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Presented by Liz Ngonzi during the Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference on January 27, 2012 (Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.)


  • 1. Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference Diversity Leaders Session:Coalition Building The Search for InclusionPresented by Liz Ngonzi, MMH 98 Founder / CEO, Amazing Taste, LLCCo-Vice Chair, Communications Committee - Presidents Council of Cornell Women Follow me on @LizNgonzi

2. Learning Outcomes Learn about benefits for partnering with otherorganizations Understand barriers to your respectiveorganizations coalition building activities Identify areas in which your respectiveorganizations can share best practices andchallenges with others Connect with and exchange contact details withat least two people from other organizations 3. Coalition BuildingWhy is it necessary? 4. ChallengesWhat sorts of challenges does your organization face withrespect to partnerships? 5. Pre-Work Results OverviewOrganization BylawsMission BoardBudgetGoals: OrganizationalStatement Contact2012-2013HistoryCAAAYes YesYes No No YesCBAAYes YesYes NoYes YesCKAAYes YesYes No No Limited infoCLAAYes YesYes NoYes Limited info.CNAAA No NoYes No NoNo(New)CUGALAYes YesYes NoYes Limited info.MOSAICYes YesYes No No Limited info 6. Pre-Work Results OverviewOrganizationFundraising Coalition Member StrategicBuildingEngagement ProgrammingCAAA CBAA CKAA CLAA CNAAA (New) CUGALA 7. OpportunitiesIdentify organizations to modelIdentify common ground to collaborate with other organizationsLeverage resources available through Diversity Alumni Programs 8. ActivityBreak into group of four: Select a scribe Choose a facilitator / presenter Introduce yourselves Brainstorm about ways in which your respectiveorganizations can potentially partner Select top three ideas to present to group Present ideas 9. ToolsPosted to Evernote Notebook: How to Use Evernote Video Samples from Cornell diversityorganizations Templates and samples from AmazingTaste, LLC Resources from: Cornell Diversity Alumni Programs Nonprofit industry thought leaders 10. Bonus Reminder Each Cornell Diversity Alumni Organization is eligible for A COMPLIMENTARYone-hour skype consultation with Liz Ngonzi 11. Questions? 12. SourcesImage Description CiteCALC Conference Player Climber Clock Tower Blocks Playing Touch Hands Math YVM:&imgrefurl=,r:11,s:28&tx=64&ty=55 13. Liz Ngonzi +1 732.208.3304


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