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<ol><li> 1. Cleveland Big Wheel Relay Signature Event Highlights Event website: 2016 Revenue: $30,547.50 Media Highlights: - The Plain Dealer, Friday Magazine, Friday, June 24th , 2016 - News Channel 3 - Fox 8 and Channel 5 also came out during race day to interview and cover the event. - Omni Media sign on West 25th Street Board of Director Participation: over 52% Volunteers: Recruited 26 new volunteers to the event. Held volunteer orientation 2 weeks prior to event. Qualitative Feedback: 6/28/16: Hi Sara, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work organizing and planning this event. This was our first year participating and our family had so much fun! Also, I wanted to let you know that the volunteers working the face painting table were outstanding. They were wonderful with our kids. I cannot say enough good things about them. It is so good to see young men and women dedicating their time to such a worthy cause. I wish I would have given them our phone numbers because they were so amazing with our kids. Thanks again and congratulations on such a huge success! Sincerely, Anonymous 6/28/16 Good morning Sara, I hope this message finds you well this morning. I wanted to tell you thank you for allowing me to have an awesome time at the Big Wheel Relay. What a great idea for a fundraiser! Thank you for the volunteer (anonymous). She was very helpful and did a great job of giving me details. She describe the runners, from colorful hair rollers, ballerina and wigs. I do not think I miss anything! I have a T shirt, brought a power ball (energy), and had a chicken taco and pineapple drink. I even had an opportunity to spin the wheel and won a very nice prize bag! To top it off, I had an opportunity to see the big wheel that was used in the relay and take a picture. I hope Cleveland Hearing &amp; Speech Center was able to reach their goal. Take care and once again thank you for letting (anonymous) assist me while attending the Big Wheel Relay and hope to see you next year. </li><li> 2. Sincerely, Anonymous Comment in Survey My sister in law has a son who wears hearing aids. She has not previously worked with the group, but when she asked staff for information, they were very happy to help her. We felt very welcomed, and appreciated by the staff. They thanked us for attending multiple times and their gratitude was touching. The event was organized, family friendly, FUN, and I am so happy we were able to be part of it! Thanks for all you do! Demonstrated Growth: Fundraising: 2015 Total 2016 Total Overall Growth $25, 280 $30,440 $5,160+ (20% growth) Estimated # of Gifts 2015 Estimated # of Gifts 2016 Overall Growth 355 426 71 new donors (20% growth) Number of Donors 2015 Number of Donors 2016 Overall Growth 315 363 48 more donors (15%) Social Media: Facebook Likes June 1, 2015 Facebook Likes June 30, 2015 Overall Growth June 2015 248 likes 259 likes 11 new likes (4% growth) Facebook Likes June 1, 2016 Facebook Likes June 30, 2016 Overall Growth June 2016 353 likes 409 likes 71 new likes (15% growth) Facebook Likes June 30, 2015 Facebook Likes June 30, 2016 Overall Growth 259 likes 409 likes 150 more likes (57% growth) </li></ol>


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