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Q.7 Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Prelim Magazine CoverMy Magazine Cover

When I had started the course I had to create a magazine about anything that I wanted. I had decided to go on the topic of Sixth Form as I had just started it. The purpose of the task was to familiarize ourselves with using Photoshop and the macs itself.

I put the title at the top of the magazine because this is what I thought was right at the time. This turned out to be something that goes with the conventions of magazines.My cover line is also at the top of the magazine, this is also something that was expected.My house style on this magazine was orange and reds. I should not have used four different fonts and should have stuck with one.I have the barcode at the bottom out of the way of the image and text. This is something I though was right in a magazine.My main image takes up the whole page however, the model is on the right. I do not like that choice now.

After learning about the forms and conventions of music magazine I decided o follow all o them. My masthead is the highest part of the magazine and takes up about a fifth the page. This is seen in almost all magazines. My model is staring directly at the camera which is a convention in a lot of magazines. By staring at the camera it adds a personality and context when reading the headline.I have my cover on the right of my magazine away from the image. This makes it easier to read and also looks neater.Once again I have kept my barcode at the bottom right of the magazine so it doesnt get in the way of any of the important stuff.

My contents page at the time was impressive to me. Looking at it now it is ugly. The images are stretched and the background colour does not match with the text. There is a lot of things wrong with this.There is not enough things on the the actual contents page. There is three headings which were mentioned in the cover so there is nothing really new on this. The endorsement are good because they make the magazine look better. A lot of people like these three restaurants so this may make people want to purchase the magazine

Most magazines have an image of the front cover. I have done this as I would like my magazine to be as close to a everyday magazine as possible.I have added an editors letter to make the reader feel more engaged. It also helps to make the reader feel more involved for purchasing the magazineI have kept with a colour scheme of pink as I think that this will make the page stand out and the writing easier to read.I decided to add a subscribe section as this will make the reader want to purchase it if they enjoyed it as there is a discount available to them.