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  • 1. What is a connector? A Connector is a word that join ideas. They are a great way of improving your English. Why? Because we use them to express relationships between ideas

2. Why are connectors necessary? When we begin learning a language, we speak in very basic sentences, a bit like children.Example: London is a very 3. Why are connectors necessary? As we learn more words, we are able to start using sentence connectors to make more sophisticated sentences. Example: London is a very exciting city; nevertheless it is also very expensive Despite the fact that London is 4. When: Connector oftimeWhen is a connector that make reference to time. -While/when/as I was driving along the road, I saw a terrible accident. 5. But: Connector ofcontrastBut, while, whereas are connectors that indicate that there are 2 different ideas in contrast. John is very rich but his friends are extremely poor. 6. Examples.. 1. I like coffee __but___I don't like tea.2. I cannot swim __but___I can ski.. 7. Examples.. 3. When the weather was cold, We didn't go to the beach. We went the week after. 4. When my cat ate grass, he got really sick 8. Examples.. 5. Alex wanted to eat pizza,________ he watched a TV spot. 6. I had to work on Saturday _____I couldn't go. 7. My name is James_____call me Jimmy if you 9. Examples.. 5. Alex wanted to eat pizza when____ he watched a TV spot. 6. I had to work on Saturday _but____I couldn't go. 7. My name is James_but_call me Jimmy if you 10. 1. I hate Mondays _____ I love Saturdays. 2. I cannot cook _____ I paint very well 3. _______ my family was at the beach, I was studying for a test. 4. My dog Rex felt happy ________he ate chicken5. My neighbor wanted to throw a party________ I wanted to sleep 6. I had to travel next week ______ my mom asked me to stay here. 7. _____ I was a little boy, I used to play with legos 8. I was having breakfast _____ I saw the news on TV about the accident 11. 1.I like coffee _____I don't like tea.2.I cannot swim _____I can ski..3._______ the weather was cold and rainy, we couldnt go to the beach.4.My cat Wally got sick _______ he ate grass in the garden5.Alex wanted to eat pizza, ________ he watched a TV spot6.I had to work on Saturday _____I couldn't go.7.My name is James _____ call me Jimmy if you want.8.I was cold _____I turned on the heater and I felt better.9.He was a good swimmer, ________ he wanted to be a runner10. ______ he asked me to go find a Coca Cola, I was very busy 11. We'll have to go shopping _____ I dont find my wallet.12. The history test was difficult _____ the English one was easy. 13. My cousin started to sing ________ he forgot the lyrics 14. He was happy, ________ I told her I got a good mark 12. 1. When the cat is reading3. My friend won a coupon , but..2. My friend was very sad, but I..4. I have to clean my closet..but


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