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<ul><li><p>Concept Designer/Assistant Carpenter &amp; AssemblerAndrew Watson DesignsJuly 2015Present Produce hand-made awards for clients worldwide.</p><p>Assistant Sales AssociateJ. CrewJune 2014Present Working part-time at J. Crew as an Assistant Sales Associate,window displays installer and loss prevention officer.</p><p>Industrial DesignerAlong Came The FoldSeptember 2014 Present Collaborated with Along Came The Fold origami fixtures company to develop lightweight cardboard and aluminium wall bracket solutions for indoor light fixtures that have successfully gone to market. Industrial Design VolunteerDUDOC VancouverApril 2015 May 2015Donated time for DUDOC Vancouver and Basic Designs products from donated material to auction with proceeds for Habitat for Humanities.</p><p>575 Alpine CourtNorth Vancouver, BC V7R 2L5 Canada 604 809</p><p>Bachelor of Design, Industrial DesignEmily Carr University of Art and DesignMay 2016Vancouver, Canada</p><p>IB Certificate Program Carson Graham Secondary School graduated June 2012North Vancouver, BC</p><p>WOrk ExpErIEnCEEDUCatIOn</p><p>COUrsEsRhino 2016 WorkshopContinuing Studies at ECUaDJune 2016</p><p>ELEVatE Architecture and Indus-trial Design ProgramNovember 2015February 2016 Enrolled by Michael Green Archi-tecture to create tED Vancouver conversation huts. Teen Art Group (taG)Vancouver Art Gallery and Continuing Studies at ECUaD October 2011May 2012 </p><p>Intro to AutoCad &amp; Intro to Rhino WorkshopsContinuing Studies at ECUaD July 2011</p><p>3D DesignContinuing Studies at ECUaD: Summer Teen Institute July 2010</p><p>DUYVEWAARDTBRYCE</p><p>INDUSTRIAL &amp; TOY DESIGNER</p><p>Workshop AssistantEmily Carr UniversityJanuary 2015 April 2015 Worked seasonally for the Emily Carr University of Art and Design Industrial Design Woodshop technicians in tool checks, repairs and shop cleaning.</p><p>Concept Designer/Researcher/Assistant CarpenterStraight Lines Design September 2014 December 2014Co-op at Straight Line Designs as a Concept Designer, re-searcher and assistant carpenter.</p><p>Drawing &amp; Sketching InstructorRichmond Community CentreAugust 2014 Taught a childrens drawing &amp; sketching summer class.</p><p>Design &amp; Carpentry AssistantStraight Line DesignMay 2013September 2013Worked Full Time at Straight Line Designs assisting in design &amp; carpentry.</p><p>Artistic:Sculpture, 3D modeling, sketching, digital music mixing, film making, Improv, creative writing, script writing, woodworking, and metal work (spot welding)</p><p>Athletic:Downhill skiing, skim boarding, skateboarding, bike riding, hiking, and surfing. </p><p>Travel:U.S.A., Mexico, French Polynesia, France and England.</p><p>Woodworking, metal crafting, CaD Modelling, copy writing, video recording and editing, public speaking, teaching, design research, CnC and 3D print operation, sculpture and sketching.</p><p>Solidworks, Rhino and Fusion 360.</p><p>WOrk ExpErIEnCE</p><p>IntErEsts</p><p>skILLs</p></li><li><p>BRYCE DUYVEWAARDTINDUSTRIAL DESIGNER | PORTFOLIO</p></li><li><p>ELEVATE TED 2016 + DBR SheltersTEDsters relaxed outside and out of the rain with ELEVATE. </p><p>For a Design Build Research course by Michael Green Architecture, Bryce joined students to make concepts, CAD files and operate a CNC machine for creating shelters at TED 2016. The shelters were located just adjacent to the Vancouver Convention Centre during the TED 2016 talks, where TEDsters and attendees could enjoy the fresh air under the canopy. In three months students worked together to design and construct the project. The structures will be re-assembled for a final installation at Skaha Park in British Columbia in 2017.</p><p>Bryces involvement centered around Concept Design, drafting, Rhinoceros CAD work, workshop setup and safety, CNC machine monitoring, construction and de-construction of the ELEVATE structure.</p></li><li><p>This project was for a school assignment developed from a co-creation with a child named Hudson who wanted a collapsible building system space toy. </p><p>Working with classmates Serena Bircher and Andrea Diaz, our group worked each of our skill sets into the the product. Combining Ms. Birchers tallents in illustration and layouts, Ms. Diazs knowledge of laser cutting and developing jigs, and my experience in building toys and tolerances, Hudson was delighted to build up and build out his own little galaxy.</p><p>Build A Universe</p></li><li><p>The MasherFood fermenting starter kit. Paperless packaging.</p><p>Featured on A Designer A Day, Masher is designed to promote people to ferment and jar food more to improve nutrition,The Masher is a food safe wooden dowel that instructs how to ferment, pulverizes food and acts as a weight required for the fermentation process.</p><p>The wood has text, a barcode and QR code laser etched onto its surface eliminate packaging, where the dowel in the jar is all that is sold. The QR code directs begin-ners to a fermentation guide website, and a barcode can be read through the glass jar at point of purchase.</p></li><li><p>Aluminum and Cardboard Wall BracketsThis project was created in partnership with Along Came The Fold, a Canadian company specialized in origami light shades for one of a kind chandeliers and lamps. I met the companys designer at the IDS Vancouver conference and pitched the idea that her products evoked lightweight elegance, while unfortunately the company was using bulky wooden brackets to extend the lights from walls. I suggested an idea to create wall brackets from folded cardboard or metal to mimic the look of the product, which intrigued her. </p><p>The following morning I sketched a series of folded metal wall bracket designs to pitch to her.After deciding on a design I set to work. After laboring through five brackets I had finished my commission and sold the pieces to the designer, whom credited me on the website for my work in addition to featuring images of my creations. </p><p></p></li><li><p>ORA Scent DiffuserThe worlds first app controled scent diffuser.</p><p>The first customizable scent diffuser controlled by a mobile application, ORA works by inserting vials of essential oils into the device and triggering the release of the scents at intervals of the users choice with a mobile device. Users mix essential oils and then save their creations as a blends on the app. From there, users can share their blends on a social network where other users can give feedback. </p><p>By going with the form of a cube on its point, a large surface of water is housed within at the midpoint of the device, while a much smaller footprint below supports the structure. </p><p></p></li><li><p>KlippenbandHarness the objects around you. Rethink toys.</p><p>My design objective is to produce an inexpensive, commercially viable product for kids to enjoy playing with that will encourage creative uses of both found objects as well as innovative uses of the kit pieces on their own.</p><p>The design is for kids primarily aged 6-10, primarily with a North American market in mind , targeted towards kids interested in DIY but due to parental or guardian disapproval in the past of buying challenging building toys, this product will achieve both top quality safety as well as fun to kids who are increasingly less exposed to physical play.</p><p>Colour coded lengths of hook and loop strips can take shape as parts of the toy itself, or act as rope to wrap around manmade as well as organic shapes while the sockets offer connection and positioning of other objects.</p></li></ul>