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  • 7/24/2019 Convert H264 to MKV


    Convert H264 to MKV

    H264 to MKV Converter Software converts H264 files to MKV. The converter supports

    popular codecs for MKV file such as H.264, MP!"4, #vid, $$C, $C"%, MP2, MP%, andVor&is. The software could calculate &it rate for video accordin' to video si(e auto)aticall*.

    The converter supports co))on )edia for)ats such as +$C, $$C, MP!, $V-, $ndroid

    Phone, M4V, %!2, etc. -t could convert MP! to e&M /VP01, MV to S+, V to +$C,%!2 to 3!M, e&M to S+, and so on. -n other words, the software is an ideal for)at

    Converter Software for co))on uses.

    H264 to MKV Converter Software supports &atch conversion and, is full co)pati&le with

    indows 0, indows , Vista, indows #P, indows 2550, indows 255%, and indows2555.

    What is H264?

    H.264 enco)passes a collection of powerful features that ena&le the deliver* of hi'h"ualit*video at ver* low data rates. Specified in $nne7 H of H.2648$VC, MVC ena&les the construction

    of &itstrea)s that represent )ore than one view of a video scene. -n 9une 2554, the +idelit* ran'e

    e7tensions /+:7t1 pro;ect was finali(ed. The H.264 video for)at has a ver* &road application

    ran'e that covers all for)s of di'ital co)pressed video fro) low &it"rate -nternet strea)in'applications to HTV &roadcast and i'ital Cine)a applications with nearl* lossless codin'.

  • 7/24/2019 Convert H264 to MKV


    and proved &* Matros@a to support MKV files= $Show, $vide)u7,

  • 7/24/2019 Convert H264 to MKV


    Choose one or )ore H264 files *ou want to convert and then clic@ +$en. H264 to MKV

    Converter Softwarewill open H264 files and 'et file infor)ation of the file such aswidth, hei'ht, fra)e rate, video &it rate, audio sa)ple rate, audio &it rate, audio channels,

    and then displa* the infor)ation of H264 file at conversion list.

    E. Choose +&t$&t For!at

  • 7/24/2019 Convert H264 to MKV


    Clic@ on co)&o &o7 of output for)at and then choose Dto MKVD.

    6. -Optional, for advanced user. Set MKV /ncodin Para!eters

    -f *ou want to chan'e MKV encodin' para)eters such as &it rate, fra)e rate, video si(e,

    and aspect ratio, please clic@ D+$tionsD.

  • 7/24/2019 Convert H264 to MKV


    $nd then, switch to ta& DVideo 0 *&dioD and choose DMKVD at D+&t$&t For!atD, andthen set options for video and audio encodin'.

    . Convert H264 to MKV

    Clic@ DConvertD to convert all H264 files in list to MKV for)at.

  • 7/24/2019 Convert H264 to MKV


    The software is convertin H264 files to MKV.

    0. Pla# and 1rowse MKV File

    hen conversion co)pletes, *ou can ri'ht"clic@ converted ite) and choose DPla#DestinationD to pla* the outputted MKV fileF or choose D1rowse Destination FolderD toopen indows 7plorer to &rowse the outputted MKV file.

    >. Done