations "as they occur and not as "ideally, they should be.Thin-Track manages all types of flows in a dynamic and adaptive way, either they meet anorganizational logic or not. This allows for dynamic management decisions or operations inreal time that is usually not possible (or very difficult) to perform with other softwaresolutions. With Thin-Track, the only limit will be your imagination !Main offices : Paris (France) Yaound (Cameroon)Partners : Cracovie (Krakow, Poland) Casablanca (Morocco) Phnom Penh (Cambodia)&gt; Business-2-Any 2012</p>