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  • Course CatalogV5

    21 November 2016

  • 3DS Learning Solutions | Course Catalog

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  • 3DS Learning Solutions | Course Catalog

    CATIACATIA Analysis V5 1CATIA V5 Analysis (V5A) 2

    ELFINI Structural Analysis (EST) 3

    FEM Solid (FMD) 5

    FEM Surface (FMS) 7

    Generative Assembly Structural Analysis (GAS) 9

    Generative Dynamic Response Analysis (GDY) 11

    Generative Part Structural Analysis Expert (GPE) 12

    Generative Part Structural Analysis Fundamentals (GPF) 14

    CATIA Application Architecture V5 15CAA for CATIA V5 Getting Started (CAG) 16

    CATIA Equipment and Systems Engineering V5 17CATIA V5 for Electrical Designers (V5VE) 18

    Circuit Board Design (CBD) 20

    Electrical 3D Design and Documentation (EC1) 21

    Electrical Harness Flattening (EHF) 22

    Electrical Librarian and Harness Installation (ELI) 23

    Electrical Wire Routing (EWR) 24

    Equipment and Systems Environment (ES1) 25

    Equipment and Systems Setup and Administration (ESA) 26

    Equipment Arrangement (EQT) 27

    Equipment Arrangement Setup (EQS) 28

    Experience CATELECTRE (CEL) 29

    Generic Routing (ES2) 30

    HVAC Design (HVA) 31

    HVAC Diagrams (HVD) 32

    HVAC Setup and Catalogs (HVS) 33

    Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (PID) 34

    Piping Design (PIP) 35

    Piping Setup (PIS) 36

    Structure Detail Design (SDD) 37

    Structure Functional and Design Setup (STS) 38

  • 3DS Learning Solutions | Course Catalog

    Structure Functional Design (SFD) 39

    Tubing Catalogs (2D Diagrams and 3D Design) (TUS) 40

    Tubing Design (TUB) 41

    Tubing Diagrams (TUD) 42

    CATIA Infrastructure V5 43CATIA V5 Automation (VBA) 44

    V5 Administration (ADM) 45

    CATIA Machining V5 46Advanced Part Machining (AMG) 47

    Lathe Machining (LMG) 48

    Multi-Axis Surface Machining (MMG) 49

    Multi-Pockets Machining (MPG) 50

    Multi- Slide Lathe Machining (MLG) 51

    Numerical Control Infrastructure (NCI) 53

    Prismatic Machining (PMG) 54

    Prismatic Machining Preparation Assistant (MPA) 55

    STL Rapid Prototyping (STL) 56

    Surface Machining (SMG) 57

    CATIA Mechanical Design V5 582D Layout for 3D Design (LO1) 59

    3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotation (FTA) 60

    Advanced Drafting and Customization (DRA) 61

    Aerospace Sheetmetal Design (ASL) 62

    CATIA Composites Design V5R20 Update (UCPD20) 63

    CATIA Detail Drafting (DDR) 64

    CATIA Generative Drafting Fundamentals (ANSI) (GDRA) 65

    CATIA Generative Drafting Fundamentals (ISO) (GDRI) 66

    CATIA Generative Sheetmetal Design (SMD) 67

    CATIA Generative Sheetmetal Design V5R19 Updates (SMD) 68

    CATIA Generative Sheetmetal Design V5R20 Updates (USMD20) 69

    CATIA Mechanical Design V5-6R2012 Update (UMD22) 70

    CATIA Mechanical Design V5-6R2013 Update (UMD23) 71

    CATIA Mechanical Design V5R19 to V5-6R2014 Update (UMD94) 72

    CATIA Mechanical Design V5R19 Update (UMD19) 73

    CATIA Mechanical Design V5R20 Update (UMD20) 74

    CATIA Part Design (PDG) 75

  • 3DS Learning Solutions | Course Catalog

    CATIA Part Design Added Exercises (PDG) 76

    CATIA Part Design Expert (PDG) 77

    CATIA Product Design (ASM) 78

    CATIA Product Design Added Exercises (ASM) 79

    CATIA Product Design Expert (ASM) 80

    CATIA Sketcher (SKE) 81

    CATIA Surface Design (GS1) 82

    CATIA Surface Design Added Exercises (GS1) 83

    CATIA Tools For Proficient Users (PRO) 84

    CATIA V5-6R2014 Update for Designers (UMSD24) 85

    CATIA V5-6R2015 Update for Mechanical Designers (UMD25) 86

    CATIA V5-6R2016 Update for Mechanical Designers (UMD26) 87

    CATIA V5 Foundations for Aerospace Assembly Designers (V5AeA) 88

    CATIA V5 Foundations for Aerospace Part Designers (V5AeD) 89

    CATIA V5 Foundations for Aerospace Part Reviewers (V5AeR) 90

    CATIA V5 Foundations for Body Designers (V5VB) 91

    CATIA V5 Foundations for Chassis Designers (V5VC) 92

    CATIA V5 Foundations for Powertrain Designers (V5VP) 93

    CATIA V5 Fundamentals (V5F) 94

    CATIA V5 Mechanical Design Expert (V5E) 95

    CATIA V5-V6 Design Synchronization Essentials (DCE5) 96

    Composites Grid Approach (CPG) 98

    Composites Part Engineering (CPE) 99

    Composites Part Manufacturing (CPM) 100

    Core and Cavity Design (CCV) 102

    Functional Molded Parts (FMP) 103

    Getting Started with CATIA V5 (COM) 104

    Healing Assistant (HA1) 105

    Mold Tooling Design (MTD) 106

    Part Design Features Recognition (FR1) 107

    SEE Project : Assembly Design (SEEASM) 108

    SEE Project : Drafting Design (SEEGDR) 109

    SEE Project : Part Design (SEEPDG) 110

    Tooling Design (TG1) 111

    Weld Design (WD1) 112

  • 3DS Learning Solutions | Course Catalog

    CATIA PLM Express V5 113CATIA PLM Express Fundamentals (CTP) 114

    CATIA PLM Express Fundamentals - Basic Surface (CTPB) 115

    CATIA PLM Express Fundamentals - Surfaces (CTPS) 116

    CATIA Product Synthesis V5 117CATIA Knowledge Fundamentals (KWF) 118

    Human Modeling (HMN) 119

    Knowledge Advisor (KWA) 120

    Knowledge Expert (KWE) 121

    Product Engineering Optimizer (PEO) 122

    Product Knowledge Template (PKT) 123

    CATIA Shape Design and Styling V5 124Automotive Body in White Fastening (ABF) 125

    CATIA Digitized Shape Editor (DSE) 126

    CATIA For Design Foundations (CDF) 127

    CATIA Generative Shape Design V5-6R2012 Update (UHD22) 128

    CATIA Generative Shape Design V5-6R2013 Update (UHD23) 129

    CATIA Generative Shape Design V5R19 to V5-6R2014 Update (UHD94) 130

    CATIA Generative Shape Design V5R20 Update (UHD20) 131

    CATIA ICEM Shape Design Expert (IEX5) 132

    CATIA ICEM Shape Design Fundamentals (ICM) 133

    CATIA Imagine and Shape (IMA) 134

    CATIA Surface Design Expert (GSD) 135

    CATIA Surface Design Expert Added Exercises (GSD) 136

    CATIA V5-6R2015 Update for Shape Designers (UHD25) 137

    CATIA V5-6R2016 Update for Shape Designers (UHD26) 138

    CATIA V5 for Surfaces (V5S) 139

    Developed Shapes (DL1) 140

    FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer and Profiler (FSS) 141

    Freestyle Sketch Tracer (FSK) 142

    Generative Shape Design Optimizer (GSO) 143

    Generative Shape Design V5R19 Update (UHD19) 144

    Introduction to the mathematical concepts of CATIA V5 (MTH) 145

    Methodology for Cloud to Surface (CTS) 146

    Photo Studio (PHS) 147

    Photo Studio Optimizer (PSO) 148

  • 3DS Learning Solutions | Course Catalog

    Quick Surface Reconstruction (QSR) 149

    Realistic Shape Optimizer (RSO) 150

    Real Time Rendering (RTR) 151

    Shape Sculptor (DSS) 152

    Solutions V5 153Photo Rendering (PRS) 154

    CompanionCompanion Studio 155Companion Studio (WTR) 156

    Companion Studio - Advanced (WTR) 158

    DELMIADELMIA Assembly V5 159Assembly Process Planner (APN) 160

    Assembly Process Planner - Auto (APA) 161

    DPM Assembly (ASY) 162

    DPM Hub Assembly (HAS) 163

    DELMIA D5 QUEST V5 164Advanced QUEST (AQT) 165

    QUEST (QST) 166

    DELMIA Human V5 167Human Option (HSO) 168

    Virtual Ergonomics Solutions (HUM) 169

    DELMIA Lofting V5 170DPM Structure Lofting (DST) 171

    Structure Manufacturing Preparation (SMP) 172

    DELMIA Machining V5 173DPM Machining Process Planner (MPP) 174

    NC Machine Tool Builder (MBG) 175

    NC Machine Tool Simulation (MSG) 176

    DELMIA Manufacturing Hub V5 177Basic Process Engineer (DPE) 178

    DELMIA PLM Express V5 179Automation (AUTO) 180

  • 3DS Learning Solutions | Course Catalog

    PLMX Arc Welding (ARB) 181

    PLMX Human (XHM) 182

    PLMX Spot Robotics (SRB) 183

    PLMX Workcell Builder (RWB) 184

    DELMIA Robotics V5 185Body in White Fastener Planning (BIW) 186

    DELMIA Device Building - Advanced Kinematics (DBG) 188

    DELMIA Robotics for Aerospace (WLA) 189

    V5 Robotics (ROB) 191

    VBA for DELMIA (VBD) 192

    ENOVIADigital Mock-Up V5 193Digital Mock-Up Basics (DMB) 194

    Digital Mock-Up Navigator (DMN) 195

    Digital Mock-Up Optimizer (DMO) 196

    Digital Mock-Up Space Analysis (SPA) 197

    DMU Engineering Analysis Review (ANR) 198

    DMU Fitting Simulator (FIT) 199

    DMU Kinematics Simulator (KIN) 200

    ENOVIA PLM Express V5 201ENOVIA SmarTeam - CATIA PLM Express Fundamentals (CTPE) 202

    ENOVIA SmarTeam V5 204ENOVIA SmarTeam Administration for Foundation, Editor & Web Editor (STA) 205

    ENOVIA SmarTeam - CATIA Integration (TPU) 206

    ENOVIA SmarTeam - CATIA Supply Chain Engineering Exchange (SEE) (SEE) 207

    ENOVIA SmarTeam - Editor (SED) 208

    ENOVIA SmarTeam Fundamentals (SFF) 209

    ENOVIA SmarTeam Installation for Foundation, Editor & Web Editor (STI) 210

    ENOVIA SmarTeam - Web Editor (WED) 211

    ENOVIA V5 VPLM 212ENOVIA V5 VPM for Engineering Collaboration (LEH) 213

    ENOVIA V5 VPM for Lifecycle Collaboration (LCN) 214

    ENOVIA V5 VPM for Supply Chain Collaboration (WPE) 216

    ENOVIA V5 VPM Fundamentals (LUF) 217

  • 3DS Learning Solutions | Course Catalog

    SIMULIASIMULIA V5 Abaqus 218Introduction to Abaqus for CATIA V5 (AFC) 219

    SIMULIA V5 Analysis 220Introduction to Nonlinear Structural Analysis And Thermal Analysis (ANL) 221

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