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United States Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement. Completing the PIRC 2010 Annual Performance Report. Parental Information and Resource Center Technical Assistance Webinar April 13, 2010. Overview. Purpose of ED 524B ED 524B Cover Sheet Executive Summary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Completing the PIRC 2010 Annual Performance ReportParental Information and Resource CenterTechnical Assistance Webinar April 13, 2010United States Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement

  • Purpose of ED 524BED 524BCover SheetExecutive SummarySection A: Project Objectives Information and Related Performance Measures DataSection B: Budget InformationSection C: Additional Informatione-Reports Submission InformationAnnouncementsQ & A


  • Standardize reporting requirementsAggregate data across PIRC programsProvide data to report on the PIRC GPRA indicatorsProvide data to decision makers about the effectiveness of PIRC programMonitor project implementation

    Purpose of the 524B*

  • EDs generic performance report for discretionary grantsUsed both as an annual and a final performance report ED 524B forms available at ( submission through e-Reports is mandatory ( project directors can access e-ReportsAnnual Performance Report (APR) 524B Form:*

  • *NO LATER THAN 4:30pm EDTJune 5, 2010

  • ED 524B Cover Sheet*

  • Did you include and/or verify Project Director? (name, title, phone number, fax number and email address)*

  • *10 01 2009 09 30 2010

  • *X10 29 10X

  • ED 524B Executive SummaryNarrative summary of your program for the project period (1-2 pages)Suggested outline (See also the guiding questions): Highlights of the projects goals The extent to which the expected outcomes and performance measures were achieved What contributions the project has made to research, knowledge, practice, and/or policyEvaluation*

  • Section A: Project Objectives Information and Related Performance Measures DataEveryone must report on: PIRC GPRA objective: Federally funded PIRC programs provide parents with the information they need to understand their state accountability systems and their rights and opportunities for supplemental services and public school choice.Additional project-specific objectives, i.e., what you are evaluating to specifically demonstrate whether substantial progress was made to meet project objectives and performance measures*

  • Section A: GPRA Project Objectives and Related Performance Measures Data3 GPRA Performance Measures (each in a distinct row):One measure for # of parents participating in direct services for each:a. State accountability system b. SESc. School choice

    PIRC GPRA Performance MeasureMeasure TypeQuantitative Data The number of parents of children in the PIRC program's target population (those attending schools not making adequate yearly progress) who receive information on their State accountability systems through direct PIRC services.GPRATargetActual Performance DataRaw NumberRatio%Raw NumberRatio%Fill in the number of parents here /Fill in the number of parents here /

  • Section A: GPRA Performance MeasuresDirect services = PIRC advice, materials, or training are provided to an identifiable parent(s) and the PIRC has evidence of that service (e.g., one-on-one, parent trainings, and consultation with parents)


  • NO INDIRECT SERVICES FOR GPRA MEASURESIndirect services will NOT be included in GPRA numbers, (i.e., those in which parents received materials but no contact with a PIRC service provider and no documentation of exactly who received the information/services, such as mass media, information booths, mass mailing, web site information services).

  • Section A: GPRA Performance MeasuresTarget data = use the raw number target established in your approved application or, if none, use your baseline actual raw number from the first year APR you submitted Actual data = raw number of parentsDescribe, including quantitative and qualitative data, how your PIRC met the GPRA objective


  • Section A: Project ObjectivesProject-specific objectives:Measures you assessed or intend to assess to evaluate your PIRC services from your approved application and evaluation design

    Each measure is listed in a distinct row

    Provide quantitative target and actual data, if appropriate, or leave those boxes blank and provide an explanation and any relevant quantitative and qualitative data*

  • Uploading Attachments to Section AIMPORTANT FEATURES OF e-Reports

    Tables or charts cannot be pasted into Section A, Explanation of Progress.

    All tables needed for Section A should be referenced under the relevant performance measure and attached to Section C as a single document. *

  • Section B: Budget Information Budget Period: October 1, 2009 September 30, 2010 Provide a detailed budget and budget narrative including carry-over for the current budget period Itemize in detail your approved PIRC budget Provide a detailed budget narrative for each category. (e.g., personnel salary/benefits, travel, contracted services, equipment, supplies, etc.) Budget tables can be uploaded as attachment in Section B*

  • Other things to consider in the Budget Narrative:

    Why you have not drawn down funds from the Grant Administration and Payment System (GAPS) to pay for your budget expenditure amounts reported in items 8a. 8c of the ED 524B Cover Sheet.

    Why you did not expend funds at the expected rate during the reporting period.

    Why your budget changed significantly resulting from modifications of project activities.

    Why you had budget changes that affected your ability to achieve approved project activities and/or objectives.Section B: Budget Information

  • Section B: Budget Information*In addition to the ED524B, please submit: Budget Detail Worksheet Budget Summary Suggested templates have been provided

  • Section B: Budget Information

    ECPEBudget Detail Worksheet = 30% of total budgetBudget Summary = 30% of total budget

    Services for Low-Income ParentsBudget Detail Worksheet = 50% of total budgetBudget Summary = 50% of total budget*

  • Matching FundsPIRC Requirements: Grantee shall demonstrate that a portion of the services provided by the organization or consortium is supported through non-Federal contributions Contributions may be in cash or in kind (Guidance on matching funds can be found in EDGAR 80.24 and OMB Circular A 122)*

  • Matching FundsReporting:

    Indicate the costs or contributions to meet the matching requirement and the source of the match

    If in kind services were provided, describe how the value was determined *

  • Spreadsheets in e-Reports Excel spreadsheets cannot be uploaded directly into any section of e-Reports.

    Excel spreadsheets needed as part of an explanation of budget matters should be saved as one pdf file and uploaded as a single document. *

  • Section C: Additional InformationPIRC activities and accomplishments, particularlyhow you met statutory requirements

    Describe:Changes in activities for next budget period Changes to key personnelStatus of your project, including unanticipated outcomes or benefits


  • Number of Parents Served

    *Please provide the following information:

  • ECPE ServicesPlease provide a narrative on the types and modes of training, information, and support provided: These services/activities may be provided by a PIRC staff member, subcontractor, or trained representative.


    ECPE Program Name (list each ECPE program you provide separately)Type of ECPE Program(check as many as apply for each ECPE program you listed)Modifications Made to National ProgramWho Provided the ECPE Services? (check as many as apply)ECPE Services Parents Received (check as many as apply)Total Number of ECPE Parents Assisted PAT HIPPY Other national program PIRC-developed program Other, please describe: No Yes If yes, what changes were made: PIRC staff Subcontractor Other, please describe: In-home instruction/assistance Parent training/ workshops Print or media materials/resources Meetings with school staff Other, please describe:

  • Strategies Used to Reach and Serve ParentsDescribe the number and types of products/information, trainings, etc. provided to parents of minority and LEP children.


  • Parental Involvement Policies and PracticesDescribe the parental involvement policies and practices used by your PIRC and an evaluation of whether such policies and practices are effective in improving:Home-school communicationStudent academic achievementStudent and school academic achievementParental involvement in school planning, review, and improvement*

  • PIRC Work with SEA, LEAs and SchoolsDescribe the effectiveness of your work with your SEA,LEAs and schools towards parental involvement that impacts student and school academic achievement, including:Determining parental needsActivities with SEA, LEAs, and schoolsNumbers of LEAs and schools*

    Total Number of LEAsTotal Number of Public Schools Number of Charter Schools Number of Title I Schools Number of Other SchoolsTotal Number of Private Schools

  • *

  • *Electronic Grants Overviewe-ReaderGAPS Databasee-Administration

  • e-Grants Hours of Operation*

  • e-Grants RegistrationThe first step is to go to and click the continue button and the page below will be displayed.

    Existing users will enter their username and password. If you are a new user, then click on the register button to begin.

    The Project Director must register in order to access the report.


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