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An overview of what we offer including sector expertise


<ul><li> 1. About Copernicus ConsultingConsumer and Design Research Services</li></ul> <p> 2. About Copernicus Helping you understand a changing socialworld Founded in 2009 Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario 4 core researchers, network of 12 more Highly trained sociologists and anthropologists 3. Our storyCopernicusproved that theEarth revolvedaround the sun 4. We show our clients what consumers are really doing......and that their livesdont revolve aroundbrands. 5. Sector experience Financial services Pharmaceuticals and health care Consumer packaged goods Technology and telecom Government policy Not-for-prot and program evaluation 6. Segment expertise Professionals: engineers; physicians Women Families Gays and lesbians Early technology adopters 7. Services QualitativeQuantitative Consulting In-depth Online surveys Facilitation interviewing Key performance Creativity and Focus groupindicatorsinnovation moderation Web analyticsworkshops Ethnographyanalysis Training and shop-alongs Quantitative Design researchanalysis of Semioticsexisting data Online focus groups 8. Expertise in... Medical sociology- behaviours and beliefs a ecting medication, health outcomes, andpatient compliance Sociology of new technologies- attitudes toward technology adoption, technology behaviours and uses Economic sociology- social attitudes toward money, credit and debit cards, transactionalbehaviours and preferences Sociology of gender and families- understanding womens purchasing and design preferences Cultural anthropology/ethnographic methods- designing the right method for the right question 9. We use theories of social life... market research design research social theory help clients understand the social world of consumers. 10. TextOur our clientswhat technologies consumers are using. 11. Our office whattechnologies employees actually use. 12. Our home visits......shows whatconsumers are actually consuming. 13. Our ethnographies......witness how people actually buy things. 14. ...discoverOur interviews... howconsumersactually live 15. Our deep dives... ... uncoverconsumersaspirations. 16. Our shop-alongs... what toolsconsumers need toget the job done. 17. We gathertechnicalemotionalculturalpracticalinsight into consumers. 18. Our conceptual models...Brand Value Map...answer the question, so what? 19. Our creative reporting techniques...Tag cloudsVisual narratives It...bring insights to life. 20. Our findings......produce simple, actionable results. 21. Our facilitationservices... clients apply insights. 22. Your source for understanding the cultural world of consumers.Sam Ladner, PhDPrincipal+1 (416) 858-1536sladner@copernicusconsulting.net </p>