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My slides for a short talk on creating a culture of innovation in Libraries delivered at the ARL Membership Meeting in Washington, DC (Oct 8, 2014). Observations fall into three categories: Platforms, People and Practice - with a dash of Persistence. Note: I'm not sure if the slides will make sense on their own!


  • 1. Creating a Culture of Innovation: M.J. DEliaCreating aCulture ofInnovationM.J. DEliaUniversity of GuelphARL Membership Meeting Fall 2014

2. Learning Commons & College of Business andEconomics 3. 5 years ago > Restructuring5 years ago > restructuring 4. Innovation = Core valueinnovation = core value 5. Innovation = 1980sinnovation = 1980s 6. Core value vs. Core practicecore value = core practice 7. Internalizing innovationHow might we internalize innovationso that it becomes part of our DNA? 8. Learning = doinglearning = doing 9. innovation boot campexperiments entrepreneurshipstartup thinkingstartup weekend: librariesExperiments 10. In the the water 11. Creating aCulture ofInnovationPracticePeoplePlatformPlatform, People, Practice 12. Alternative Presentation TitleCreating aCulture ofInnovationfrom a middlemanager at someCanadaThoughts onuniversity up in 13. PlatformPlatform: Sub-section 14. PlatformPlatform: Examplesbudget allocationproject approval/oversightinnovation incentivescelebration + recognition 15. Plans vs. Modelsplans v. models 16. built on assumptionsplans assumptions become factsplan becomes staticlibrary-centricPoor planning Process 17. plans productivity measuredagainst the planPlans: Productivity 18. No plan survives first contactwith its customers.-Steve BlankFirst contact: Steve Blank 19. based on observationsmodels assumptions get challengedmodels are dynamicclient-centricModels 20. Models: Productivityproductivity is measured modelsby performance 21. predictthe futurebuildthe futurev.Predict vs. Build 22. Example: Innovation FundInnovation Fund 23. Remove barriersHow might you remove organizationalbarriers to innovation? 24. PeoplePeople: Sub-section 25. People: Examplesattracting/retaining talentPeople vision + motivationuser experiencecollaboration + co-creation 26. test theproducttest theproblemv.Product vs. Problem 27. Problem-solution fitproblem-solution fit 28. There are no facts insidethe building, so get outside.-Steve BlankGet outside 29. Example: The Listening ProjectThe Listening Project 30. Creative ConfidenceHow might you enhance creativeconfidence in your organization? 31. PracticePractice: Sub-Section 32. PracticePractice: Examplesfoster experimentationshare insightsborrow methodsfail faster 33. Pilot projects vs. iterative designpilotprojectsiterativedesignv. 34. Build-Measure-Learnbuild-measure-learn 35. The only way to win is to learn fasterthan everyone else.-Eric RiesLearn faster 36. Example: Research Help DeskResearch Help Desk 37. Celebrate experimentsHow might you celebrate theexperiments that are currentlyhappening in your organization? 38. PracticePeoplePlatformPlatform, People, Practice 39. PersistencePersistence 40. ResearchersResearchers 41. Researchersobserve phenomenastate hypothesesdesign an experimentcollect datadraw conclusionsScientific method 42. Researchers RepeatResearchers Repeat 43. Library as LabWhat would happen if you viewed yourlibrary more like a lab?What would you learn? 44. Thank You M.J. you