constitutional antecedents (1215-1689)

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A history of English constitutional antecedents that served as important precursors to the United States Constitution. The tyranny of John, Charles Stuart, and James II is covered, as well as the Magna Carta, Petition of Right, and English Bill of Rights.


  • 1. (1215-1689)

2. Considered a particularlyoppressive king Offenses Chose the Archduke ofCanterbury against the will of the people Levied an income tax, considered callous and oppressive Jailed/tortured rivals Hell itself is defiled by the fouler presence of John 3. Means Great Charter in Latin Charged John with ignoring Charter of Liberties (1100)which bound king to certain guidelines, proclaimed by Henry I Condemned taxation by a king affirmed the right of only Parliament to tax Establishes the right of due process, ward against unreasonable incrimination Established council of 25 barons who could overrule king 4. Reigned 1625-1649 Stuart monarch Offenses Levied numerous taxes withoutParliamentary consent Held adversaries without due process Attempted to arrest Parliamentarians who opposed him Prorogued (dissolved) Parliamentin 1928 5. Condemned Charles Is actions Restrictions placed on government Restriction to tax without Parliamentary consent Restricts extension of martial law Restricts forced billeting of soldiers Restated the validity of the Magna Carta In response, Charles dissolved Parliament and enteredan 11 year lone rule 6. After 11 year rule, Parliament charged the crown withestablishing a government of malignant and pernicious design List of 204 separate points of contention between Parliament and king Stealing all of the bullion from the mint Seizing private property to create sustainable landdevelopments Established a monopoly on items of common use soap, salt, wine, leather, sea-coal Direct parent of the Declaration of Independence 7. Grand Remonstranceserved as a precursor to the English Civil Wars of the 1640s Following English Civil Wars, Charles was tried for treason and beheaded Republic established in Britain for a time 8. Reigned 1685-1688 Offenses Expanded government toinclude new offices Declaration of Indulgences forced decrees to be read in churches Aligned too closely with the French Attempted to establish new Catholic hereditary dynasty 9. Condemned actions of James II Disarming the populace Intervening into the religious practices of the churches Declared Parliament supreme No taxation by royal prerogative Guaranteed trial by jury Outlawed cruel and unusual punishment No royal interference in speech/right to bear arms 10. Website: Twitter: @crushitson