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My lecture on Critical Appraisal


<ul><li> 1. CRITICAL APPRAISALPresenter:Dr. Balamurugan Tangiisuran</li></ul> <p> 2. Presentation Outline Introduction to Critical Appraisal Evaluating Evidence Evaluating Websites 3. What is Critical Appraisal? 4. What is Critical Appraisal? Balanced assessment of thebenefits/strengths and flaws/weaknessesof a study Assessment of research process andresults Consideration of quantitative andqualitative aspects 5. Critical Appraisal is NOT Negative dismissal of any piece ofresearch Assessment on results alone Based entirely on statistical analysis Undertaken by experts only 6. Why is evaluating necessary? To find out the validity of the study are the methods robust? To find out the reliability of the study what are the results and are they credible? To find out the applicability of the study is it important enough to change practice? 7. How Do I Critically Appraise the Believe everything Believe papers in high quality journals Read &amp; decide yourself Let other people read and decide for you Read for yourself and make a structuredappraisalResearch? 8. Critical Appraisal in daily life 9. Evaluating Evidence 10. Step 1What was the purposeof the research? 11. Step 2What is the backgroundto the research? 12. Step 3Was the researchmethod and studydesign appropriate? 13. Step 4Was is the researchpopulation? 14. Step 5Who took part in theresearch and who didnot? 15. Step 6Are the data reliableand valid? 16. Step 6: Are the data reliable andvalid? 17. Step 7How are the dataanalyzed? 18. Step 7 19. Step 7 20. Step 8Are the findingsinterpreted correctly? 21. Step 8 22. Step 9Are the conclusionvalid? 23. Step 10Did you enjoy readingthe research report? 24. Step 10 25. EVALUATING WEBSITES 26. How to evaluatewebsites? 27. Criteria for EvaluatingWebsites Source Authority Objectivity Currency Coverage 28. Criteria for EvaluatingWebsitesSource Who wrote the webpage Do they provide their contact details?Authority Is the author qualified? Check the domain of the documentObjectivity What goals or objectives does thewebpage meet? How detailed is the information 29. Criteria for EvaluatingWebsitesCurrency When was the page last updated?Coverage Is the information presented citedcorrectly? Do the links (if any) complement thedocuments themes? 30. Presentation Outline Introduction to Critical Appraisal Evaluating Evidence Evaluating Websites 31. 32. Jom analisa secara kritikal! 33. Thank You! </p>