comenius trip to crete heraklion may 2013. knossos palace and exhibition in heraklion on our first...

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Comenius Trip to Crete Heraklion May 2013

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  • Comenius Trip to Crete Heraklion May 2013
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  • Knossos Palace and Exhibition in Heraklion On our first day, we visited the ruins of Knossos Palace. It was very busy and hot. The Cretian people had taken care to restore the ruins by adding to the artefacts they had excavated. They had lots of artefacts that they had found which gave a powerful insight into what life was life in Ancient Greece.
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  • Food Glorious Food We had all sorts of different food to eat while we were in Crete. One of the teachers mother invited us to her house. Look at all the food she had prepared and we werent even staying for dinner!
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  • Spinalonga Island People who had leprosy in Greece were sent to this island so that they couldnt spread the disease. They made their own community, built homes and other buildings, fell in love, got married and had children. People with leprosy were kept on this island until 1957 when a cure was found.
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  • Anogia Centre for Environmental Education Here we learnt how the children learnt about their environment. We found out that when they went on residential holidays, they learnt how to make cheese like shepherds, about the wild life and flowers on the island and how to play. They often included grandparents in this part so that they could teach them games theyd loved.
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  • DANCING Cretian dancing is practised in schools. The teachers loved to dance and had us up dancing all night!!! The steps are easy to learn thank goodness.
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  • School life in the 5oth Primary School
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  • Comenius means:- Working together, Forming partnerships, Friendship, Sharing of ideas, Understanding of different cultures.