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  • 1.Arkansas Forestry Association2011 Annual Meeting Containerized Seedlings: Delivering Performance International Forest Company

2. Who is International Forest Company Oldest and Largest Producer of Containerized Seedlings 29 years of seedling growing Over 50 million seedlings grown in 2011-2012 Longleaf, Loblolly, Slash, Shortleaf and Virginia Pine Experienced Staff Nursery Expansion in 2011 QC/QA Program CMP Program for the Western Regions Largest Producer of Varietal Seedlings (CellFor)International Forest Company 3. Container Nursery International Forest Company 4. Historical Container Production 2005 2006: 36,300,000 2006 2007: 64,359,000 2007 2008: 69,401,000 2008 2009: 124,697,000 2009 2010: 132,000,000 International Forest Company 5. Planning and Ordering Timeline Ordering and Planting Timeline - Pine (Pinus sp. )Year 1 Year 2 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan FebMar Apr MayOrdering Window / /Sowing/ /Growing / /Drought Hardening = Ideal Order Time for Best Genetic Availability / /Cold Hardening and Storage //Planting Window // International Forest Company 6. Custom Designed Trays120S Tray 128L Tray International Forest Company 7. Precision Vacuum Seed Sower International Forest Company 8. Longleaf Germination Under Shade Cloth International Forest Company 9. Full Trays Loblolly GerminationInternational Forest Company 10. Pivot Irrigation System Uniform Irrigation Control WaterFlow/Pivot Speed Crop Uniformity Easy Management Air Flow RootPruning Fertigation SystemInternational Forest Company 11. Top Pruning Increased cropuniformity Increasedconversion rate Increasedseedling quality ControlRoot:Shootratio Increased rootdevelopmentInternational Forest Company 12. Integrated Pest ManagementProgramInternational Forest Company 13. Uniform Seedlings and Seedling CountsInternational Forest Company 14. Packaged Loblolly Seedlings plastic lined/waxcoated boxes lead to longer storability International Forest Company 15. Shipping Logistics Experience in seedlingdelivery Extensive network allowsfor fast turn around Boxes are palletized andwrapped Corners added for stabilityInternational Forest Company 16. Extended Storage Containerized - 6 to8 week storage time Bare root - 2 to 4week storage time Containerized stillmaintain highersurvival than bareroot even withextended storage Increased flexibilitywith plantingschedules International Forest Company 17. Planting Window Ordering and Planting Timeline - Pine (Pinus sp. )Year 1 Year 2 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan FebMar Apr MayOrdering Window / /Sowing/ /Growing / /Drought Hardening Ordering and Planting Timeline - Pine (Pinus sp. )/ /Year 1 Year 2Cold Hardening and Storage Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct / Nov Dec Jan Feb / MarApr MayOrderingWindowPlanting Window // / /Sowing/ /Growing / /Drought Hardening Container Window September to May//Cold Hardening and Storage // / /Planting Window Bareroot Window December to March International Forest Company 18. Entire Root System is Outplanted Elimination of root damage during lifting and packing(fine roots and mycorrhizae remain intact) Uniform moisture surrounding roots throughout plug Eliminate occurrence of J-Rooting at outplantingInternational Forest Company 19. ContainerizedStock Eliminatesneed to rootprune byplanting crewInternational Forest Company 20. Machine or Hand PlantableInternational Forest Company 21. International Forest CompanyCost of Planting ContainerizedSeedlingsInternational Forest Company 22. Forest Landowners Magazine Sept/Oct 2009 2008 2009 Planting Season Rebecca Barlow, Matthew Smidt, Jennifer Morse and Mark Dubois Bare root Loblolly pine - Hand Planting, Cutover Land $56.18/acre with 598 seedlings/acre Bare root Pine Hand Planting, Cutover Land $56.46/acre with 593 seedlings/acre Containerized Longleaf Hand Planting, Cutover Land $41.97/acre with 603 seedlings/acre Containerized Longleaf Hand Planting, Cutover Land $46.59/acre with 609 seedlings/acreNote does not include cost of seedlings23 23. Cost per acreBareroot$.05per seedling$.08 per seedlingSpacingTrees/AC Seedling Cost Planting Cost Total cost /Acre12 ft. X 5 ft. 726 $36.30$58.08 $94.3812 ft. X 6 ft. 605 $30.25$48.40 $78.65Container $0.13 $.08 per seedling12 ft. X 6 ft. 605 $78.65$48.40$127.0512 ft. X 8 ft. 454 $59.02$36.32$95.34Container CMP $.23 per seedling $.08 per seedling12 ft. X 8 ft. 454 $104.42 $36.32$140.7412 ft. X 9 ft. 403 $92.69$32.24$124.93Container CellFor Elite $.47 per seedling $.08 per seedling12 ft. X 8 ft. 454 $213.38 $36.32$249.7012 ft. X 9 ft. 403 $189.41 $32.24$221.6514 ft. X 8 ft. 389 $182.83 $31.12$213.9516 ft. X 8 ft. 340 $159.80 $27.20$187.00 International Forest Company 24. International Forest CompanyUnderstanding Genetics and Tree Improvement International Forest Company 25. International Forest Company Research Cooperatives and Genetic Information Members of several university based cooperatives NC State Tree Improvement NC State Forest Productivity Western Gulf Tree Improvement Auburn Southern Forestry Nursery Cooperative Elite Genetics 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation CMP Varietals Leased Orchards best families available Orchard/Breeding Contracts best available genetics Partnerships seed purchases International Forest Company 26. Rationale: Genetic GAINVarious Levels of Genetic Gain AvailableUnrogued Orchard Rogued OrchardSingle Family Blocks CMPVarietals 0 10 20 30 40 50 % gainInternational Forest Company 27. International Forest Company and the Arkansas Forest Landowners International Forest Company 28. Arkansas Forestry Commission Partnership Seed Partnership Arkansas Seed Source Loblolly Pine Shortleaf Pine Seedling Partnership IFCO provides containerized Shortleaf Pine Pollen Collection CMP Program Advanced Genetics for Arkansas LandownersInternational Forest Company 29. Additional Benefits IFCO Provides forArkansas Landowners Member of the WGTIP Access to genetic information Access to elite seed Access to expertise in the Western Gulf Region Partnerships with large Landowners in AR Deltic U S Forest Service Ability and desire to service all levels oflandowners in AR International Forest Company 30. International Forest Company To The Field International Forest Company 31. Published findings:Impact of containerized seedlings on plantation survivalBlazier, Michael A.; Dunn, Michael (2008) Stock Type, Subsoiling, and Density ImpactProductivity and Land Value of a Droughty Site. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry, Volume32, Number 4, November 2008 , pp. 154-162(9) Containerized100% Bareroot 90%% Survival 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 1994 1998 2001 2003 2005International Forest Company 32. International Forest CompanyPlanting Date DemoInternational Forest Company 33. Increased Growth and Survivalwith Summer/Fall PlantingAugust Planted November Planted International Forest Company 34. Container Loblolly Summer/Fall Planting Age 2 Data14121086 Height ft420 AugSept OctNov International Forest Company 35. Container LoblollyOutplanted August 23 Photo Taken October 21International Forest Company 36. Langdale Property Test PlantingPurpose of StudyCompare early August planted container seedlings to winter planted bareroot usingdifferent chemical treatmentsStudy Design1. All plots were bedded.2. Treatments were as follows:A. Chopper applied on beds ahead of planting B. DAP impregnated with Velpar was applied after planting C. Control was bedding only3. Container Seedlings planted August 21, 2000.4. Bareroot Seedlings planted during winter 2000-2001.5. Three rows of 20 seedlings each were planted of each container andbareroot of each species of Loblolly, Slash, and Longleaf.6. Only the middle row of 20 seedlings were measured.7. Container seedlings were planted 2 weeks after chopper application andseedlings showed poor to no root growth 60 days after planting. This had someimpact on survival in chopper treatments with container seedlings.8. As evidenced by controls, both chemical treatments affected survival.International Forest Company 37. International Forest CompanyFirst Growing Season International Forest Company 38. Outplanted Containerized Loblolly1 Year Old Test PlotInternational Forest Company 39. Seedling Height (inches) 1 Year Test Plot504540353025Cont. Lob20Bareroot Lob1510 5 0 Pre Spray Post Spray ControlInternational Forest Company 40. Age 3 MeasurementControl Avg GLD Avg HeightVolume Survival (%) (inches) (Ft)(Cubic inches)Container Loblolly90% 2.238.78137.2Bareroot Loblolly 75% 1.797.77 78.2International Forest Company 41. Age 3 MeasurementPre-Treat HerbicideVolume Survival (%) Avg GLD (inches) Avg Height (Ft) (Cubic inches)Container Loblolly85%4.23 15.63878.6Bareroot Loblolly 85%3.49 13.80528.1 International Forest Company 42. Age 3 Height Comparison Loblolly PineContainerized Bareroot International Forest Company 43. International Forest Company Shortleaf Pine International Forest Company 44. 29 International Forest 45. 30 International Forest 46. Examples from the Field 3 year-old Container Planting - USFS31International Forest 47. What Can We Do For You?International Forest International Forest Company