Computer Assisted Assessment within 3D Virtual Worlds

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Computer Assisted Assessment within 3D Virtual Worlds. Mara Blanca IBEZ , Diego MORILLO ARROYO, Patricia SANTOS, David PREZ CALLE, Jos Jess GARCA RUEDA, Davinia HERNNDEZ LEO, and Carlos DELGADO KLOOS. Outline. Problem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • OutlineProblem Interactions in 3DVW & relation with multiple-choice questionsArchitecture that integrates a QTI-player and a 3DVWCase StudyConclusions and Future Work

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  • Uses of 3D Virtual Worlds3DVWs as meeting points3DVWs as multiplayer games3DVWs as learning environmentsGoal: EntertainGoal: To learnGoal: To be thereProblem resolutionCollaborationImmersionMeetingpointNarrativeExplorationAcquisition of: Skills Knowledge ActitudesRules

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  • 3D Virtual Worlds & Learning 3DVWs possibilities for learningRecreation of context learning environmentsInteractive capabilitiesCollaborative capabilitiesIncrease students motivationPossibilities to log any interaction

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  • 3D Interaction Patterns inComputer-Assisted AssessmentModify objects attributes; Go to a placeGestures; Write answer

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  • Example

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  • Integration of a QTI-player with a 3DVW: FunctionalityNewApisIt provides the questions of a testIt sends to the 3DVW:Each question of the testThe list of optionsIt evaluates students answerIt sends feedback to studentsIt computes students grades

    OpenWonderlandIt orchestrates the testIt deploys assessment activities into the 3DVWIt monitors students interactionsIt reports students interaction to NewApis

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  • Architecture

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  • Case StudyABCTopic: NovelThe Invention of Morelby A. Bioy Casares

    12 participants 2 sessions 3 groups / session A test of 3 questions for each group

    G1: A -> B -> CG2: B -> C -> AG3: C -> A -> B

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  • Case Study: ResultsImmersionPhysicalPsychologicalUsabilityDifficulties interacting with 3D objectsTroubles identifying objects with interactive capabilitiesIt is useful to receive information through different channelsTestMotivated to answer the testAfter the test, understand better the novelBetter this kind of test than traditional one69.5%50%XXXXX6.3%X38 %X51 %X58.3 %X70.8 %X58.7 %

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  • ConclusionsAssessment of knowledge in 3DVW by integrating a QTI player into OWL.Case Study:Immersion achieved.Immersion better with best artwork, more realistic physical effects.Participants suggest: To introduce orchestration at narrative level.

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  • Future WorkUse multiple-choice questions. Others in the future.Produce visually appealing scenariosAuthoring tools:ArtworkNarrativeExploit collaborative possibilities on assessmentUse of 3DVWs to evaluate competencies

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    Vdeo Juegos - Entornos de Aprendizaje Semejanzas y Diferencias

    A game is a form of art in which participants, termed players, make decisions in order to manage resources through game tokens in the pursuit of a goal

    Software de ComunicacionesEn las posibilidades de elearning: todo apunta al uso de pedagogas ms modernas, basadas en constructivismoRecreation of context learning environments: real or unreal, but necessary for learningLog any interaction: good for tutoring systemsSoftware de ComunicacionesSoftware de ComunicacionesSoftware de ComunicacionesSoftware de ComunicacionesSoftware de ComunicacionesSoftware de ComunicacionesSoftware de ComunicacionesSoftware de ComunicacionesSoftware de Comunicaciones