compatible ink and toner from arp. up to 25% . brother, kyocera, lexmark, oki and canon. arp ink for

Download Compatible ink and toner from ARP. Up to 25% . Brother, Kyocera, Lexmark, OKI and Canon. ARP Ink for

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  • Up to 25%  cheaper.

    Compatible ink and toner from ARP.

    + 4-year warranty. Unique and only with ARP.

    + Top quality. All ARP ink and toner are produced in Europe.

    + Large assortment. ARP toner for all top model printers from HP,

    Brother, Kyocera, Lexmark, OKI and Canon. ARP Ink for HP, Brother, Canon and Epson


    + Satisfaction guarantee. Over 11,000 satisfi ed customers all over


    + Up to 25% cheaper. Save cash as compared to OEM ink and toner. + Over 20 years of experience. Since 1992, we’ve been using the latest tech-

    nology to produce our ink and toner.


  • All empty cartridges are disassembled in our toner manufacturing plant, thoroughly cleaned and all ex- pendable parts are replaced before preparation. Every single cartridge is getting tested for quality.

    The production. A look behind the scenes.

    1. Photo conductor unit replacement (PCU) The toner is fi rst refi ned and then the PCU is re- placed. This is an important component is re- sponsible for the printing quality.

    For the environment. Recyling. Approximately three litres of crude oil are needed to make one new toner cartridge. We use recycled cartridges for the production of our toner cartridges. Make the economical and ecological choice! Fu- ture generations will be thankful.

    Performance & quality. Made by ARP.

    «Our toner is manufactured with the most mod- ern production techniques available. Further- more, our highly-qualifi ed employees re-examine every single toner in our testcenter before distri- bution. ARP toner is a European product that we proudly present to our customers.»

    It’s everyone’s responsibility to use our raw materials wisely. Recycling reduces waste and pollution, and helps save energy. Our contribution to a better environment.»

    Ben Brouns Managing Director ARP Supplies BV Netherlands

    Francisca Meier Product Manager Supplies ARP Europe AG

    2. Chip replacement The ID chip is replaced and the primary charge roller (PCR) is cleaned and then reinstalled.

    3. Cartridge fi lling Before the fi nal inspection, every toner is fi lled with its corresponding colour.

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    4. Quality assessment (ISO standards) Every cartridge undergoes a quality assessment test that requires 12 test printouts to be print- ed – Quality assessments comply with ISO stand- ards 19752 and 19798.Why do we recycle?

    Because used cartridges aren’t rubbish.

    Our ink and toner have been produced by our ARP branch in Maastricht since 1992. Over 50,000 ton- er cartridges leave our factory every year. Our high standards of production ensure that our toner have the same level of functionality as brand-name products.

  • See for yourself. You won’t regret it – we promise!

    Order now!

    > 600 inks and toners. For all top model products from HP, Brother, Canon, Kyocera, Espon, Lexmark and OKI.

    > 11,000 satisfi ed customers. From small businesses to public agencies and all the way to large international companies.

    > 1,000,000 ink and toner sold. All of our toner and ink are tested to provide you with the best product possible.


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