Collections of the Minisink Valley Historical Society February 1895 (1895)

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Collections of the Minisink Valley Historical Society February 1895 (1895)


<ul><li><p>UBRARY OF CONGRESS</p><p>014 113 0481</p></li><li><p>.n5 M52Copy 1</p><p>iviumSINK valley</p><p>HISTORICAL SOCIETY.</p><p>Collections</p><p>PORT JERVrS, N. Y.</p><p>FEBRUARY 1895,</p></li><li><p>M^H^:</p><p>GAZETTE JOB PRINT,Port Jervis, N. Y.</p><p>1895.</p><p>M,Y. Slave Library.</p><p>JeirOT</p></li><li><p>COLLECTIONS</p><p>OF</p><p>Minisink Valley</p><p>Historical Society.</p><p>DEEDS 30. I.DAVID BEECHER to W. W. RODNER and X. SMITH,^[ATTHIAS KEEN to TIIEO. XORTON. 2P]ENJA:\1IN ransom to MATTHIAS KEEN.PEREGRINE JONES to DAVID VAN GORDON.WM. J. MYERS t(; J. B. ROCKWELL.DAVID LEE to NATHAN SMif hV '</p><p>jjEEDSu jy:o, II,1. CORNELIUS BRINK to ANTHONY WESTBROOK,</p><p>May lotli, 1732.</p><p>2. CORNELIUS BRINK to ANTHONY WESTBR(X)K,May 31st, 1750.</p><p>3. CORNELIUS BRINK t</p></li><li><p>!MIX/SIXK I 'A L LE V</p><p>j)ei:j)S no. III.'. JOHN and SARAH C()[&gt;F.MAXto JOSHUA COLE-</p><p>]\IAX, I So I.</p><p>2. JOSHUA COLEMAN to JOSHUA V. COLEMAN, 1837.-5. PETER VAX (iORI)ER K. JOSHUA Y. COLEMAN,</p><p>..... BAPTIST CHURCH OF GREENVILLE to JOSHUAV. COLEiMAN, 1827.</p><p>S- SARAH STEVENSOX and JOSEPH KIRKBRIDE toHOLOKE DECKER, with (Tcnealogical Sketch ofDecker Familv, \-]2(^.'3itryik:d.^ L% , /^MA-^^n-^</p><p>.-".. JOSEPH KETCH AM OF DEERPARK to ABNERCORWIN OF WALLKILL. 1738.</p><p>DEEDS JSO. IV.r. JOSEPHUS WESTBROOK, CHDEON COLE, SIMEON</p><p>COLE and WILLIAM COLE to WILHELMUSAVESTBROOK, Tunc 24th, 1793.</p><p>c JAN CORTRIGHT to JOHANNES WESTFALL,June 9th, 1739,</p><p>3. THOMAS OUICK to CORNELIUS BRIXK, March i:%t,</p><p>4. CORXELIUS HORNBECK, of Rochester. Ulster LODEWICK HORNBECK. conveying- part of alead mine. 1730-</p><p>Donated by Hon. C. V. R. Lndington.</p><p>DEEDS NO. V.! STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA by GOV. MIFFLIN to</p><p>CONRAD HANSonCONASHAUGH, Dec. 5th, 1793.2. CONRAD HANS to BENJAMIN and JOHN DRAKi^.,</p><p>June 15 til, 1S16.</p></li><li><p>JIISTORICAL SOl/ETY. 5</p><p>j)Bi:ds \(). VI.1. jAMi-:s iioRTox to Roirr. waiUtH.2. sti-:phi-:x st. joiix for school iiousk\ fJ3^r&gt;^,^^Zc:^ ^;,. LI-:VI VAX ICTTEX f.u- SCHOOL \\()V</p></li><li><p>).U/N/S/XK F.l LLFA'</p><p>4. HEXJ. and WAI. CU DDICHACK to P.EXJ. DEPUY,i-eb. 6, i76</p></li><li><p>JI/SJOR/C.U. soc//:/)'. 7</p><p>jAcon DicwiTT (;rMAi:R i.. I!i:xjamix I)i:i'L'v,both (if ManuiL'ditini;-, liil\- 26II1, 1796.</p><p>noxDs 01- i:LiAS(;rMAi-:Raiui of jacoi; dicwitt(t1^mai:r. ii..ih i.f Miuiiacottin-. to pi':'ri-:R (iU--MAl-n\.. of sanu' i^lacc, Ma\- 24II1. 1771.</p><p>5-</p><p>DEEDS yo A.CORXELIUS SWAR'lAV* )UT, Ycoinan of Mamakaling,</p><p>to EZEKIEL (JUMAER, Veonnin of Maniakatino-,Jan. 31 St, 1795.</p><p>CORNELIUS S\VAR'1AV()U1\ Woman of Mamakatin.i^to ]':Z1':KII':L (iUAIAlCR. of Maniakatiny, Veonum,Mav ist, I 794.</p><p>JACOHUS SWARTWor'i'.of Maniacottm-. IMaeksmitlitoCORXELU'S SWARTWOUT. of Mainacottin--,Vcoman, Jan. 1 7tli, 1791.</p><p>l':ZEKIEL GUMAI'LR of Dccrpark, to PE TER !:. (xU-MAER, of Deerpark, April 2 7tli, iSoi.</p><p>ABRAHAM CUI)I)1</p></li><li><p>8 MlXJS/yK r.ALLEY</p><p>2. BEXJ. r'?:PUV to ^lARTIX DEPUV, Jan. 251!:. 1805.</p><p>3. BEXJ. DEPUY to PETER E.GUMAER. May 3rcl, 1805-</p><p>4. JOHX VAN ETTEX to I'ETER E (^TMAER, Sept.29th, iSoS.</p><p>5. JACOB I). ROSE to PETER E. (tUMAER, Feb. ijtb,.1807.</p><p>6. MARTIX DEPUV to PETER E. (xUMAER. Jan 24th,1S09.</p><p>7. JOHX VAX ETTEX to PETER E. OUMAER, Xov.28th. 1S09.</p><p>S. PETER GUMAER to PETER E. (iUMAER, Xov. 15th,1810.</p><p>9. CORXELIUSVAXIXWEGEXto PETER E. (iUMAERFeb. 22nd, 1S15.</p><p>10. GRAUDUS (xU.MAER to PETER E. GUMAER, Feb.20th, 1816.</p><p>11. PETER P. (tUMAER to PETER E. GUMAER, Feb.20th, 1816.</p><p>12. ESTHER HORXBEEK to PETER E. GUMAER. Apni15th, 1829.</p><p>13. SARAH GUMAER, Adin. of Jacob (nimaer, deceased, toPETER E. GUMAER, Sept. 30th, 1S2S.</p><p>14. JOHX DEPUY to PETER E. (xUMAER^Feb.,i8i5.15. LAWREXCE I. VAX KLEEK, WM. CUDDEBACK, Jr.</p><p>AXD OTHERS to PETER E. (tUMAER. PartitionDeed. April ist, 1838.</p><p>16. CAPT. ^\. VAX IXWECiEX to PETER E. (tUMAER,June 1 8th, 1836,</p><p>17. JACOB CUDDEBACK to PETER E. GU.NIAER, Dec.7th, 1829.</p></li><li><p>HISTOFICAL SOCIF/rV. 9</p><p>MISCBLLASEOVH PAPEUS,NO. 1.</p><p>LIBRARY SCRIPT OF I&gt;. E. (;UMA1:R.</p><p>ixdp:xture of afprfxticp:siiii&gt; of jamessquirrel, 1805.</p><p>sale of xegro1':s, 1791.DESCRIPTION of TOWN OF DEERPARK, sent to</p><p>Surveycr General, 182S.</p><p>LETTER OF E. NIXON.</p><p>LETTER OF LOTAN SMITH.PETITION FOR MT. HOPE AND NARROWSBURGH</p><p>TURNPIKE.</p><p>RELEASE OR DEED OF PARTITION OF LANDS,of John, Solomon and Benjamin Carpenter.</p><p>DRAFT FOR RELEASE, between Lawrence T. VanKleeck, Peter E. (nimaer and others and Stoddard.</p><p>MAP OF TRACT OF LAND OF DAXIEL GUN-SAULUS.</p><p>NO. II.</p><p>DIVISIOX OF LAXDS.</p><p>SCHOOL LAWS OF 1S51.ELIHU ALLYX'S BOXD.</p><p>SALE OF LAX I) BY WM. CUDDEBACK to SELAHGORDON.</p><p>MAPS OF GERMANTOWX.John Caskey, Martin Caskey, Richard Decker and Sam-</p><p>uel D. Caskey, Deed.</p></li><li><p>lo M/X/S/XK I'ALLKY</p><p>DEP:D of JOHN AND RICHARD PEXX to THOMASTRAVIS, 1802. Loaned to Socii-ty by Mrs. Robert Taylor.</p><p>LETTERS OF ACCEPTANCE.Hon. Wm. Bross. R. M. Stocker, Ed^'-ar ?3roacllieacl, H.</p><p>jNI. Brace, M.D.. Hcjn. AI. Schoonmaker, Rev. A. S,Gardner, Rev. R. Randall Hoes. Miss M. AI. Lawr-ence, C. O. ICllidtt, T. (7. Bunnell, Rev. A. A. Haines,Hon.L. W.Broadhead, Hon.C. H.Winfield, J.R.Oibsor.,Jr., J. D. Biddis, Dr. P. F. Fulmer. Wm. Evans. Rev.Dr. O. Talmaoe. V. M. Drake.</p><p>MILlTxVRV PAPERS.NO. I. 1796 to 1835.</p><p>NO. II.</p><p>LETTER OF CAPT. ABM. CCDDEBACK to (iEN.HAND, Jan. 28th, 1779. Donated b)- W. R. Benjamin.</p><p>JOHN VAN CAMPEN to JOSEPH REED. Prest. Ex.Council,April 24111.1780, relating to Indian Invasion.</p><p>COMMISSION OF CAPT. A.T.J( )HNSON,signed by Gov.W.L.Marcy.Jiil}' i^tli, 1836. Donated !:&gt;&gt; Mr.Johnson.</p><p>GENEALOGICAL.NO. I.</p><p>1. ANCESTRY OF JOSEPH VAN CLEFT, of New-burgh. Fi'oni Mr. \'an Cleft,</p><p>2. ANCESTRY OF S. D. HAVILAND. ..f Weslbvoolcville. From Mr. Haviland.</p><p>3. HIRAM C. CLARK'S ANCESTRY, Newton. X.From Judge Clark.</p><p>4. CHARLES F. ROCKWELL, of lionesdale. Pa.Fr()m Mr. Rockwell.</p><p>5. C. M. VAIL, of New York. From Mr. Vail.</p><p>6. REY. J. L. STILLWELL. From Mr. Stillwell.</p></li><li><p>HISTORICAL SOCIF/jy. ji</p><p>NO. II.</p><p>r. EASTON I'AMILV. Im-ohi J as. ]':a,ston.2. XEWMAN I'AMILV. Fion^ Ja.</p></li><li><p>12 M/A-JSINK VALLEY</p><p>ACT FOR ASSESSMENT AND COLLECTION OFTAXES, passed April 5th, 181 3.</p><p>DIVERS PAPERS.RECEIPTS FROM CHURCHES EOR MONEY LEFT</p><p>BY WILL OF THOMAS WHITE. Donated by Capt.Lewis vS. Wisner.</p><p>RECEIPT' OF PINCHOT.</p><p>BILL OF JAS. BARTON FOR SURVEYINfi.NOTE OF ARCHA McDANIEL.DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT OF LEWIS COR-</p><p>NELIUS OF MILFORD, PA., by Jas. Eaton. 6j[s^2\h^.PAPERS RELATING TO THE OLD DAM.PAPERS RELATING TO POOR MATTERS.MARTIN L. CORWIN PAPERS, of Mt. Hope. Deed</p><p>Will, Etc.</p><p>EARLY SETTLERS OF NEVERSINK VALLEY, byPeter E. Gumaer. Donated by Peter L. (rumaer.</p><p>HISTORY OF VALLEY by Peter E. Gumaer. Donatedby Peter L. Gumaer. </p><p>HISTORY OF RELIGIOUS SERVICES IN VALLEY.Read by Mr. Gumaer at ringing of bell, in Cudde-backville Church. Doiiated by P. L. (nimaer.</p><p>ADDRESSES'AT BI-CENTENNIAL.REV. G. TALMAGE, D.D , REV. S. W. MILLS, HON.</p><p>HIRAM C. CLARK, REV. A. A. HAINES, J. H.VAN ETTEN, C E. CUDDEBACK.</p><p>MAPS.OF TOWN OF LUMBERLAND, by C. S. Woodward.MAP OF LOTS II, 12 AND 13 OF ist DIA'ISION OF</p><p>MINISINK PATENT.</p></li><li><p>IflSTOR/CAL SOLfK'J'Y. 13</p><p>MAP OP P:XPEXSE lot no. 2, IX iMINLSIXK I'AT-]^vX'l\ by Phineas TcTy. Surveyor, and C. S. Wooa-wartl.</p><p>MAPO]' TWO LOTS OF LAXI) LX MIXISIXK..\.\ in</p><p>1st Division, and 39 in '/tli Division of MinisinkI'atent, iS[3. Pro])crty of T. H. P&gt;rantin</p></li><li><p>14</p><p>MINISINK I AILEY</p><p>PAPERS RELATING TO BRIDGES ACROSS NEV--ERSIXK RIVER, at Carpenter's I*oint and FortDewitt.</p><p>PAPERS RELATING TO DIVISION OF TOWNS OFDEERPARK, MINISINK and WALLKILL.</p><p>ASSESSMENT ROLLS.TOWN OF MAMAKATING, 1792.TOWN OF DEERPARK, 1809 to 1S25.</p><p>PAPERS ri. HESSIANS IN REVOLUTION.</p><p>All of above l)y Rev. A. A. Haines.</p><p>^^EARLY VISITORS TO MINISINK COUNTRY, by</p><p>Miss Lawrence.</p><p>S\ REMINISCENCES OF PORT JERVIS, by Dr. JohnConkling-.</p><p>6 MONTAGUE TOWNSHIP, by Hon. Martin Cole.</p><p>INTERVIEWS AND REMINISCENCES.</p><p>1. SOLOMON J. WESTBROOK.2. JOHN VAN ETTEN.3. COL. PETER CUDDEBACK.</p><p>4. JOB MAPES.</p><p>^. SILAS T. L. NORRIS.</p></li><li><p>IIISIOR/CAI. SOCIF/JY. 15</p><p>^URVKYS AND MAPS OF LANDS liYVBTiyit JJ. OU31A Eli.Donated by P. L. (iuinaer.</p><p>PACKAGE A... SURVJ':V ()! LAXI) OF lUCXJ. C'L' 1 )1 )KBACK,</p><p>THOS. VAN FLIKT. and JOIIX \'AX IN-WF(tF:N. April IS;,;.</p><p>.:. BENJ. CUI)DE15ACK, eV- CO.. March 1.S45.</p><p>3. iMOSES VAX IX\VE(;i-:X and CIIARAC A. VANINWEGEN, T^Iarch 1849.</p><p>4. PETER (i. CU DDE BACK, Wn.Il ICLMUS WICST-</p><p>BROOK and (iRAUDUS SWAR'IAVOUT, April1849.</p><p>r. MOSES VAX IXWEGEX and HARMAXUS VANINWEGEN, April i6tli, 1840.</p><p>6- MOSES VAX IX\VE(iEX and ALBERT D.SOUTHARD, Marcli 1848.</p><p>7. WILLIAM OTIS and JOHX WH ITLOCK, Xov 1848.X. COL. P. CUDDEBACK, S. CUI)D1-:BACK and P.</p><p>G, CUDDEBACK, March 1849.</p><p>9. :\lOSES VAX 1X\VE(;EX'S farm, .March 1S4S.10. JOHX S. VAX IEW1":GEX, Sept. .840.11. SOLOMOX VAX ETTEX and PICTI^R (i. CUD-</p><p>DEBACK, June 1849.</p><p>12. JOHN WHITLOCK'S EAR.M. July 1848.13. PETER G. CUDDEBACK and JOSI-MTI COXKLIN,</p><p>Nov. 1848.</p><p>14. WM. C ROSE and LEWIS JOXE.S, also JOXESand SCOFIELD. Xov. 1848.</p></li><li><p>16</p><p>J//A'/S/A A' VALLEY</p><p>15. JACOB AND SAMUEL ROSECRANS and WM.CUDDEBACK, 1S4S.</p><p>16. AARON BEEBE, May i6tli, 1848.17. JOEL WHITLOCK, ^Larch 1S48..8. JAMES H. TAYLOR and M. JONES, March 1848.19. EZEKIEL CUDDEBACK and JAMES CUDDE--</p><p>BACK, May 1847.20. DR. VAN KLEECK. May 31st, 1847.21. ROAD FOR W. C. ROSE and D. SCOFIELD, April</p><p>1847.</p><p>22. WM. N. CASE, April 1847.23. PHILIP SWARTWOUT and PETER BELCHER^</p><p>and PH. SWARTWOUT and HENRY SCOTT.Nov. -846.</p><p>24. CHARAC A. VAN INWEGEN and ELIJAHGORDEN, July 1845.</p><p>15 ROAD FROM COUNTY LINE NEAR WEST-BROOKVI LLE to Turnpike at Cuddebackville,^lay 1849.</p><p>26. WM. CUDDEBACK. (Mill Farm.) May 1 1111,1849.</p><p>27. WM. CUDDEBACK and MOSES VAN INWEGENApril 1850.</p><p>28. JOHN H. DURLAND, July 1850.29. MARTIN WHEELER and JAS. TERWILLK^ER,</p><p>Oct. 11th, 1850.</p><p>30. ALTERATION OF HIGHWAY NEAR GU-MAER'S STORE, Nov. i2tli, 1850.</p><p>31. JOSEPH CUDDEBACK and BENJ. WHITE-HEAD, Jan. 1851.</p></li><li><p>/I/STORICAL SOC/F. TV. 7</p><p>;,2. JOSHIMICUDDICI'.ACK ami niCXj. I K )RX HI'X'K</p><p>,</p><p>I-'el). \'^^\</p><p>.</p><p>:,:^. PHILIP SWARTWOUT and I'ETER (I. VAN1':TTEN. Feb. iS^t.</p><p>34. HARMON and PHILII' VAN IN\V]-:(H-:N, Aug.1851.</p><p>35. JAMES AUSTIN and WM. DoXEY.36. CARPENTER and (;E()R(;E CUDDEBACK, 1852.37. JOHN WHITLOCK, Feb. 6tli, 1S52.38. (lEO. CUDDEBACK and CARPENTER, 1852 or '53.39. CAPT. M. VAN INWEGEN, Dec. 8th, 1S53.40. CAPT. M. VAN INWEGEN, Dec. 6th, 1851.41. SOLOM(JN VAN ETTEN. Aug. 25th, 1S51.42. COL. P. CUDDEBACK and JOHN H. DURLAND,</p><p>43- LINE ON N. E. OF NEVERSINK, 1851.44. MOSES VAN INWEGEN, near Aqueduct, 1852.45. S. B. CARPENTER Sz BROTHER and GEO</p><p>CUDDEBACK, 1852.46. DAVID SWARTWOUT and OWEN, May 1854.47. ELIZOR CLARK. Huguenot, Aug-, ist, 1855.48. COL. PETER CUDDEBACK. May 1S55.49. S( )L( )M( )N VAN ETTEN, 1S56.50. (iE()R(iE CUDDEBACK. :\Iay 26th. 1856.</p><p>PACKA (H: B.BOUNDARIES OF LOTS OF LAND of Evert Van</p><p>Auken in Montague, James Bennct. WilhelniufjFredenburgh.</p></li><li><p>18</p><p>MINISINK I'ALIEY</p><p>PACKAGE C.1. HENRY VAN ETTEN and J AS. VAN ELIET,</p><p>1818.</p><p>2. SAMUEL xMERRITT and CYRUS SKINNER. April1S06.</p><p>3. TURNPIKE FROM OTIS STILL HOUSE TOESOPUS ROAD, 1825.</p><p>4. ALSOP CORWIN, Sept. 1823.</p><p>5. CAPT. HENRY VAN ETTEN, April 30th, 1819.6 GRAUUUS GUMAER, Feb 26th, 1825.7. ANDREW JOHNSON.8. TURNPIKE ROUTE from Mt. Hope and Lumber-</p><p>land Turnpike, Nov. ]2tl], 1818.</p><p>9. MINISINK AND M()NT(iOMERY TURNPIKE,June 1809.</p><p>PACKACtE D.</p><p>1. ESQUIRE REEVE. May 25111, 1836.2. WM. LOCKWOOD. VAN INWECiEN and SULLI-</p><p>VAN, 1831.</p><p>3. SAMUEL JACKSON and WM. C. ROSE.</p><p>4. SELAH GORDON, April 27lh. 1S36.</p><p>5. SYLVESTER and HENRY OUARTUS,i834,'35,-36.6. ABNER S. WELLS and EDWARD NORRIS, 1S36.</p><p>7. HENRY CASE, March 1837.8. ROAD FROM MINISINK AND MONTCxOMERY</p><p>TURNPIKE to DAVID SWARTWOUT'S, andlines of Philip and David Swartwout, Feb. 1838.</p></li><li><p>//IS7VFIC.U, sociF/rv. ^9</p><p>9. STEPHEN JOIIX and I'l^TlvR 1 )l'X"k' I':R, May</p><p>10. WILLTA:\r N. CASE, Oct. tS;,8.</p><p>11. HENRY CUDDEBACK. Jan. 1838.12. J A:\IES I). SWARTWOU'P. ^[ay 1839.</p><p>13. PHn.H' SWARTWOUT, Sept. 1837.14. (iARRET D. SULLIVAN and SA^[E. STANTON</p><p>or MR. MARVIN, Feb. 1838.</p><p>15. BENJAMIN R. COMFORT, 1840.</p><p>16. WILLIAM CUDDEBACK. 1831,</p><p>PACKAGE E.1. THO:\IAS DECKER. April 1806.</p><p>2. BOUNDARIES OF 1200 ACRES, granted to JacohCuddeback and Co., May 30th. 1S04.</p><p>3. GERARDUS (iUMAER, Patent Line down Never-.sink River, Oct. 1826.</p><p>4. NELSON WHEAT, Mongaup, Nov. 1835.</p><p>5. OERARDUS CLOWS, Jan. 1S31.6. JOHN H. DURLAND, Aug. 1838.</p><p>7. MAP OF ROADS, CANALS, ETC., in School Dis-trict 14 at Monganp, July 1845.</p><p>8. ABM. J. CUDDEBACK and BENJ CUDDEBACK,Maroh 1840.</p><p>9. S. B. FARNUM AND OTHERS, for School Houseat Mongaup, April 1845.</p><p>10. JOEL L. HOVT, Port Jervis, I). !</p></li><li><p>MJX/S/.\'K I 'ALL li 3</p><p>11. LEWIS and ELI VAN INWECiEX, May 1843.12. FRANCIS KELLY, Oct. 1839.</p><p>13. ANCIENT NOTES OF CUDDEBACK PATENTSURVEY.</p><p>14. MAP OF LOT 36, isl Division of M. Patent.</p><p>15. SIMON WESTFALL, Jan. 19th, 1843.</p><p>16. GERARDUS S\VARTW()UT, Lot 45. May 1S51.17. LOTS 45 AND 46 IN 7TH DIV. OF M. PATENT</p><p>AND EXPENSE LOTS i AND 2, May 1851.J 8. MAP FOR KEEN SWARTWOUT AND OTHERS,</p><p>Nov. 1834.</p><p>19. LINE BETWEEN EXl^ENSE LOT NO. 2 ANDMOUNTAIN LOTS, April 26th, 1849.</p><p>20. I). JOHNSON and D. cV- J. CUMxMINS.21. CHARLES C. BOYD, April 1833.</p><p>PACKAGE F.1. LITTLE BINNEWATER SWAMP.April and May</p><p>1810,</p><p>2. DAVID PENNY, JOSHUA WELLS and JACOBSHIMER. 1S09.</p><p>3. HEIRS OF MAJOR DECKER. JAMES GREEN,March 181 1.</p><p>4. CORNELIUS SWARTWOUT. April 1809.</p><p>5. EVERET, Oct. 25th. 1809.</p><p>6. THOMAS HELMS AND SONS, THOMAS andBREWSTER. May 1810.</p><p>7. SA:\IUEL HAWKINS. May 1810.</p></li><li><p>JIISrORICA f. SOCJK TV. 21</p><p>y. MOSES BEERK and STEDMAN CHAPMAN, 1809.9. HENRY C. SMITH, DAVH) </p></li><li><p>2 2 MINJS/NK VALLEY</p><p>g. MIOSES VAN TNWECxEN and U. c^' H. CANAL,Jan. 1840.</p><p>10. D. &amp; H. CANAL CO. and SIMEON CUDDEBACK,v^ept. 1848.</p><p>u. n. cV' H. CANAL on I). SWARTWOUT'S LAND,.July 1S56.</p><p>12. D. &amp; H. CANAL crossing vS. CUDDERACK'SLAND, 1848.</p><p>13. JOHN B. BOOTH and JOSHUA PENNY, 1823." HOYT and JOSEPH CHATTLE.</p><p>PACKAGE H.1. MAP of LOT 37, Div, Minisink Patent, E. H.</p><p>Pendleton, ]\Iarch 1S47.</p><p>2. UNDIVIDED LAND ALONG NEVERSINKRIVER, Jersey Claim Line. Van Etten. H.Cuddeback, P. E. Gumaer. L. Van Kleeck, P. Cud-deback, Stoddard. William Cuddeback, 1835 1838.</p><p>3. BOUNDARIES OF SUB-DIVISION LOTS IN LOT37. Lots I 10. Pendleton Rogers, June 1847.</p><p>4. DESCRIPTION OF LAND, TIMBER, ETC., in Lot37, I St Div. Minisink Patent. N. Pendleton Roger.s,</p><p>1847.</p><p>5. MAP of SUB-DIVISION LOTS 5-8, in Lot 37, istDiv. M. Patent and Cogdill's Survey, June 1847.</p><p>6. SURVEY of LOT 37, for sub-dividing into lots-Field Book, June 1847.</p><p>7. LOT 37. LOT 36, March 1847.S. LOT 37 and SUB-DIVISION of Lot 5.</p></li><li><p>JUSTOR/CAI, SOLfE'J'Y. 23</p><p>9. MINUTES MADE FOR Jl'IxlE IMCXDLICTOX,March 1847.</p><p>10. CALEB CLARK'S LOT. Lot Xo..:;, 6th Div. Min.</p><p>Patent.</p><p>PACKAGE ].1. PHILIP VAX IXWECxEX and JOHN CISCO, Any.</p><p>1 840.</p><p>2. PETER SWARTWOUT. Map.'^. 1809 and 1810.3. COL. PETER P. SWARTWOUT, Auo-. 1853.4. BONA-FIDE PURCHASE LINE. Map.5. ROAD FRO:\I PORT JERVIS TO FOREST-</p><p>BURGH ROAD, Nov. 1836.6. I). SWARTWOUT'S MAP. Purchase from Farris.7. MAP OF SUB-DIVISION OF LOT 37, Division</p><p>in M. Patent.</p><p>8. SURVEYS OF UNDEVIDED LANDS. 1835 and ':^6.</p><p>9. MAP.Graudns (niraaer. E. H. Cuddeback. WilliamCuddeback, P. E, Gumaer, Ezekiel and Peter Gu-maer, I. (iiimaer, Jr., H. Cuddeback, Cor. Cudde-back.</p><p>10. MAP OF VAN KLEECK'S FARM, July 1841.</p><p>ri. DESCRIPTION OF EXPENSE LOT No. 2, by Esq.Terry.</p><p>12. DESCRIPTION OF EXPENSE LOT No. 2, by .Mr.Felch.</p><p>13. BOUNDARIES OF EXPEXSI-: LOT No. 2, fromGen. Street's Bf-ok, rS36.</p></li><li><p>2 4 MFNISfNK VALLEY</p><p>PACKAGE J.1. MAP OFLANDS INJURED BY DELAWARE &amp;</p><p>HUDSON CANAL CO.. and sent to Lecrislature,Feb. 1834.</p><p>2. ^L\P OF OLD DAM, and Jacob Cudd...</p></li></ul>