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  • Created by: Tiffany Pippin
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  • Table of Contents Living and Non-living Seed Dispersion Seed Growth Seed Seedling Germination Lifecycle Plant needs Plant Parts Roots Stem Leaves Leaves Photosynthesis Chlorophyll Plant Location Plant Extension Standards Hi! My name is Daisy. I would like to share with you some vital information about plants. Please come with me on our journey through my life.
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  • Plants are Living or Nonliving? Plants are living things because they need certain things like people to live and grow. What do you need to live and grow?
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  • How do seeds move around? Animals WindPeople Water Seeds disperse by... Wow! Did you know that? Hum.. Does anyone know how seeds move around in these certain ways?
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  • Seed Growth What is the first stage of plant growth? What is a young plant called? When a seed breaks open its called what? Seed Seedling Germination Look! This is how I begin to grow
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  • Plant life Cycle
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  • What plants need to grow?
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  • What are the parts of a plant? Leave s Stem Roots
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  • Plant Parts Assessment fruit leaf seed flower stem root Choose words from the triangle below to identify the parts of a plant.
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  • What do the roots, stems, and leaves do? Rootsthe underground parts of a plant Stemit supports a plant above the ground Leavesthey help the plant get air and light
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  • How to you identify which plant that a leaf comes from? Edges Shape Size Hey! Lets be shape inspectors and take a nature walk to collect leaves. This will help us explore their edges, color, shape, and size. Be ready with your special magnifying glass. Then we will create leaf prints to discovery the vein patterns.
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  • What is photosynthesis? The process by which plants use the suns energy to make food
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  • What is Chlorophyll? It helps a plant use energy to make food and this is how plants get their green color.
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  • Interactive Growing Plant Process Click here to assist in Growing a Plant.Growing a Plant Keep in mind what a plant needs in order to grow!
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  • Where do Plants Live? Students, where do you think the best place for a plant to live and grow would be according to the bar graph? Though can different plants live better in one place than another? Well, does anyone have an example to share with the class?
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  • Plant Location Extension Students, now it is your turn to design either a forest, desert, beach or pond location for a plant that you will create. **Keep in mind what you have learned about plants! To accompany this project, you should also be able to write a short story starting with "If I were a plant, I would live..." and describe the environment that you have created with the plants needs and a description of it. We will share your creations and put them on exhibit in the library!
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  • Standards S.1.C.S.3.Habits of Mind The learner will use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating objects in scientific activities. S.1.C.S.7Nature of Science The learner will understand the important features of the process of scientific inquiry. S.1.L.1. Life Science The learner will identify the basic needs of a plant: air, water, light, nutrients. S.1.1.2. Life Science The students will identify the parts of a plant root, stem, leaf, and flower. M.1.2.1 Graphs: Create/Basic/Physical The learner will be able to construct simple graphs using concrete objects or representations of objects such as blocks, counters, or pictures. M.1.3.6 Time: Units/Select The learner will be able to select appropriate units (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months) and appropriate tools (clocks/watch, calendar, sun/moon) for determining a specified time.
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  • I enjoyed reviewing plants with you all! Planting the seeds of the future!