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Use of Funds Shopper database to get shoppers B2B system to get business customers Note: Funds used for database marketing only. (see Recent Developments – slide #27)


Coupon Extreme LLC Free Coupon Village $50,000 Private Capital Raise Equity & Return $50,000 total ($5,000 increments) 2X return of funds 10% equity in company ($5,000 = 1%) Timeline notes: Equity begins with investment Return of funds begins end of second quarter from date of investment, with total 2 X projected within 24 months or less. Use of Funds Shopper database to get shoppers B2B system to get business customers Note: Funds used for database marketing only. (see Recent Developments slide #27) Free Coupon Village The Market Maker System Our product & service - what we do What & Why Uniqueness in Marketplace Recurring Revenue Platform Game-changing marketing system for independent retail & service businesses A proven, patent pending marketing system for independent retail and service business that provides: - Massive Exposure - New Customers - Improved Customer Retention All for a fraction-of-a-fraction of what they would spend on their own A sure-fire, paint-by-numbers, marketing system for small business The business landscape has changed forever The new realities for an independent, local business: Most are not good at marketing their business - even though skilled in their trade They cant afford to hire marketing departments and they often overspend on desperate attempts to compete with big box, big budget stores They are also losing local business to Internet shoppers whose loyalties have faded as they think deal first Few have a clear-path, affordable marketing system or approach They must adapt to compete The problem is worldwide and has created an exceptional opportunity The Solution FREE COUPON VILLAGE(and the Market Maker system) Specifically what is it? Technically, it is a 3-tier application infrastructure backed by a thoughtful and high performance relational database engine. (full technical description available) Practically, it is much more Market Maker is the most effective, affordable marketing system for independent retail and service businesses ever devised It is a game-changer and a business saving lifeline Levels the playing field so a business can compete locally at a fraction-of-a-fraction of what they would otherwise spend Designed for non-marketers Super simple to use Positive economic results Businesses get what they want: More customers More exposure More customer retention Less money spent on advertising Shoppers get what they want: Discounts & savings The easiest to use free coupon site on the Internet Free Coupon Village One component of the Market Maker System What it is NOT Not a daily deal coupon program (like Groupon and others) that sell individual coupons to shoppers with no ongoing sales component Specifically, what it is A marketing system for local retail and service businesses Member business customers pay a low monthly service fee, $49.95, for a suite of services that would cost thousands if they bought or created them on their own Shoppers get the easiest to use free coupon site on the Internet! Market Maker System Components You dont need a website or a bunch of advertising or anything elsethis is all you need. E. Pimenta. Cazonis Pizza, Cape Canaveral, FL Like a fine-tuned machine all components work together * System components: Free Coupon Village membership ( Marketing (Storefront) site Massive exposure to shoppers Shopper database capture facilityMarketing System Graphics to build customer traffic Text Blast System to instantly notify customers Live Site Review(Note: Free Coupon Village is a live, active site with businesses (our member-customers) and shoppers, currently functioning in Savannah, GA) For Shoppers: Free Coupon Village For Business Members: The Market Maker System Example suite of services Business can, by themselves, change any or all info on their marketing site in under 5 minutes, 24/7 The Business The marketplace for our services Targeting business customers Recurring revenue model and resulting sales The national market: 2,500,000 retail & service businesses in the US meet our profile 8% penetration of that market = 200,000 businesses Our program sells for $50/mo (recurring revenue) $50 X 200,000 = $10 million/mo = $120 million annual Reaching the US business community Market-By-Market Expansion Targeted Business Categories Food & Dining Home, Garden & Pets Professional Services Shopping & Entertainment Sports, Health & Beauty Travel, Auto & Marine Targeted Business Category Population by Market Savannah, GA.7,115 Daytona, FL.7,855 Brevard Co, FL.15,448 Palm Beach Co, FL (2)52,132 Enrolling Business Members... Tested and proven - extensive contact technologies - grass-roots disciplines Personnel - VP field staff in place - Independent sales staff for each market Fulfillment services in place - Inbound CSR - Online merchant account - Web engineering Results in: New markets opened & expanded quickly Recent Developments Shopper database acquisition Buy the database VS rent the database, market-by-market Market coupon offers directly to massive numbers of interested shoppers Results in low cost, interested shopper traffic which is win-win for all parties. B2B marketing partner Affects velocity Affects total expansion timeline Affects company valuation Three Unique Factors 1.Shoppers get 100% FREE coupons. No barriers, no cost. Only totally free local business coupon program on Internet. 2.Businesses manage their own accounts - make their own changes. Reduces FCVs operating costs to LESS than 20% of gross revenues 3.Business is built on a recurring revenue platform, creating enormous profits at scale. The Dynamic of Recurring Revenue Once sale to a business customer is made, there are no more ongoing expenses for that specific customer Customers pay month after month for services, with no increase in burden against that revenue ($50 in January = $600 by December) Revenues continue to climb while our company expenses remain essentially flat Same business model used by cable TV, cellular phone, alarm monitoring and similar data-provider plans. It is enormously profitable.