CLUSTER 4 Elementary Science Fair 2010 - . Science/Science Fair... · Earth Science Eva Garcia…

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<ul><li><p>Category Student's Name Project Title Grade Campus Rank</p><p>Earth Science Javier Perez Juice it Up! 5 Putegnat 1</p><p>Earth Science Ramiro Ramirez Standing Up to Hurricanes 5 Resaca 2</p><p>Earth Science Mark Perez Cleanup Drills for Oil Spills 5 Resaca 3</p><p>Earth Science Rolando Flores Pampering the Earth 5 Longoria 4</p><p>Earth Science Gemma Medina Just Go With the Flow 5 Putegnat 5</p><p>Earth Science Carlos Rodriguez Go Green with H2O Filtration 5 Pullam 6</p><p>Earth Science Halle Penrod Earth Shake 5 Yturria 7</p><p>Earth Science Eva Garcia Vanishing H20 5 Longoria 8</p><p>Earth Science Sarai Benitez Ice with a Chance of Clouds 5 Soutmost 9</p><p>Earth Science Jazmyne Soto The Green Effect 5 Putegnat 10</p><p>Life Science Joanna Navarro Rolling Along 5 Longoria 1</p><p>Life Science Valerie Garza Extracting Plant DNA 5 Del Castillo 2</p><p>Life Science Desiree Rivera I Believe I Can Fly! 5 Yturria 3</p><p>Life Science Luciano Ramos Leaping Lizard Looking for an Appropriate Environment</p><p>5 Resaca 4</p><p>Life Science Ismael Mendieta It All Adds Up 5 Putegnat 5</p><p>Life Science Eduardo Larrazolo Seed Explosion 5 Pullam 6</p><p>Life Science Juan Carlos Valdez Color Me Up! 5 Putegnat 7</p><p>Life Science Kaylyn Moreno Water Works 5 Putegnat 8</p><p>Life Science Joseph Tabalao Effect of different pH on the growth of flowering plants</p><p>5 Yturria 9</p><p>Life Science Jorge Caballero Dirty Hands Be Gone 5 Pullam 10</p><p>Physical Science Jesus Bolado Drive to Friction Frenzy 5 Resaca 1</p><p>Physical Science Ramces Mendoza Water Electrolysis 5 Putegnat 2</p><p>Physical Science Nicolas Bodden Caution! Hot! 5 Pullam 3</p><p>Physical Science Alexa Cascos Don't Do the Crime If You Can't Do the 5 Southmost 4</p><p>Physical Science Catherine Horn Fluid Viscosity 5 Villa Nueva 5</p><p>Physical Science Wendy Ortiz Power in te Seeds! 5 Longoria 6</p><p>Physical Science Karen Escobedo Supercool Water! 5 Southmost 7</p><p>Physical Science Dania Muoz Aceitoso amanecer! 5 Putegnat 8</p><p>Physical Science Esmeralda Loera What happened to Lincoln? 5 Putegnat 9</p><p>Physical Science Victor Reyes Bounce, Bounce, Bounce 5 Longoria 10</p><p>Team ProjectsValerie Serrata</p><p>Anna AlvarezCancer! To Burn or Not to Burn 5 Pullam 1</p><p>Team Projects</p><p>Anthony Antinorri</p><p>Kate Luna</p><p>Larissa Sanchez</p><p>Too Much Weight 5 Villa Nueva 2</p><p>Team Projects</p><p>Justin Lozano</p><p>Michael Ponce</p><p>Juan Aldape</p><p>Whatcha ya Eating? 5 Longoria 3</p><p>Team Projects</p><p>Miranda Campos</p><p>Jasmine Gomez</p><p>Sarahi Perales</p><p>Oily Situation 5 Del Castillo 4</p><p>Team ProjectsMiguel Cortez</p><p>Abraham LeijaGrowing Write 5 Del Castillo 5</p><p>Team Projects</p><p>Jose Garcia</p><p>Mario Davila</p><p>Pablo Perales</p><p>The Last Best Breath 5 Longoria 6</p><p>CLUSTER 4</p><p>Del Castillo/Longoria/</p><p>Pullam/Putegnat/Resaca/</p><p>Southmost/Victoria Hts/</p><p>Villa Nueva/Yturria</p><p>Elementary Science Fair 2010</p></li><li><p>Team Projects</p><p>Ayram Camila Aguilar</p><p>Karen Mendiola</p><p>Jacqueline Martinez</p><p>Eres Fertil? 5 Putegnat 7</p><p>Team ProjectsNoe Barboza</p><p>Gabriela HinojosaMake Your Heart Beat! 5 Pullam 8</p><p>Team Projects</p><p>Angelina De La </p><p>Fuente</p><p>Estefania Arano</p><p>Cassandra Cruz</p><p>Nature's Water Cleaner 5 Putegnat 9</p><p>Team ProjectsSamantha Padilla</p><p>Elaine BarreraVeggie Power: Potatoes vs Limes 5 Pullam 10</p></li></ul>


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