confetti magazine (sold in ireland) real irish weddings confetti 25 issue - annual 2012

Confetti Magazine (Sold in Ireland) Real Irish Weddings Confetti 25 issue - Annual 2012
Confetti Magazine (Sold in Ireland) Real Irish Weddings Confetti 25 issue - Annual 2012
Confetti Magazine (Sold in Ireland) Real Irish Weddings Confetti 25 issue - Annual 2012
Download Confetti Magazine (Sold in Ireland) Real Irish Weddings Confetti 25 issue - Annual 2012

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Wedding magazine.


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    Sinad and PhilWhere: Mgarr parish church andCastello Zamitello, MaltaPhotography: Rene Rossignaud

    HOW THEY MET: Fitness enthusiasts Sinad and Phil met in 2005 at a sports centre where they bothworked. Phil was a lifeguard and Sinead was asummer camp instructor. By the time the summerended the couple knew they had to be together.

    When Sinad and Phil were researching where tohave their wedding, the idea of hosting their big dayin Malta was too enticing to resist

    TheMaltese Falcon

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  • THE PROPOSAL: Just before theiranniversary, the couple decided to takea trip away to celebrate and it wasthen Phil picked his perfect moment topropose. Having swept Sinad awayfor the night to a swanky hotel, thecouple went for a picnic inGlendalough, Co. Wicklow. Phil recallsthe happy moment: I had packed apicnic and we set up a little spot inbetween the two lakes. We sat togetherand chatted in the sun after finishingour nice lunch, I could see cloudscoming between the mountains in thedistance and I knew we only hadminutes before it was going to rain soI told Sinad I had a little gift andasked to close her eyes and, as shedid, I started to talk and the rest is abit blank although we found ourselveshugging in the rain and the ring I haddesigned and had made was on herfinger.

    PLANNING THE WEDDING: It took justover a year. says Sinad. We went toa wedding fair in Dublin and pickedup a leaflet on Malta weddings. Thatwas in January 2010. From there, I sawan article in a bridal magazine aboutan Irish couple that had gotten marriedin Malta. From that magazine we gotMalta wedding organiser Sarah

    Dress: Frilly Frocks, Louth,T: 041 9801 740, www.frillyfrocks.ieMenswear: Suit hire supplier fromMalta which saved having to travel withthe suits Flowers: Supplier arranged by Maltawedding planner Sarah Young T: 00356 9925 3265; 00356 2138 2549, E:,www.weddingplannermalta.comMusic: Female soloist and organist inthe church, folklore duo upon arrival at thevenue, walkabout musicians and DJ for theparty after dinner Service: Organised by Sarah Young,Church service conducted by Fr. TonyAgius at the Mgarr Parish Church in Mgarr a stones throw away from the Castello Reception: The Castello, organised bySarah Young, wedding planner, as above Photographer: Rene Rossignaud,organised by wedding planner and chosenby bride and groom Videographer: As above. Honeymoon: Twelve night cruisearound the Mediterranean


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    Young's email and from then oneverything was Malta, Malta, Malta...

    ANY STRESSES, DISASTERS ORFUNNY INSTANCES? With SarahYoung in tow, planning the weddingwas a breeze and there was very littleto worry or stress about at all. Thecouple had some difficulty findingsuits to fit and suit four verydifferently sized groomsmen but itwasnt a problem in the end. Sinadfills us in on one humourous incidenton the day: We had our funnymoment in the church as Phil gaveme his right hand to put the ring onand he only realized when it washalf way on his finger that it was thewrong hand; we all had a good laughas he tried to sneakily change it over.

    HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Saying Ido and kissing for the first time ashusband and wife.


    Stay relaxed and only do what you both want to do. Having awedding planner like Sarah Youngreally helps.


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