Curriculum - LESSON SUPPORT FOR ?· Several of our Sunday School classes have used this resource. We…

Download Curriculum - LESSON SUPPORT FOR ?· Several of our Sunday School classes have used this resource. We…

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    Online Support

    additional resources and teaching suggestions for curriculum Username: Formations Premium Code: faja2008 Username: Uniform Premium Code: suja2008

    Subscription Service available through CBF

    Lesson outlines for Formations and Uniform Series curriculum

    Lesson outlines for Smyth & Helwys Formations and Uniform Series curriculum are

    written by Dr. Bo Prosser, Coordinator for Congregational Life at CBF. Lesson plans are

    emailed to teachers each week, providing the lesson outlines 2 weeks in advance. Good

    reviews from other CBF churches and from our teachers.

    Other publications/websites to support Smyth & Helwys Curriculum

    Baptists Today an autonomous national Baptist news journal, published monthly [John

    Pierce, executive editor]

    A good resource to keep up with work and news of moderate Baptists Features include Formations Commentary, written by various contributors.

    Section also includes a Bible study resource page for church leaders provided by


    To subscribe, call toll-free 1-877-752-5658; see website

    The New International Lesson Annual September 2007 to August 2008

    Published by Abingdon Press sample available in Adult Education Office An excellent resource for teachers who use Uniform Series Contact Carolyn Shapard to place an order

    Other Resources and Curriculum to Consider

    BaptistWay Press (BGCT) - See

    A series of non-dated Bible studies published through the Baptist General Convention of

    Texas. Many of the studies are available in study guide format with student book and

    leaders guide. Other studies can be purchased and downloaded with copies being made

    in house. Several of our Sunday School classes have used this resource. We also have

    used this resource for womens Bible study groups. Typical of any curriculum, it requires

    adaptation and enhancement to make the lessons meaningful for the particular group

    using it. Samples are available in the Adult Education Office.

  • Cokesbury (see Christian Education Adult Resources)

    Genesis to Revelation Series study the Bible verse by verse, book by book; 24 volumes, 13 sessions per volume, NIV based

    Journey Through the Bible series 16 volumes, 13 sessions per volume, NRSV based, Study Book and Leaders Guide available

    Bible Readers Series short-term Bible studies (4-8 weeks), NRSV based; 45 minutes sessions, Teacher Book and Student Book available

    FaithQuestions Series designed to meet the needs of people with questions about the Christian faith and those who desire deeper engagement with Scripture

    and discipleship as they explore issues of theology, ethics, missions, Bible

    interpretation, and church history. See the website for various resources in the


    Great Themes of the Bible a study of universal themes that are relevant for the faith formation of all humanity. These short-term studies of those profound

    themes are ideal for assimilating newer members into the life of the congregation.

    Adult Bible Studies Cokesburys most popular adult study resource; published 4 times a year, 13 lessons per season, for adults who wish to be guided by the

    uniform series. Winter 2007-2008 Gods Call to the Christian Community

    (Luke); Spring 2008 God, the People, and the Covenant (various books of the

    Bible); Summer 2008 Images of Christ (Hebrews, the Gospels); Study Book

    and Teacher Book available. This would be comparable to Smyth & Helwys

    Uniform Series.

    All Cokesbury material is written for the United Methodist Church but can be adapted for

    use in most moderate Baptist churches.

    Kerygma - See

    Sample study guides are available in the Adult Education Office

    Center for Christian Ethics/Acacia Resources See

    Samples are available in the Adult Education Office


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