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Six unique ideas for your picture frames


<ul><li> 1. 6 creative ways to use pictureframes in your decor</li></ul> <p> 2. Picture frames dont have to be used to frame art. Sure, this traditional useis the most common, but there are lots of things you can use frames for.These projects can be done with brand new frames or vintage finds.In many cases, a vintage find will give you a charming, unique look that youjust cant get with a brand new frame. If you decide to give an old framenew life, be sure you refinish it the right way. Start by using a sander toremove all paint or stains and to smooth the wood. Then, use paint or stainto update it. If you are painting several frames, consider using a paint spraysystem to make its easy to cover a lot of frames with a smooth, even coat. 3. 1. Kids art galleryIf youre a parent, your kids are probably always bringing you master-piecesthey did at school or created at the kitchen table. All these mas-terpiecesare probably covering your fridge or even just taped to yourwalls.Use a few picture frames hung in a group to create a kids art gallery.Hang a string, or a few strings, across the back of the empty frames andthen use paperclips or clothespins to hang the artwork from the strings.This system makes it easy to rotate pictures in and out of the framesjust as quickly as your little ones create them. 4. 2. Framed ShelvesTake traditional floating shelves to the next level with frames. Install ashelf, the same width as your frame, to a wall. Then, attach a frame to theshelf to give it some interest and a unique look. Use one large frame to housesome books or hang a few in a group for knick-knacks and accessories. 5. 3. Mug Display CaseTake the framed shelf idea to the next level by creating a grid of shelves, orcubbies, behind a frame and mounting the entire piece on a kitchen wall. Thisis perfect for displaying your mug collection and storing mugs in a placewhere you can easily grab one first thing in the morning.This can work for any collection and you can make the cubbies any size youwant to house any kind of knick-knack or group of related items to show themoff and use them to make a statement in any room. 6. 4. Unique Towel RacksWho says towel racks have to be boring? Combine beauty and functionality byusing frames in the bathroom. You can hang a few frames and use the bottomedge to hang towels from or you can frame a few towel hooks with smallframes. Be sure to treat the frames so they can withstand moisture. 7. 5. Updated Vanity MirrorAdd a decorative edge to a vanity mirror in your bathroom or bedroom with apicture frame. This simple step can make the mirror look bigger, more de-tailedand even built it. Use an existing frame or purchase some moulding tofit an odd-sized mirror. With this project, you can use removable adhesivesso you can change the look later. 8. 6. Stylish Menu and Grocery ListCreate a stylish menu or grocery list by adding a frame around a corkboard,chalkboard or even a piece of glass with decorative paper underneath it.Then, you can pin lists and coupons to it or write directly on the board withchalk or a dry erase marker. Add a few hooks or clothespins to the frame tohang keys or notes. 9. Picture frames are great thrift and vintage store finds, so next time you find astylish frame, pick it up and transform it into a new piece of custom decor for yourhome.For more please see </p>