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Control Valve Product Guide

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  • Control Valve Product Guide

  • Flowserve - Corporate Overview

    Flow ControlFlowserve Flow Control designs, manufactures and dis-tributes a broad portfolio of industrial valve products. Flow Control leverages over 150 years of engineering experience and application know-how by offering a complete range of engineered services to complement its expansive product portfolio that includes ball valves, plug valves, gate, globe and check valves, globe control valves, rotary control valves, actuators, positioners, steam valves, traps and systems.

    From an extensive installed base that includes customers in the chemical, power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and general industries including water, mining and phar-maceutical, Flow Control is a global leader in both proven applications and innovative new solutions. These solutions meet the challenges of todays demanding environments, including such special applications as cryogenic, acid/sour service, erosive and corrosiveservice, zero emissions, as well as advanced diagnostics for actuation, instrumentation and controls.

    With more than 4,000 associates at manufacturing facilities, Quick Response Centers and sales offices around the world, Flow Control has an established global presence. The recent addition of new manufacturing and engineering facilities in China and India expands this global reach while utilizing low-cost regional production capabilities.

    Through its global reach, technology leadership and expan-sive portfolio, Flow Control is positioned to leverage global client investments and growth opportunities in Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, while continuing its lead-ership presence in existing markets.

    Heritage Names of Distinction:Accord, Anchor Darling, Argus, Atomac, Automax, Durco, Edward, Gestra, Kmmer, Limitorque, McCANNA, NAF, Naval, Noble Alloy, Norbro, Nordstrom, Polyvalves, PMV, Serck Audco, Valtek, Vogt, Worcester Controls

    Worlds Premier Provider of Industrial Flow Management ServicesFlowserve is the worlds premier provider of industrial flow manage-ment services. The Company produces engineered pumps, precision mechanical seals, automated and manual quarter-turn valves, control valves and actuators, and provides a range of related flow manage-ment services, primarily for the process industries. With 2006 sales of over $3 billion, Flowserve has about 14,000 employees and oper-ates in 56 countries.

    Headquarters: 515 North OConnor Blvd. Suite 300, Irving, Texas 75039

    Telephone: +1 (97) 443-6500

    Telefax: +1 (97) 443-6800

    Flowserve's Products and ServicesFlowserve Corporation is the worlds premier single-source provider of flow management products and related repair and replacement services. Flowserve is composed of three divisions:

    Flow Control is a leading global manufacturer of flow control prod-ucts including control valves, quarter-turn valves, actuators, and complete valve automation systems.

    Flowserve Pumps is one of the worlds largest suppliers of indus-trial, engineered, and special purpose pump and systems.

    Flow Solutions is a world leading designer and manufacturer of mechanical seals and other engineered fluid sealing systems.

    Flowserves products can be found in various process industries including: petroleum refining, oil and gas production, pipeline, chemi-cal, power generation, pulp and paper, mineral and ore processing, water resources, pharmaceuticals and general industrial applications.

    Flow Control

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    Pumps and Pumping SystemsFlowserves Pump Group designs, manufactures, distributes and services engineered and industrial pumps and pump systems, replacement parts and related equipment, primarily to industrial mar-kets. The portfolio, with more than 150 different active pump models, includes multistage pumps, vertical pumps, high energy pumps, multiphase pumps, process pumps, as well as specialty products and systems.

    The Pump Group is a global leader in the oil and gas, power, chemi-cal and petrochemical industries. In addition to these core industries,

    Pump Group also serves mining and water infrastructure and desali-nation. High growth rates in emerging markets for power, clean water and chemical-based consumables continue to drive expansion initiatives. The business also serves areas relating to oil and gas segments, including residuum upgrading processes for maximum distillate hydrocracking and multi-phase pumping for deep-sea oil production.

    Expansions such as a new pump plant in Coimbatore, India, strengthen the manufacturing footprint, and leverage low-cost sourc-ing. Targeted niche market programs guide development for booming industry segments in renewable fuels and geothermal power genera-tion driving future annuity streams.

    With an installed base of more than one million pumps worldwide, the pump business commits extensive resources to end user solu-tions. LifeCycle Advantage,TM a collaborative end user program aimed at reducing total cost of ownership, has been well-received by pump customers. The business is poised to serve both the original equipment

    Heritage Names of Distinction: ACEC CentrifugaI Pumps, Pleuger Pumps, Aldrich Pumps, Scienco Pumps, Byron Jackson Pumps, Sier-Bath Pumps, Carmeron Pumps, Stork Engineered Pumps, Durco Pumps, United CentrifugaI Pumps, Flowserve Pumps, Western Land Roller Irrigation Pumps, IDP Pumps, Wilson-Snyder Pumps, Jeurnont-Schneider Pumps, Worthington Pumps, Pacific Pumps, Worthington-Sirnpson Pumps, TKL Pumps

    Sealing SolutionsFlowserve Flow Solutions designs, manufactures and dis-tributes mechanical seals, sealing systems and parts for pumps and compressors to industrial markets. The portfolio includes mechanical seals, bellows seals, compressor and mixer seals, lift-off seals, dry running seals, pusher seals, steam seals, standard cartridge seals and slurry seals, as well as auxiliary systems that relate to applications where seals are used.

    Flow Solutions has a strong leadership position in the mechanical seals global marketplace with a deep installed base of customers in oil and gas, chemical, mineral and ore processing, as well as other secondary markets.

    Manufacturing capacity has been expanded in sites globally including key facilities in Singapore, Mexico and the Czech Republic, resulting in continued on-time delivery perform-ance improvements worldwide.

    With a focus on technology and innovation, the business brings new products and technology to market, such as a new lost-cost HPI mechanical seal and laser-faced seal technology.

    Expansions to Quick Response Centers include new facili-ties in the U.S., the Netherlands and Germany, with nine other facilities worldwide receiving capability upgrades. Flow Solutions continues to lead the industry as a solutions provider with its ability to provide local service through the QRCs, coupled with the LifeCycle AdvantageTM program. This offering of global reach and strategic partnership ena-bles Flow Solutions

    Heritage Names of Distinction:BW Seals, Durarnetallic, Five Star Seal, Pacific Wietz, Pac-Seal, GASPAC

    Sealing SolutionsPumps and Pumping Systems

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    Application CategoriesPage6 General Application The majority of control valve applications fall into the general application category. The

    typical pressure rating for these (linear and rotary) valves does not exceed PN40 or ANSI Class 300. General service valves do not require special engineering so standard options will cover most applications.

    8 Low Temperature By using an extended bonnet, the packing, gaskets and seals are protected from cryoge- nic temperatures, thus ensuring their sealing properties. Optional special gaskets and packings can be used to operate at temperatures as low as -69 C. Depending on the application, Flowserve cryogenic valves are available with a top entry design for the easy maintenance of valves located in a cold box or with a simple extended bonnet attached to the valve body.

    9/10 High Performance Valves with pressure classes above PN40 or ANSI Class 300 are considered by Flowserve as high pressure designs. Based on decades of proven experience and expertise, Flowserve can supply the best high-pressure control valves on the market with pressure classes up to PN4000 / ANSI Class 4500 and above.

    11 Corrosive Corrosive media, including both gases and liquids, require special attention when it comes to the materials used to build the valve. Flowserve offers a wide range of choices for these applications. The company has experience in building valves from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy, Alloy 6, Inconel, Monel, and many, many others. For media that require even greater chemical resistance, Flowserve offers a variety of and pla-stic lined valves.

    11 Sanitary & Aseptic In the food and beverage industry as well as in biotechnology, pharmacy and other areas where perfect cleanliness and sterile valves are required, Flowserve has the solution. Our products meet the USDA and 3A requirements and can be supplied for Clean In Place (CIP) and Steam In Place (SIP). EHEDG approved design

    11 Utility In the control valve industry valves are not only used for process flow applications but also to transport all of the utilities fluids around the different process units (for examp-le water, steam, air and other media). There are similar requirements in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Industry. Most of these applications do not require sophi-sticated valve designs and Flowserve has developed a low cost standard product range to suit this sector of the industry.

    12 Low Flow & Micro Flow For Flowserve, a Low Flow valve is a valve with a range of Cv value between 0.01 to 4.7. Flowserve also manufactures Micro Flow valves