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Customized Savings for Future needs


<ul><li>1.Customized Investment Customized Savings for future need Created By: Raghunathan Janarthanan</li></ul> <p>2. Best Investment Options in India for 2013 Deposit is a Good Investment Option to Begin With Insurance Policy Investment is also a Popular Option Public Provident Funds has High Returns National Saving Certificate (NSC) is a Widely Common Option Mutual Fund Investments is a Safe Option Stock Investments is the Best for Risk Takers Investment in Gold &amp; Silver is Healthy Real Estate Investment is a Good Option but Not for 2013 Private Equity Investments Provides Satisfactory ReturnsNRO Fund Investment is Good for NRIs 3. Short Term Investment That Can Make You RichSavings Bank Account - is the safest option Money Market Funds- Certificate of deposit and Commercial paper. Bank Fixed Desposit unbeatable in terms of liquidity and security. Investments in Corporate/Company Deposits/NCDsMutual Funds - Large Cap, Ultra Short Term, Debt FundsInvestment in Gold Certificate of Deposits (CoDs)- safer option for investment. Treasury Securities- high liquidity and offers decent returns Equities/ Commodities / Derivatives- Stock market investment has a high risk rate 4. Long term Investment Post Office savings Public Provident Fund Company fixed deposits Bonds and debentures Mutual Funds Life Insurance Policies Equity shares 5. Investment Options Insurance Pension Plan Bank Post office Gold Tax Free Bond Real Estate Mutual Fund Share Market Investment in IPO 6. Insurance Schemes Endowment / Endowment Assurance Child Plan Education/Marriage/Future Money Back Plans Special Money Back Plans for Women Whole Life Plans Term Assurance Plan Joint Life Plan Decreasing Term assurance to cover Home Loan repayment 7. Pension Schemes Pension Plans in Insurance CompaniesMonthly Income plans (MIPs) in Mutual FundsNew Pension System - NPS in Banks New Pension Scheme (NPS ) in post office PPF (public provident fund) account in select banks and all post offices. Senior Citizens Saving Schemes (SCSS) National Savings Certificate 8. 7 Golden rules of retirement 1. Save 10% of your income for retirement 2. Increase investment as your income grows 3. Don't dip into corpus before you retire 4. Withdraw 5% a year initially, then step up 5. 100 age = Your allocation to stocks 6. Borrow for education, save for retirement 7. Save 20 times your annual expenses Pay yourself first" the golden rule of personal finance. Violating that rule is never a good idea. 9. 8 Reasons To Never Borrow From Your 401(k) Borrowing Is a Bad Idea 1. You Are Not Saving 2. You Are Losing Money 3. Time Will Work Against You 4. If Your Financial Situation Deteriorates, You Could Lose Even More Money 5. You Are Trapped 6. You Lose Your Cushion 7. It Suggests That You Are Living Beyond Your Means 8. It Violates The Golden Rule of Personal Finance 10. Banks Investment Schemes Savings Deposit Mutual Funds Fixed Deposit Bank Bonds Initial Public Offerings (IPO) GOI Bonds-(Government of India) offer 8% taxable saving bonds, invest saving bonds, savings bond rates. Bank Pure Gold Public Provident Fund Foreign Exchange Senior Citizens Savings Scheme 11. Post Office Saving Schemes The Post Office offers various investment schemes that include Savings Account Recurring Deposit Account Time Deposit Account Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) Account Public Provident Fund Account National Savings Certificates (NSC) Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) Account 12. Invest in GSecs in India Besides banks, insurance companies and other large investors, smaller investors like Co-operative banks, Regional Rural Banks, Provident Funds are also required to hold Government securities as indicated below: A. Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks B. Rural Co-operative Banks C. Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) D. Provident funds and other entities Government securities are available in a wide range of maturities from 91 days to as long as 30 years to suit the duration of a banks liabilities. 13. 7 Most Secured Ways To Generate Steady Income Instruments 1. Bank Fixed Deposits- only fixed deposits (FDs) 2. Corporate Fixed Deposits - it is attached with some risk factors. 3. Post Office Schemes: Monthly Income Plan (POMIS), Senior Citizen Savings Scheme 4. Tax Free Bonds 5. Debt Mutual Funds 6. Emergency Reserve- Funds for Emergency 7. Real Estate Investment- Most Preferred Investment 14. Invest In These 5 Assets To Become Richie Rich states that treasure assets like art and wine constitute three percent of the net worth of rich Indians. STOCKS: Watch the markets carefully. ART: Investing on Art has become an attractive concept among wealthy, "To be a good investor, one should be a collector first. LAND: Historically, there is only one way land prices move, and that is up, Buying land as an assets or investing in Real Estate is a sure shot way to make money in a longer run. DIAMONDS: Entirely new concept and new asset class for Indians. they prefer wearing them on a ring or as ear studs WINE AND WHISKIES: Traded wines for years jumped 22 percent in 2011. 1926 Dalmore, a vintage, rose almost 450 percent in between 2008 and 2011. 15. 6 Best Alternatives To Personal Loan;utm_medium=banner&amp;utm_campaign=mostread1. Loan against Fixed Deposits 2. Gold Loan 3. Loan Against Shares 4. Loans Against Life Insurance Policies From 9 to 13 % 5. Loan Against Public Provident Fund 6. Loan Against Property- sanction loan with in 7 to 10 days. Bank interest rates from 12 to 16 percent, Take loans against property only if your require cash in huge amount. 16. 7 Apps That Will Take Complete Care Of Your Finances for You Price: Free, Available for Apple and Android 1. Mint Quickview- scrutinizes all your expenses and tells how much you are spending in each category of budget2. Manilla- manage all of your accounts, create customized accounts according to your needs, set reminders for bill payments, insurance premiums payment, rent, Credit card and save late fee.3. DailyCost Price :$1.99- keep tracks of your day-to-day expenses, monthly or weekly expenses by category and can be backed up to iCloud, which means you will never loose your data.4.Toshl Finance- compatible with any currency and helps you to separate your travel budget from your daily expenses. Its a great buy for those who have to travel a lot due to work. Continues 17. 5. Tricount - issues arise during a group outing or trip. Most of the time one or the other friend ends up paying more than the rest. This application will split all the expenses equally among all creates an expense report on your cell phone and arrange by person, apps does entire math for you.6. Check - You will never mill a bill payment again, apps will remaind outstanding bills and let you pay before the dead, helps in making the payments on the spot from your bank account or credit card. need to add all your accounts to the encrypted app and See allthe accounts in one place and easily access to make payments.7. Venmo- It is the best way to pay your friends back uses the same concept of LivingSocial, Uber and Airbnb. payments from the linked bank accounts into a friends Venmo, The application is a real time saver 18. 10 places NOT to use your debit card Online For big-ticket items When a deposit is required At restaurants If you're a new customer When you buy now, take delivery later For recurring payments For future travel At gas stations and hotels When the ATM looks "off" </p>