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  • 1. Information

2. Contents

  • Company profile
  • UK Location
  • Key Personnel
  • Market application areas
  • What we offer
  • Capability
  • Customers
  • Facilities
  • Applications & products
  • Consultancy
  • Benefits of working with Q-par Angus Ltd


  • Established 1973
  • Privately owned Ltd company
  • Business: Design and manufacture of military and
  • commercial antennas
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • ISO 9001:2000

Company Profile 4. Q-par Angus Ltd Baron Cross Laboratories, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8RS United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1568 612138 Fax: +44 (0)1568 616373 Email: [email_address] Website UK location 5. Key personnel Managing Director / Microwave Engineer- Richard HollidayPhD., C.Eng., FIET, MIEEE.Director and Company Secretary - Jennifer HollidayBA., CPhys., MInstP. General Manager - Peter Moss OBE Chief Engineer (Electronics and Systems) - Kenneth GoodmanB.Eng.(Hons),C.Eng, MIET Principal Scientist- Andrew MackayPh.D, BSc Senior Microwave Engineer- Simon DaviesBSc, C Eng, MIET. Microwave Engineer - Paul Klasmann PhD, BSc, M.Eng (Hons), MIEEE.Microwave Engineer - Janette Morgan B.Eng (Hons), MIET.Microwave Engineer - Julian RobbinsB.Eng. (Hons), I.Eng, MIET. Senior Metallurgist - Christopher HinsleyBSc., CEng., MIM.Technical Sales Manager - Marc Morris MA 6. Market application areas

  • Military (Ground, sea, air)
  • Electronic warfare
  • Radar
  • Elint
  • EMC
  • Commercial
  • Broadcast
  • Industrial
  • Environmental
  • Medical
  • EMC

7. What we offer

  • Standard products
  • Consultancy
  • Bespoke components and systems
  • Refurbishment work


  • Antenna Design and Manufacture.
  • Antenna Positioner Design and Manufacture.
  • Microwave Systems.
  • For:Radar EW Systems ELINT Systems.
  • Research, Development and Consultancy covering a wide
  • range ofdisciplines inc:
  • Defence Systems
  • EnvironmentalMedical /Industrial

Company capabilities 9. Customers UK MOD Qinetiq Home office NATO BAE Systems EADS Astrium Europe EADS, Germany Bosch, Germany Indra, Spain Aselsan, Turkey Tubitak, Turkey Thales, France North America NASA Boeing DRS (Canada) Lockheed Martin Naval Research Labs FR Orbit (NGC) Far East ADD, Korea Hi-Intelligence, Taiwan 10.

  • Modern Premises.
  • Microwave Design Software.
  • Mechanical Design facilities.
  • Engineering Workshop.
  • Electronics Laboratory.
  • Extensive Test Facilities:
    • Outdoor Pattern Ranges
    • Anechoic Chamber

Company Facilities 11. Test Chamber 12. Applications 13. Daresbury Laboratory EMMA accelerator ring 1.3 GHz wave guide distribution system and associated phase shifters 14. UAV Antenna 15. A400M 16. Skynet 5 17. Ship Based Jammer 18. Product Examples.. 19. All Weather Multi Antenna Positioners Precise angular accuracy.Full sky coverage. High output torque. Interchangeable Antennas. Environmentally hardened construction. Modular COTS components for easy servicing. Full safety features. Fully compliant with UK safety requirements. 0.5 to 35 GHz in 5 antennas complete with Az/El positioner and polarisation switching 2 6 GHz Tx2 18 GHz Rx6 18 GHz Tx 20. ALL WEATHER POSITIONER Typical Specification: Movement, Azimuth +/- 190 degrees Movement, Elevation15 to +90 degrees Movement, Polarisation360 degrees Velocity, Azimuth2.3 to 21.4 deg/SecVelocity, Elevation2.3 to 21.4 deg/Sec Accuracy0.02 degrees Note: Shown with 1.8 M reflector 18-40GHz 0.5-18GHz 21. WIDEBAND SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM (0.5 40 GHz)

  • Currently employed by security forces.
  • Theatre of Operation includes Iraq.

22. Covert 2 Axis Positioner Vast Range of Horns & Bespoke Design18 40 GHz Feed Horn LNA Transition 2 18 GHz Antenna Linear Slant Polarisation Cylindrical Parabola 23. Antenna Simulation Interface Units for Skynet 5a & 5b Satellites Runway Debris Radar 64 way beam forming matrix capable of forming 4 simultaneous beams.Manufacture of which was thought not possible by UK MODHigh resolution dual fan beam antenna (94 GHz) capable of detecting very small objects at considerable distance. Rotator is accurate to 14 bits (0.022). 24. Maritime FMCW Radar 25. Portable Positioner 2.0 18 GHz Gain 13- 29 dBi Beamwidth 2 to 20 degrees VSWR 2.5:1 0.8 - 18 GHz Dual Polar Horn 26. Dual CP Antenna Spiral Antenna

  • Presently development work includes:
  • Flat Planar Dual Polar Log Periodic Antenna
  • Flat Planar Single Polar Log Periodic Antenna
  • Covering0.4 up to 40 GHz

27. High Power EMC Test System Interchangeable Hornsinclude:- 400 MHz 1 GHz Horn 2 3 GHz Lens Horn 3 4 GHz Lens Horn 4 6 GHz Lens Horn 6 8 GHz Lens Horn 12 18 GHz Regular Horn 28. Ridge Waveguide to Coaxial Transition Electric Field Plot Showing Resonance at 18 GHz Resonance COMPUTER SIMULATION Filter Design 29. Graphical User Interface

  • Absolute position control, azimuth and elevation
  • Acceleration control
  • Velocity control
  • Manual over ride
  • Visual feedback of true position.
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP allowing independent axis control of multiple positioners from single PC.


  • Team of highly qualified microwave, electronic and software engineers.
  • Recent projects:
    • High Power EMC Test Systems Bespoke design and manufacture.
    • Survey of actual radiation hazards and prediction of microwave radiation levels.
    • Advice on narrow and ultra-broad-band microwave antennas for Surveillance and Radar.
    • Materials Analysis and Measurement. (Microwave windows, radomes and structural components etc)
    • Depth Measurement (The measurement of depth within containers of corrosive liquids, grain etc).
    • Moisture Content. (Measuring on-line moisture content of various commercial products, such as soap).
    • Microwave Heating.(Advised on, and supplied equipment for, microwave cooking in the food industry).
    • Communications. (Analysis of customers communications requirements for task)
  • This list is not exhaustive!


  • Benefits of working with Q-par Angus Ltd
      • Time to market or theatre of operations can be substantially reduced
      • Talented team of engineers and scientists providing innovative technicalsolutions
      • Lower technical risk
      • One stop shop for antennas and complete sub-systems
      • Quality products providing low long term cost of ownership

32. Information