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    Issued Date : July 21st, 2014

    Issued in : NHS SMG

    Prepared by : HRM

    Revised by : Human Resources

    Approved by : General Manager

    Distribution :

    1. BOD

    2. Human Resource Dept

    3. All Dept. Concerned

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    In the hospitality industry, standards of grooming and conduct of the hotels employees should reflect the most favourable image of the hotel and inspire a true feeling of efficiency.

    Consequently, each employee of the hotel is expected by the Management Team to be well groomed and neat in personal appearance at all times.

    Personal hygiene

    In order to render the working conditions comfortable and pleasant for fellow employees, it is of utmost importance that each staff member keeps herself/himself scrupulously clean.

    Consequently, the use of an effective but discreet deodorant is essential in achieving the required personal hygiene. A male employee shall ensure that his finger nails are well

    trimmed and cleaned when starting a shift.

    All female employees shall maintain their finger nails at a moderate length and neatly manicured at all times. Vivid nail polish is not acceptable at the hotel.

    Length and style of hair

    The hair style of a male employee shall be neat and tidy, and hair shall be kept clean at all times. Hair falling over the ears and collar, or covering a male employees eyes is not acceptable.

    Likewise, a male employee shall not shave his head or cut his hair so short that it is unsightly. Sideburns shall be well trimmed and neat.

    Female employees shall maintain neat, tidy, clean and well brushed hair. Concerning long hair, it shall be tied with a proper ribbon at the back. Extreme hair arrangements, outlandish

    or punk hair styles are strictly disallowed.

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    Female make-up

    Cosmetics where applied shall be used sparingly and shall not reflect any offensiveness or bad taste.

    Moustaches, beards and/or goatees

    Moustaches, beards or goatees for any male employees are strictly prohibited.


    Employees shall always be dressed neatly and tidily. The following appended guidelines shall be strictly adhered to :

    1. Where uniforms are provided

    A. An employee who is so requested and is issued with a uniform shall ensure that it is clean, tidy and pressed before wearing it. No decorative or personal pins shall be worn on the

    uniform unless it is stated by the hotel to be part of the uniform.

    B. The name tag shall be smartly pinned onto the left hand chest pocket of the uniform. C. Where ties and jackets are provided to male employees, they shall be worn at all times as

    long as the employee is on duty and shall be brushed daily. Such jackets must be buttoned. A

    male employee shall not wear any pins on the jacket so provided, unless it is so stipulated by

    the hotel.

    2. Where no uniforms are provided

    Every employee shall ensure that she/he is dressed appropriately for work. Such appropriate

    dress shall include:

    For male employees

    A. Plain light coloured business shirts with matching business trousers. Such shirts shall be buttoned at all times, including sleeve-cuffs.

    B. Printed shirts with designs or off-beat coloured trousers are not to be worn during working hours. The tie shall match the attire and be of a classic cut.

    C. Where belts are worn, they shall either be black or brown and match the attire. Belt buckles shall not be too bold or obtrusive.

    D. The use of a business jacket is compulsory when walking in the front-of-house areas of the hotel.

    For female employees

    A. A female employee shall wear clothing that reflects propriety and refinement. As a guide, the office clothing shall fit properly, be of good taste and be of a decent length, i.e., mini-skirts

    are not to be worn during the office hours.

    B. The colour of such office wear shall not be overbearing or bright and accessories shall be used sparingly. The wearing of jeans, T-shirts or any other casual clothing is strictly

    prohibited whilst an employee is on duty.

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    Shoes shall be comfortable but smart. Employees may not wear sandals, play shoes or canvas shoes while they are on duty. All service and office employees shall wear leather business

    shoes that are appropriate to the colour of the uniform or attire. Such footwear shall be

    cleaned and polished daily.

    An exception to the rule may be for cleaning, helping and other kitchen personnel, as the nature of the job and the work environment makes the use of business shoes inappropriate.

    They shall be provided with specifically designed shoes.

    Engineering employees shall be required to wear safety shoes while they are on duty.


    The conduct in this context refers to how an employee conducts herself/himself in terms of behaviour, manners and deportment with fellow colleagues and the public.

    The following guidelines are therefore augmented :

    1. The local greeting shall systematically be performed when greeting guests or any superior 2. When in the presence of the public, employees shall not keep their hands in their pockets or

    on their hips, whether walking or standing

    3. Employees shall not clear their nose or ears in public 4. Employees shall never comb or tidy their hair in public nor apply cosmetics in public areas.

    Such actions shall be done in appointed washrooms

    5. Employees shall not drag their feet when walking 6. Slouching across counters or leaning against the wall are highly undesirable habits which

    shall not be practised

    7. When in the company of guests, employees shall always remember not to use any dialect or jargon. Good business English is the only tolerated language

    8. Employees shall, with the aid of a handkerchief or tissue, cover their mouth when sneezing and apologetically say Excuse me

    9. Yawning or sighing in public areas is strictly prohibited 10. Male employees shall ensure that their coat/jacket is duly buttoned when appearing in public



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