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Toni Blake shares tips for using splashes of vibrant color around your entire apartment community to add energy and build excitement about your property.


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2. ToColor 3. ToColor INDICATES THE MOST POPULAR COLOR SCHEMES USED ONTWITTER PROFILES 4. ADD COLORED GLASS! 5. BLOOM SOME COLOR AROUND!ToColor 6. ToColor 7. ToColorThis image has been changed tosepia to show the lack of color wehave in apartments. It actuallyblends with other photos in FULL 8. 37 EDUCATIONAL EVENTS EACH YEAR for the schedule of events 9. In 2013, Toni Blake celebrates 35 years in propertymanagement. She is among the most recognized expertsin the industry and was presented the prestigiousMultifamily PRO Industry Legend Award in 2008. Shebegan touring in 1984 and visits over 50 cities each year,inspiring thousands of industry professionals. Toni isrecognized for her research and innovative concepts ongrowing revenue, leasing, renewals, customer service,maintenance, marketing and social media.Toni BlakeO: 970-371-6203C: 970-378-6784Toni@TotallyToni.comToni Blake 10. This is a complimentary educational momentpresented to you by the dedicated team at CORT. 11. 2013 CORT. A Berkshire Hathaway Company