complete this form using your academic requirements ... course fulfills the tu course: when...

Download Complete this form using your Academic Requirements ...  Course Fulfills the TU course: When Validated with: ACCT T01 ACCT 301 ACCT 302 ACCT T41 ACCT 341 ACCT 342 ACCT T61 ACCT 361 ACCT 362

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  • ________ Accounting CGPA 2.70 or higher ________ 2.0 or higher in each lower-level required course ________ At least two of the following courses taken at Towson: ________ ACCT 301________ 6 units from: ACCT 300/302/341/361/362 or 442 ________ Pass the Computer Proficiency Exam (CPE)

    OR Pass EBTM 250 ________ Behavioral Science (ANTH or PSYC, or SOCI) *

    ACCOUNTING (ACCT) and Pre-ACCOUNTING (PACT) Advising form for the 2008/09 to 2010/2011 Catalog

    KEY: Enr = Enrolled GRADE @ TU T (Grade) = Tramsfer (grade)RT = Repeat Transfer Validate = Validation required

    The name of Your Advisor is your Student Center page on Towson Online Services Web site: Complete this form using your Academic Requirements. Bring both with you when you meet with your advisor.

    Transfer Evaluation: Final ________________ Preliminary ______________ Needs to be updated by admissions: _______________ Additional information from: Student _____/ Admissions ____ Official/Unofficial Pending: Courses(s) not posted: ________________________________________ Note: If Transfer Package is pending or courses are not included on the Evaluation of Transfer Credit form, it is the student's responsibility to inform the Transfer Evaluation Office and the advisor.

    General Education Requirements (GenEds) Transfer Package:

    Granted: Complete GenEds for Package A / B / C None: Complete the following GenEds:Category I: SKILLS for LIBERAL LEARNING (1 course in each)_________ I.A. ENGL 102/190 (with grade of "C" or higher)_________ I.B. Using Info. COSC 111 __(recommended)__________ _________ I.C. College MATH _______________________________________ I.D. Adv. Composition ENGL 317 __(recommended)___

    (with "C" or higher) _________ I.E. Creativity & Creative Dev. _______________________

    Category II: CONTEXTS for LIBERAL LEARNING No more than three courses can be in the same discipline

    II.A. SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY (8 to 10 units, 4 units must be a lab science course (Please refer to catalog for course selection)

    ___________ Lab course: ___________________________ # units __4__ ___________ _____________________________________ # units_____ ___________ _____________________________________ # units _____

    Total units :____________

    II.B. AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (One (1) course in each) ___________ 1. Arts & Humanities __________________________________________ 3. Contemporary Issues ____________________________

    II.C. WESTERN HERITAGE 1. Arts & Humanities One (1) course. Must be a different discipline than II.B.1) ___________ _____________________________________________

    2. Social & Behavioral Sciences (Two courses- Two different disciplines)

    ___________ _____________________________________________

    ___________ _____________________________________________

    3.. Cultural Plurality and Diversity (1 course)

    ___________ _____________________________________________ II.D. GLOBAL AWARENESS (1 course)

    ___________ ____________________________________________

    Lower-Level Courses (27 units)

    Other Required Courses (6 units): One ANTH or PSYC or SOCI course* PHIL 371 Bus. Ethics OR MNGT 482 Bus. Ethics & Sust.

    * May Be applied To GEN ED

    Submit Petition to Evaluate the Equivalency of a Transfer Course: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Requirements for Admission to the ACCT Major:________ Overall TU GPA of 2.70 or higher

    Upper-Level Business Courses (27 units)

    Upper-Level Accounting Courses (24 units)

    27. One Accounting elective selected from (3 units): __________________ ACCT 362 Tax Accounting II __________________ ACCT 402 Auditing II *__________________ ACCT 442 Management Accounting IICourse Recommendations:___________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ * Must be admitted to the Accounting major prior to taking these courses.

    Please review this form carefully (see side B). Keep this form with your important academic records. You will need it for your next advising appointment

    Check course pre-requisites before registering:

    STUDENT: ____________________________________________________

    Student ID #: ___________________________________________________

    PACT ACCT DATE: _______________________



    Minimum of 120 units: Earned _________ Enrolled ________ Need ______

    ___Gr__a__dua__ti__on __ __E__ar__ne__d U____nit__s __Re__qui__ r__ed:___ _______________________________

    1. ACCT 201/211 Principles of Financial Accounting

    2. ACCT 202/212 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3. COMM 131 Fundamentals of Speech Communications* 4. COSC 111 Information & Technology for Business 5. ECON 201 Microeconomic Principles* 6. ECON 202 Macroeconomic Principles* 7. ECON 205 or MATH 231/233 Statistics* 8. LEGL 225 Legal Environment of Business 9. LEGL 226 Business Law

    _________________ 10. BUSX 301 Business Communications _________________ 11. BUSX 460 Professional Experience*

    _________________ 12. EBTM 365 Principles of Operations Management* _________________ 13. FIN 331 Principles of Financial Management _________________ 14. FPLN 341 Fundamentals of Financial Planning _________________ 15. MKTG 341 Principles of Marketing _________________ 16. MNGT 361 Leadership and Management _________________ 17. MNGT 481 Strategic Management*

    Internship required concurrent with course enrollment

    One of the following international courses: 18. ECON 305 or FIN 435* or MKTG 445* or MNGT 375*

    _________________ 19. ACCT 300 Accounting Information Systems _________________ 20. ACCT 301 Intermediate Accounting I _________________ 21. ACCT 302 Intermediate Accounting II _________________ 22. ACCT 303 Intermediate Accounting III* _________________ 23. ACCT 341 Management Accounting IAc_________________ 24. ACCT 361 Tax Accounting I _________________ 25. ACCT 401 Auditing I* _________________ 26. ACCT 421 Advanced Accounting I *

    OR EBTM 250 Problem Solving in Business I

  • Transfer Course

    Fulfills the TU course:

    When Validated with:

    ACCT T01 ACCT 301 ACCT 302 ACCT T41 ACCT 341 ACCT 342 ACCT T61 ACCT 361 ACCT 362


    The application form is available in Accounting Department ST 102, or on:


    Formal admission to TU as a degree candidate. Minimum GPA of 2.70. Grade equivalent of 2.0 or higher in each lower level course.

    Minimum ACCT GPA of 2.70 for ALL Upper-Level Accounting courses.To be admitted, students must take at least 3 Upper Level accountingcourses (minimum of 9 units). The specific requirements are:a. ACCT 301 -- Intermediate Accounting I (3 credits) MUST be taken.b. Two Additional Upper-Level Accounting courses (6 units)

    must be chosen from:ACCT 300 Accounting Information SystemsACCT 302 Intermediate Accounting IIACCT 341 Management Accounting IACCT 361 Tax Accounting IACCT 362 -- Tax Accounting IIACCT 442 Management Accounting II

    c. At least two out of the three courses must be taken at TU. A passing score for the Computer Proficiency Exam (CPE)

    OR passing EBTM 250 Completion of:

    a. ECON 205 or MATH 231 with a grade of 2.00 or higherb. ANTH or PSYC or SOCI course


    What does Validation Required mean?A course taken at the lower level (100-200) at a community college or four-year educational institution is not equivalent to a TU upper-level course. In order to fulfill an upper-level major course requirement, the content of the transfer work must be validated. A transfer course requiring validation is identified with a T instead of the 300-number code, e.g., ACCT T01 for ACCT 301, etc.How to Validate: Complete the course specified below with a grade equivalent of 2.0 or higher at TU.

    Validate the transferred course, dont repeat it. If you enroll in a course with the same course content as the transferred course, the units earned in the transfer course will not count towards graduation because it will be treated as a repeat.


    By Maryland law, once you have earned 45 credits of coursework, all students must have an academic plan that lists the courses needed to complete your degree for each semester leading to graduation. Transfer students must have a plan in the first semester at Towson. You will work with your academic advisor to create your academic plan. We have created a website with all the information needed to assist you with the creation of your academic plan at

    Students will not be permitted to enroll in ACCT 303 Intermediate III, ACCT 421 Advanced Accounting, or ACCT 401

    Auditing, without first being admitted to the major.

    Registration Tip: Prerequisites are checked online as you register. A student who is not eligible for admission to the ACCT major and enrolls in an upper-level (ACCT, BUSX, EBUS, ECON, ENTR, FIN, LEGL, MKTG, or MNGT) course is at risk of being disenrolled from the course.

    Grade Poi


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