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The Competency Portfolio as a Learning Management Tool - A workshop at the CAPLA annual workshop Recession, Recognition, Recruitment and Renewal.


  • 1. Samantha Slade November 15th, 2009 Toronto, Canada Recession, Recognition, Recruitment and Renewal The competency portfolio as a learning management tool
  • 2. Before we begin a quick digital culture quiz 1. Do you communicate via email regularly? 2. Do you regularly turn to internet as your source for information? 3. Do you manage your documents, photos, music electronically? 4. Are you part of an online network? 5. Have you used electronic tools to comment or co-create text?
  • 3. Do you agree? It offers us new potential to enrich and amplify existing processes. The digital world is an extension of how we function in the physical world enhancing + enabling what we do.
  • 4. Therefore, it is normal that we turn to digital spaces and tools to help value, capture and communicate formal, non-formal, informal learning/competence development and recognition
  • 5. ePortfolio and online services supporting career self-management for citizens in Wales Careers Wales
  • 6. An online tool for all Dutch citizens supporting exploration of competencies and jobs Competency Atlas
  • 7. ePortfolio for all citizens of Minnesota State for education, career and personal achievements eFolio
  • 8. An online distance eportfolio supported approach for recognising prior learning in France DAVID
  • 9. Europortfolio Define, design, and develop digital portfolio systems that meet the needs of all stakeholders
  • 10. A variety of approaches to such online competence management systems Initiated and developed by: government, universities, private companies, public organisations Some are specific to processes of recognising prior learning while others are more generally related to supporting management of one's skills/competencies
  • 11. In Qubec we are developing an online portfolio for immigrants. A regional initiative with partners from education, private company, public organisation DAVID
  • 12. immigrants immigration support services learning providers/ accreditors regional development/employers e-p In the context of immigrants: lifelong and life wide stakeholders
  • 13. valuing and articulating skills socio-professional integration 21st century citizen work education life language learning eCitizen responsible self-organised networked A process of self-knowledge and self-confidence
  • 14. Supporting individuals taking responsibility for their learning and their career Individual ownership. Flexible and modular environment that can be structured and organised as user wishes.
  • 15. Part of a community It is with others that we learn best
  • 16. Supporting self-awareness of competence Structured activities to help tease out the diverse skills
  • 17. I'm competent at... Thinking in terms of what you are competent at is very different than thinking in terms of diplomas, certification and training. Suddenly, it doesn't matter so much where or how a skill was developed, what is important is that you are indeed competent and that you see it, can express it and if need be demonstrate it or provide some proof of that competence to others. Reflecting on your competencies is not an easy task but it is a rewarding one. The activities offered here should help you gather a better grasp of seeing who you are through the light of competencies. Plan 10-20 minutes to complete each activity Step I: Establish/value your experiences My work experience My education and training My life and community experience Step II: Reflect about your competencies My successes Demonstrating my competence Identifying my technical and generic competence Step III: Communicate and further develop your competencies My key competencies for my cv Focusing on developing a competence Competencies that interest me
  • 18. Integrated representation of learning via diverse media Formal, non-formal, informal learning captured in one space helping develop an integrated view of self
  • 19. Eportfolio is a process helping you to gather a more exact representation of yourself that can be showcased to others Invite friends, family, tutors, assesors into tailormade views. ..
  • 20. Credits Photos from Creative Commons Oto_shelving: Brandon Baunach Keyboard Textures : Arturo Donate Rainbow Bokeh: Rica Pare Great Egret (Ardea alba) great-egret-8243-web: Mike Baird
  • 21. Samantha Slade Email : [email_address] My eportfolio : Presentations :


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