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  • 1. Developing Europes NextGold and Tungsten MinesTSX-V: GTPFRANKFURT: P01OTCQX International: COLTF A GOLD COMPANY CREATED BY INVESTORS FOR INVESTORS

2. Forward-looking StatementsExcept for historic information, the matters discussed in thispresentation contain forward-looking statements. Thesestatements involve known and unknown risks, delays,uncertainties and other factors not under the Corporationscontrol that may cause actual results, levels of activity,performance or achievements to be materially different fromthe results, levels of activity, performance, achievements orexpectations expressed or implied by these forward-lookingstatements.2 3. Who We AreA Gold Company Created by Investors for Investors An experienced and dynamic management team The second largest holder of mineral exploration rights in Portugal Currently 51% owner of an advanced development stage gold project in southern Portugal with EML mining license under application. When mining license is granted, Colt becomes 100% owner High-grade gold and tungsten projects in northern Portugal A large concession in the very prolific Iberian Pyrite Belt surrounded by known VMS deposits 3 4. Management TeamDIRECTORS AND OFFICERS DIRECTORSNikolas Perrault, CFADeclan Costelloe, DenverChairman, President and CEOJames Ladner, ZurichMario Justino, M.Sc., P.Geo. Donald J.P. Ziraldo, TorontoVice-President Exploration David Johnson, Montreal J. Wayne Murton, VancouverAurelio Useche, CMADirector & Chief Financial Officer ADVISORY BOARD Jean Depatie, MontrealMANAGEMENT EXPERIENCEKevin Ernst, New York John D. Redfern, Montreal17% BUSINESS Todd C. Hennis, Golden 33% MINING EUROCOLT RESOURCES LDA. 50% FINANCE (the wholly owned subsidiary of COLT in Portugal) Jorge Valente, President and CEO 4 5. Share Structure1TSX-V: GTPFRANKFURT: P01Colt Resources Inc. (GTP-CNSX)OTCQX: COLTFHistorical Share Price (1 year)Shares outstanding54.5 millionShares fully diluted90.3 millionCurrent share price$0.6552-wk high low $0.85 $0.20Market capitalization$35.4 millionAverage exercise price of$0.35 per sharewarrants and options1As of Feb. 4, 2011 CAN$ Significant management ownership and strong shareholder base:5 6. Why Gold?10-Year Daily Gold Price ChartDaily London Fix PM Source: www.goldprice.org6 7. Why Portugal? Mining-friendly country with exceptional mineral potential: remains largely overlooked and under-explored Well-developed modern infrastructure: Properties are close to roads, water, power, and port facilities Properties are readily accessible year round Available experienced labour force Excellent government relationships at all levels Access to European Union and Portuguese government financial incentive programs7 8. Projects and ConcessionsThe second largest holder of mineral explorationrights in PortugalMontemor Gold47 km2 Flagship Project*Viana doCastelo BraganceBragaATLANTIC * Under Letter of Agreement / EML MiningOCEAN Villa Real License under application Porto Espinho Viseu Guarda Concession NameCommodity Area Coimbra Northern Portugal Pombal Penedono Gold 102 km2Tungsten & Peniche Armamar Meda218 km2 PortalegreGold Moimenta Tungsten & 566 km2 Lisboavora Almendra Gold Cascais Setubal Southern PortugalBejaCu Pb Zn Sines Santa Margarida(Ag, Au) 360 km2 do Sado OdemiraVMS deposits LagosTotal Area: ~ 1,293km2Sagres Faro 8 9. Montemor - Advanced StageGold Project Located 100 km east of Lisbon Historical work includes over 1,100 drill holes and over 500 trenches Near surface gold deposits located along a major shear zone: >30 km long Environmental base line studies by Rio Tinto (1991), metallurgical testing and open pit design by Iberian Resources Ltd (2006) and Tamaya Resources Ltd (2008) Resource estimates undertaken by or on behalf of Riofinex (1991), Iberian Resources Ltd (2004, 2005), and Tamaya Resources Ltd (2007, 2008) 9 10. Montemor Gold ProjectRegional SettingMontemor Gold ProjectMontemor-o-Novo Mining license area under applicationBanhos Casas Novas Gold deposits Chamin Gold occurrencesBraosExplorationconcession areaunder application10 11. Montemor Gold Project Soil Au (ppb) Values Deposit & Drill Hole Locations 11 12. Montemor Gold Project3D Drilling & Trenching Results12 13. Montemor Project - Selectedhistorical drill gold assay resultsCasas Novas DepositHoleInterval m Au g/tInterval m Au g/t Interval mAu g/t CNRCD028 8.04 @ 10.84includes2.74@ 30.57includes 1.44@58.10 T14724.00 @9.67includes 11.00@ 16.10includes 1.00@ 147.20 MHCN0108.94 @9.11includes2.50@ 28.95includes 0.69@92.75 T16423.15 @6.73includes5.10@ 24.48includes 1.40@81.64 T13926.70 @4.62includes7.20@ 12.41includes 1.70@50.74 MHCN001 20.78 @4.23includes4.79@ 16.32includes 1.47@34.66 T17137.40 @3.20includes4.05@ 26.14includes 0.90@69.34 MHCN002 44.74 @3.01includes5.08@ 12.55includes 0.49@ 119.06 T16255.20 @1.65includes1.55@ 16.58 T17363.95 @1.38includes2.55@ 11.54includes 0.60@20.64 T21939.53 @1.58includes 14.11@3.07includes 0.71@31.08Chamine Depositinterval m = drill intersection in metres Au g/t = gold assay results in grams/tonneHoleInterval m Au g/tInterval m Au g/t Interval mAu g/t CND00413.67 @ 13.38includes7.24@ 24.00includes 2.33@71.37 T05543.75 @9.40includes 14.60@ 16.61includes 5.60@35.03 CHD00118.14 @8.76includes 14.91@ 10.36includes 4.91@21.06 T13024.25 @6.24includes 11.30@ 12.53includes 3.55@34.64 CHRCD01036.07 @5.08includes 16.08@9.87includes 8.52@15.89 T12651.40 @2.78includes 38.60@3.34includes 5.40@ 9.89 T05332.80 @2.59includes 12.85@5.41includes 2.65@18.19 T11656.15 @2.21includes 31.60@3.07includes 3.95@10.28 T06367.80 @1.82includes 26.40@3.07includes 5.95@ 8.26 T11978.65 @1.31includes9.17@2.77includes 3.95@ 4.67 T096 112.70 @0.76includes 67.60@1.00includes 2.00@16.7313 14. Northern PortugalLocation Map of Northern Concessions Penedono Armamar - Meda Moimenta - AlmendraPortugalTabuao Numo Tungsten ProjectMarofa Muches Santo AntonioTurgueira Almendra FerronhaPenedono Gold ProjectGold - targetsTungsten - targets 14 15. Penedono Gold ConcessionExtent of known gold-bearing zones over 16 kmN Turgueira Santo Antonio areaSendim Underground GoldLegend:Gold Target a Mine (closed) VeinsRiodades Santo Antonio Mine Ferronha Area PenedenoFerronha0 5 (Km) 15 16. Penedono Gold Concession Geological Model: Intrusion Related Gold Systems similar to Alaska and Yukon 16 km long belt of widespread areas and clusters of gold-bearing quartz vein systems Historic gold mine at Santo Antonio: mined by the Romans at surface; mined underground in the 1950s, when gold was fixed at US $35 /oz, minimal modern exploration Potential for deposits of: Underground high-grade gold veins Open pit lower-grade gold zones Large gold-in-soil anomalies remain untested and vast areas have not been covered by soil surveys 16 17. Penedono Gold Concession 2008 - 2010 Drilling: Significant Gold ResultsSanto Antonio Veins: # 11 and 13: Press release April 13, 2010 Vein 11 39.67 g/t / 2.23m 180.57 g/t over 0.38m Vein #13 5.89 g/t over 8.14m 13.35 g/t / 1.41m incl. 18.37 g/t over 1.54mN 8.34 g/t over 6.74m 75.64 g/t / 0.08m incl. 14.59 g/t over 3.15m incl. 7.00 g/t over 1.39m 15.31 g/t / 1.80m incl. 24.05 g/t over 1.87m incl. 15.04 g/t over 1.00m incl. 34.40 g/t over 0.87mVein #11 Vein 13 75.64 g/t over 0.08m 5.89 g/t / 8.14mincl. 18.37 g/t / 1.54m39.67 g/t over 2.23m incl. 59.99 g/t over 1.47m 8.34 g/t / 6.74mincl. 87.04 g/t over 1.00mincl. 14.59 g/t / 3.15m13.35 g/t over 1.41m incl. 26.56 g/t over 0.56m180.57 g/t / 0.38m 15.31 g/t over 1.80m 100m incl. 35.34 g/t over 0.75m17 18. Penedono Gold ConcessionTurgueira Near Surface Gold Target: currently being drilled Historic Significant Gold ResultsGreisen alteration zoneDDH PTU04~ 600m x ~ 130m30m @ 0.79 g/t Au includes 10 m @ 1.51 g/t AuTrench T612m @ 0.85 g/t AuTrench T7PTU04 52m @ 0.64 g/t AuTrench T1includes52m @ 0.50 g/t Au Quartz veins 17m @ 1.12 g/t Auincludes14m @ 1.10 g/t AuPTU01 DDH PTU06 PTU02PTU07PTU06 39m @ 0.93 g/t Au PTU05Trench T2includes PTU0351m @ 1.01 g/t Au26m @ 1.23 g/t Auincludes13m @ 2.70 g/t Au18 19. Dilution Destroys Shareholder ValueHarvestingthe value of ourTungsten andBase Metal Assets19 20. TungstenA metal in short supply and high demandTungsten APT Spot (MBWOEUFM:IND) US$ / mtu Period: Feb. 2010 to Feb. 2011Source: Bloomberg.com20 21. Tabuao Tungsten ProjectTungsten bearing skarns were discovered bygovernment geologists south of the Tabuaoarea in the 1970s Mineralization at Tabuao consists of gentlydipping, well-developed skarn horizons, up to19 m thick, with significant scheelite (CaWO4)In 1981-1982, a SPE/BRGM consortiumdrilled 6 holes leading to a historical resource*(not NI 43-101 compliant) at Tabuao of: ~1 million tons grading 0.87% WO3 Best intersection includes:19.35m @ 1.18% WO3* The historical resource is based on very limited drilling. A qualified personhas not done sufficient work to classify the historical estimate as currentmineral resources or mineral reserves. The company is not treating thehistorical estimate as current mineral resources or mineral reserves. Thehistorical estimate should not be relied upon.21 22. Armamar - Meda ConcessionColt drill result highlights to date SkarnInterval* WO3% Hole Incl. (deg)From (m) To (m)Horizon(m)(avg.) DHT-01B -90 upper 7.1011.85 4.750.52 main 19.1537.9518.80 0.73includes24.1827.18 3.00 1.14includes29.1836.00 6.82 0.96 DHT-02-90 main 52.6066.2013.60 0.93Highlightsincludes57.9562.95 5.00 1.44after 9 holedrill program DHT-05-90 main 16.9526.65 9.70 0.38 Press release DHT-06-90 main 12.6417.82 5.18 0.34 June 14, 2010 DHT-08-90 main 42.4054.4012.00 0.60includes42.4047.75 5.35 1.09 DHT-09-45 main 93.60 115.2021.60 0.54includes99.00 104.00 5.00 0.88* Downhole intervalNear Term OutlookDefinition Drilling - Oct. 2010 to April 2011Preliminary metallurgical test work - Sept. 2010 to Feb. 2011Resource Estimate & Pre-feasibility work - 2011 22 23. Santa Margarida do SadoLocation relative