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A quick tutorial on opening Collaborate.


  • 1. Blackboard Collaborate By Carla Sensing

2. Pick the course that Collaborate will be used in. 3. Hover over the Elluminate Live! nugget and click on the pencil. 4. Click on Add Session to book the day and time that you want to record. 5. 1. Give your recording a title. 2. Put in the date and time. **You must use EST in this area** 3. When you click Save to Calendar it will show in MST 6. How early do you want students to access the Blackboard Collaborate Session before the start time? 00 min. 15 min. 30 min. 45 min. 60 min. 7. 1. Manual Recording vs Automatic Recording 8. Now your Collaborate Session is ready for recording day. On the day you will record, you can access your session either in the Elluminate Live! nugget or through the calendar. 9. After clicking the link in the calendar you will see this next, and click on Launch Meeting 10. When using Google Chrome, you will see the following warning at the bottom of the browser. Collaborate is a SAFE program to run, so click on Keep. Then you will see Meeting.jnlp, click on this link to open the Collaborate meeting. If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer, then you will see box, asking if you want to run Blackboard Collaborate, click on Run. 11. It will take a few minutes for Java to run and the program to begin. You will know you are ready when you see the whiteboard with the instructor screen on the left side.