crazy about the number when will this trend end?

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Healthy Vs. Unhealthy

Crazy about the numberWhen will this trend end?The dreaded scaleA bathroom scale measures your mass. It doesnt measure your muscle, beauty, ambition, or dedication. Women spend over 182 billion dollars on bathroom scales a year. Why spend so much money on a piece of equipment that ultimately ruins your day?Women who become obsessed with the number tend to develop eating disorders, they become obsessed with counting calories, and become scared of certain foods that will make the number rise.

When a woman is trying to lose weight she could weigh herself every morning, night, or bothThe best time to weigh yourself is in the morning and do it once a week. If you are keeping track of what you lose/gain then do it the same time on the same day every week.

Weighing in everyday most of the time doesnt give an accurate number because different factors can change our weight throughout the day.- Drinking more water- Eating salty foods- Regular bathroom visits- Eating nutritious or processed foods

Muscle vs FatFact : Muscle weighs more than fatFact : You can work hard and exercise but if you are lifting weights you weight could stay the same or go up, but you still look better.

Special KSpecial K is all about making woman feel their best without putting them down based on their size. They have diet products, healthy eating supplements and make commercials such as this one to remind woman that you are more than a number.

Clothing sizesWhy do department stores have to put numbers in the clothes?Why cant it be as easy as looking for a word to describe the size you wear?You will most likely not be the same size at two stores!!!!!! This is ok Fashion designers have their own way of making clothes and it is just a number!

Reasons why the scale could be sabotaging your weight lossGaining muscleIf you are lifting weights and eating properly then you will start gaining muscle which is more dense than fat. If you want to lose quick fat then stick to a cardio based work-out and cut your calories down to 1,200 - 1,5000. You wont lose 10 pound in a dayIf you work out for one day and eat perfect you expect to see results. If you dont stay consistent then the work wont show. People want the quick fix without the effort. Your human!!!!You are going to eat that cookie, drink that pop, or skip that work-out. Life happens and it doesnt care if you are trying to lose weight. Eating in moderation and sticking to a work out program is the best way to lose weight. Smashing the scale

Kirsten Anderberg smashes a scale outside of a beauty pageant in 1991. She was trying to show the media that beauty is more than a number and women are worth more than a number. How do we let go of the number?Focus on how you feel If you have energy and feel good about yourself then that is all that mattersAccept the fact that IT IS JUST A NUMBER. Throw away the scale and bust your behind at the gym. If your working out and taking care of yourself then the weight will come of in time. Have patience and trust the system.