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  • 1.C artooning and C om ics !

2. A cartoon or cartoon character can be animated or in a comic strip in anewspaper or book. The artists who draw cartoons are called cartoonists.The artists who make cartoons move are called animators. Mickey Mouseis one of the first and most famous cartoon characters. 3. Charlie Brown and Snoopy and all the Peanuts cartoons started off as a comic strip innewspapers. They became so popular they were animated and made into cartoon movies onTV and in movie theaters. 4. Cartoon characters are usually funny and have exaggerated features. Cartoonists sometimes give animals human features. Tom and Jerry can talk and run around like people. 5. So do Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (I just love that Wascal Wabbit.)Can you see how the cartoonist exaggerated the characters features? 6. Check out the expressions on these Looney Tunes characters. 7. Now onto S u p e r H e roe s ! Marvel Comics have a ton of Super Heroes! Whos your favorite and why? (Really think about this. It could help youwhen you start creating your own cartoon.) 8. Power Puff Girls! (a personal Favorite) 9. Spiderman and Batman both have their ownmovies. 10. S o d o Th e H u lk, G re e n Lante rn and Th or! 11. And we cant forget Captain America! 12. Popeye The Sailor Man was an old-timey Superhero who came around in 1929. He started out as a comic strip (where did you find those, again?) And then had his own cartoon show on TV and also a live-action movie. Popeye got his superhero strength from eating spinach. After Popeye came around people starting eating a LOT more spinach. 13. Manga is the Japanese word to describe print comics and cartoons. Thisart form has been around since the 18th Century (1800s). China and Koreaboth use the word Manga as well. Pokemon is a popular example of Manga that came to the US. 14. So is Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic is also an example of an animalSuperhero. Can you think of any more? 15. Now, I dont really know how Sponge Bob Square Pants fits into acartoon categorywhat exactly is he???? 16. I do know that cartoonists and animators have to have amazing imaginations. Many cartoonists say they got interested in cartooning as kids. To become a cartoonist all you need is creativity and to learn thebasics of cartooning, which we will learn and practice together. Who knows? You may be the next greatcartoonist or animator! Now lets get started!