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<ul><li><p>Color Wheel Tool helps you to choose right color for matspicture frame</p><p>There are various techniques that are present today which professionals employ to shorten the</p><p>process of choosing the right color for frames, especially matting. A color wheel is great tool to</p><p>make correct decision about the right color to choose. With this color wheel artist and framer can</p><p>choose the correct color for their Mat or color for other components of the frame</p><p>A color wheel also known as color circle is a pictorial representation of colors arranged</p><p>according to their chromatic relationship. </p><p>Primary Colors: They are the basic color and are used to create other by mixing them together </p><p>Secondary Colors: They are attained by mixing two primary colors</p><p>Custom Picture Framing Services Paintbox Soho </p></li><li><p>Tertiary Colors: They are achieved by mixing primary and secondary hues.</p><p>Complementary Colors: As shown below they are located opposite to each other on a color</p><p>wheel.</p><p>Analogous Colors: Colors that are located close together on a color wheel are analogous colors.</p><p>Active &amp; Passive colors</p><p>A color wheel can be further divided into ranges that represent active or passive color. When</p><p>passive color are placed against active colors they seem to advance and passive colors seem to</p><p>recede</p><p>Custom Picture Framing Services Paintbox Soho </p></li><li><p> Hues that are advancing have less visual weight than the ones that are receding. Warm, saturated, light value hues are "active" Cool, low saturated, dark value hues are "passive" Tints or hues with a low saturation appear lighter than shades or highly saturated colors. Some colors remain visually neutral or indifferent.</p><p>Color Relationships</p><p>They are represented on a color triangle on a color wheel </p><p>Painters Triangle: In this red, blue and yellow are primary hues. This triangle is most often</p><p>used in art classes</p><p>Printers Triangle: This color is used in printing process and magenta, cyan, and yellow are</p><p>primary hues.</p><p>Custom Picture Framing Services Paintbox Soho </p></li><li><p>Nine-part harmonic triangle of Goethe: They are basically printer's primaries; the secondaries</p><p>formed are the painter's primaries; and the resulting tertiaries formed are dark neutrals.</p><p>Complementary Colors</p><p>A color wheel is a great tool the see the relationship among colors. The colors that are opposite to</p><p>each other are complementary colors.</p><p>Custom Picture Framing Services Paintbox Soho </p></li><li><p>Complementary colors when used are able to bring out the best in each other. When saturated</p><p>complements are used they create vibrant and interesting effects.</p><p>For framing use color wheels to choose the right color balance between the art and framing that</p><p>surrounds it. The best idea is to identify secondary color in the art and use it as the value and</p><p>temperature of the art as a whole.</p><p>Custom Picture Framing Services Paintbox Soho </p></li></ul>