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<p>Introduction to Computer Hardware</p> <p>Computer HardwareIntroduction to Computer Components and Terminology1Computer TypesPersonal Data Assistant (PDA), nowmore commonly called a tablet or iPadNotebook Laptop PCDesktop PC (also called a PC tower)Server</p> <p>Computers are categorized as one of several types:2Differentiating TypesA PDA is a handheld computing device designed to access and store data as well as accessing stored music, personal datebook, and personal address book.Examples of PDAs are: Palm, Blackberry, iPads, iPhones, and tablets</p> <p>iPadBlackberryPalm Pilot</p> <p>iPhone</p> <p>3</p> <p>Macintosh Quad PCMacbook AirMacbook ProA Notebook is a laptop computer that runs with the Mac OS, currently Yosemite Desktop PCs running the Mac OS are only manufactured by Apple Computer.Differentiating Types4Differentiating TypesA PC is a personal computer that runs with the Windows operating system.PCs may be either desktop towers or laptop modelsPCs are designed for business and personal use.</p> <p>Laptop PC</p> <p>Desktop PC5Differentiating TypesA Server is a large computer designed to network multiple personal computers.Servers allow for the exchange of data among all members of the network.Servers store data common to all users.</p> <p>TowerBladeServer6Basic PC ComponentsPCs are made up of hardware and software componentsThe various components of a PC are interconnected with very specific cablesComputers are networked with cables and switches.7Hardware</p> <p>Hard DriveThe PC tower houses the mother board, hard drive and power supply.Motherboard containing the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Memory boardsPower Supply8Input/Output DevicesInput/Output devices are used to enter and retrieve data to and from the computer.I/O devices are the keyboard, mouse and monitor.</p> <p>9Data StorageData is any text, graphic, or photo to be stored or accessed on the computer.Data storage devices may be built in, external, or portable.Data storage devices include hard drives, disc drives, USB flash drives and SD memory card readers10Data Storage Devices</p> <p>Compact Disc (CD)USB Flash DriveUSB Mini Flash DriveSanDisk (SD) Memory CardMicro SD Memory Card and adapter11Cables and ConnectionsIn addition to the power cord, the various components of a PC are interconnected by specific type cables.A basic PC that is not networked or accessing the internet will have 3 cables one for the monitor, and one each for the mouse and keyboard.12</p> <p>The Big Picture</p> <p>Power cordsUSB CablesVGA or DVI Cable13Wireless InterfacesWireless devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, presentation tool, etc. connect to the PC via a dongle.A dongle is any wireless USB transmitter/receiver designed to communicate with a specific device.</p> <p>Cables and ConnectionsThe keyboard connects to the PC via a USB cable or dongle</p> <p>15Cables and ConnectionsThe mouse will connect to the PC via a USB cable or wirelessly via a dongle.</p> <p>16Cables and ConnectionsThe monitor is connected to the PC via either a 15-pin male-to-male VGA cable or19-pin DVI cable </p> <p>VGA CableDVI Cable17Cables and ConnectionsConnecting to a network or the internet is done via a Cat 5 cable with an RJ45 connector.The internet cable is connected between the PC and a server, often through a switch.</p> <p>18TerminologyVGA = Video Graphic AdapterDVI = Digital Video InterfaceUSB = Universal Serial BusDongle = Any USB transmitter/receiver interface(for connecting to a mouse, keyboard, etc.)Cat 5 = Category 5, referring to the number of twists in a given length of cable.RJ45 = a cable termination plug for a 4-pair cable.19</p> <p>Cat-5 CablesThe Cat-5 cable used in this lab is made up of FOUR pairs of 24 gauge copper wire.The individual wires are covered in color-coded plastic casingsThe entire bundle is encased in blue or gray plasticCasings shield the wires so they do not touch each other and short out20Cat-5 CablesWire color codes use a solid color alternating with a solid and white of the same color to make each pair.Color pairs in the Cat-5 wire are Orange, Blue, Green, and Brown.21Basic Hardware TroubleshootingCheck that the power cables are all plugged into devices and to the wall.Check that the monitor is connected to the PC with a VGA cable.Check that the keyboard and mouse are connected correctlyCheck that the network cable is connected between the PC and the switch, AND check that the switch is powered up. 22</p>


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