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We will be discussing the different technologies available to connect to the Cloud as well as a discussion on Diversity to minimize downtime.


<p>COMCAST HEALTHCARE NETWORK SERVICES</p> <p>Connecting to the </p> <p>CLOUD </p> <p>Cloud Computing Benefits </p> <p>Open poll question on LinkedIn, How do you transfer data to and from your data center applications/resources? </p> <p>Audience: ITPofessional private and public sector </p> <p>Almost a thousand responses (976) in two weeks </p> <p>Dark Fiber </p> <p> Flexibility to choose multiple vendors </p> <p> for On Demand Self Service </p> <p> Rapid deployment of new business services </p> <p> via Broad Network Access </p> <p> Reduced costs due to Resource Pooling </p> <p> Rapid Elasticity: Rapidly allocate and de-allocate </p> <p> massively scalable resources </p> <p> on a demand basis </p> <p> Save CapEx move into OpEx with Measured Service </p> <p>Cloud Carrier Models </p> <p> Public cloud: Available to the general public (e.g. Internet) </p> <p> Private cloud: Operated solely for an organization (Comcast EPL, ENS) </p> <p>Better security </p> <p>More control </p> <p>Better performance </p> <p>Better reliability </p> <p> Community cloud: Supports a specific community (e.g. Internet2) </p> <p> Hybrid cloud: Composed of two or more clouds (Private + Internet VPN) </p> <p> Many companies start with the public cloud and move to the hybrid cloud </p> <p>How do you connect to the Cloud? </p> <p>Essential </p> <p>Characteristics </p> <p>Service </p> <p>Models </p> <p>Deployment </p> <p>Models </p> <p>How Do You Connect to the Cloud? </p> <p>Dark Fiber </p> <p> ADSL- Asymmetrical bandwidth with distance of up to 18,000 feet over single copper twisted pair. New Technology enhancement allow increased upload and download speeds. Higher Bandwidth, lower reliability, cost effective, best effort service. Small to Medium Business </p> <p>How Do You Connect to the Cloud? </p> <p>Internet: 38% </p> <p>Surprise considering that for latency intolerant-applications hosted in data centers, Ethernet is used. </p> <p>Stefan Pittinger, VP of Sales for Peak 10 a multi-tenant data center provider says, For every rack we sell, there is a corresponding Ethernet circuit connected it. </p> <p>Cloud has had a big head start no direct connect options until recently. </p> <p> Cable Modem- Asymmetrical bandwidth with no distance limitations. DOCSIC 3.0 allows increased upload and download speeds. </p> <p> High Bandwidth, Cost effective, best effort service. Small to Medium Business </p> <p>How Do You Connect to Cloud? </p> <p>T1: 30% </p> <p>Compared to the Internet: reliable and highly secure </p> <p>Downside: Low capacity and lack of scalability </p> <p>IBM: 90% of the all the data in the world was created in the last 2 years. </p> <p>- You need an elastic network </p> <p>T1 most likely technology to be swapped out </p> <p> Legacy Technologies- T1-1.544, T3-45MB -Limited bandwidth, expensive, reliable. Small, Medium and Enterprise Business </p> <p>How Do You Connect to the Cloud? </p> <p>Dark Fiber: 13% </p> <p>Low price per Megabit cost </p> <p>Scalable and secure </p> <p>Drawback: You have to be your own service provider. </p> <p>Retired Naval Officer, technology consultant and writer Wayne Rash: </p> <p> . </p> <p> Metro Ethernet- High bandwidth, cost effective, reliable, scalable, ubiquitous. Medium and Enterprise Business </p> <p>Ethernet Cloud </p> <p>Carrier(s) </p> <p>Ethernet Cloud </p> <p>Carrier(s) </p> <p>Cloud Consumers </p> <p>Cloud </p> <p>Service </p> <p>Provider </p> <p>to Cloud </p> <p>Customer </p> <p>Cloud </p> <p>Service </p> <p>Provider(s) </p> <p>Cloud </p> <p>Service </p> <p>Provider(s) </p> <p>Data Center </p> <p>Interconnectivity </p> <p>You Need a Network Built to Handle Those Demands </p> <p>Traditional </p> <p>Technologies </p> <p>Just Werent Built with </p> <p>Todays Environment </p> <p>in Mind </p> <p>You Need To Keep Costs Down </p> <p>You cant afford to make major </p> <p>investments in your network every time </p> <p>your business changes </p> <p>You Need Performance </p> <p>Traditional technologies like T1 and Frame Relay </p> <p>provide limited bandwidth, constraining application </p> <p>performance </p> <p>You Need Scalability </p> <p>Network traffic is exploding, yet the time and resources required to expand in a T1 </p> <p>environment are too great </p> <p>Why Comcast Business Ethernet? </p> <p>Scalability </p> <p>Ability to scale quickly, easily, and incrementally from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps to meet the rapidly evolving needs of businesses </p> <p>1 </p> <p>Performance </p> <p>Combined with easy scalability, Ethernets ability to manage multiple types of traffic helps maximize application performance in ways legacy technologies never could </p> <p>2 </p> <p>Network Diversity </p> <p>Comcast has invested billions into its own infrastructure, with diverse facilities from those of ILECs, and CLECs who often use the same routes </p> <p>3 </p> <p>Service Level Agreement </p> <p>Comcast stands behind our service with a service level agreement, and 24x7 support, 365 days per year </p> <p>4 </p> <p>MEF CE 2.0 Certified </p> <p>Comcast is the worlds first carrier to earn this designation, leading the industry and demonstrating our commitment to enterprise businesses </p> <p>5 </p> <p>Ethernet Service Portfolio: A Solution for Every Environment </p> <p>SITE 1 SITE 2 Comcast Switch </p> <p>Customer Premise </p> <p>Equipment </p> <p>Comcast Switch </p> <p>Comcast Network </p> <p>Dedicated capacity through the network </p> <p>Customer Premise </p> <p>Equipment SITE 1 SITE 2 </p> <p>Ethernet Private Line Service (EPL) </p> <p>Point-to-point connectivity between two sites for </p> <p>bandwidth-intensive applications </p> <p>Comcast Switch </p> <p>Comcast Switch </p> <p>SITE 1 Comcast Network </p> <p>Customer Premise </p> <p>Equipment </p> <p>SITE 2 </p> <p>Customer Premise </p> <p>Equipment </p> <p>Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service (EVPL) </p> <p>Point-to-multipoint connections tailored by application </p> <p>Comcast Network </p> <p>SITE 1 </p> <p>SITE 2 </p> <p>SITE 3 </p> <p>Comcast Switch </p> <p>Customer Premise Switch </p> <p>or Router Customer </p> <p>Premise Switch or Router </p> <p>Comcast Switch </p> <p>Ethernet Network Service </p> <p>Multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity for businesses with </p> <p>high-bandwidth requirements and multiple locations </p> <p>SITE 1 </p> <p>Comcast Switch </p> <p>Comcast Network (Dedicated EVC) </p> <p>Comcast Internet Gateway </p> <p>Customer Premise </p> <p>Equipment </p> <p>Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Service </p> <p>High-bandwidth connectivity between a LAN </p> <p>and the Internet </p> <p>Comcast Business Is Ready for Your Business </p> <p>Experienced team of support and </p> <p>service professionals </p> <p> Nationwide next generation fiber-based IP network </p> <p>1 Million Ethernet Enabled Buildings </p> <p>5 Million WiFi Hotspots </p> <p>618K Plant route miles </p> <p>8 Tbps of capacity and growing </p> <p>39 States + DC </p> <p>An Agile and Responsive Team to Support You </p> <p> Experienced team with thousands of dedicated professionals Carrier-class network engineering support experts on staff Dedicated project manager Site survey and fiber map Rights of entry Service design review </p> <p>Local Presence </p> <p> Strong local presence in every market Comcast services with customer service, engineering and technical support available 24/7/365 to support customer needs </p> <p> Installation at your convenience from local, certified techs </p> <p> Ongoing multilayer, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting </p> <p> Business Network Operations Centers (BNOCs) provide redundancy and operate 24x7x365 </p> <p> Tier II and III enterprise repair groups collocated in NOCs </p> <p> Proactive Customer Monitoring Center (CMC) </p> <p> Multiple service classes backed by SLAs </p> <p> Robust set of advanced software tools to detect and isolate faults </p> <p> Staffed 24x7x365 by certified engineers </p> <p> 50% of tickets generated by CMC; detecting problems before customers! </p> <p>Network Management </p> <p>Support </p> <p>Comcast Business: Your Partner for Growth </p> <p>Enabling You to Act at the Speed of Opportunity </p> <p>We Provide </p> <p> A full portfolio of </p> <p>Enterprise-class data </p> <p>and voice services that </p> <p>can address a broad </p> <p>range of todays business needs </p> <p>We Offer </p> <p> True network diversity </p> <p>for maximum business </p> <p>continuity </p> <p>We Back </p> <p> Our next-generation </p> <p>technology with </p> <p>enterprise-class service </p> <p>delivery, monitoring, </p> <p>and end-to-end </p> <p>management </p> <p>Let Comcast </p> <p>transform your </p> <p>communications </p> <p>infrastructure </p> <p>from an expense </p> <p>item into a </p> <p>strategic asset </p> <p>Thank You </p>