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An overview of Claxton's industry-leading line of subsea and offshore camera systems


  • Great Yarmouth - Main Base

    ClaxtonBureside HouseNorth River RoadGreat YarmouthNorfolk, NR30 1TAUK

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    ClaxtonTern Place House, Tern PlaceBridge of DonAberdeenScotlandAB23 8JX

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    ClaxtonPO Box 262490Jebel Ali Free ZoneGate 5, South SideFZS1 ALO5Dubai

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  • Contents

    Since being founded in 1985 Claxton has earned an

    enviable reputation for service and responsiveness

    in fact a recent survey of our customers found that

    these two things set us apart from the competition.

    Our camera range is just one example of this customer focus in

    action: We have supplied world-class cameras for over 12 years and

    in response to the issues faced by clients, weve continually adapted

    and improved our range to meet their needs.

    We have several pioneering products in our camera range and these

    are offered alongside a deep range of engineering and services for

    subsea and land operations so customers can be sure that our

    cameras really benefit from Claxtons 25 years of oilfield experience.

    The result is that our cameras are rugged, field-proven and available

    for rapid call-off because thats what our clients told us they need.

    We hope that you find this brochure useful and look forward to

    hearing from you soon.

    Warm regards,

    Dannie ClaxtonTechnical Director

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    About Acteon 03

    Our Camera Range 04

    CamScan 06

    MultiCam 08

    Crane Boom 10

    Low Light 12

    Case Studies 14

    ROV Cameras 16


    Claxton cameras arerugged, field-proven andavailable for rapid call-off because thats what ourclients told us they need.

  • Claxton, an Acteon company, leads theway in engineering and services for jack-upenvironments. We combine experiencedproject engineering and design teamswith a large rapid call-off inventory to solveour clients operating challenges withextraordinary pace.

    About Claxton

    An Acteon Company...Acteon has an outstanding portfolio of complementaryproducts and services for the subsea marketplace.The experience shared by Acteon companies opensthe opportunity for a fresh approach to subseaoperations and services.

    To find out more about how Acteon companies canwork together to deliver a fresh approach to youroperating needs, visit

    25 Years of ServiceClaxton has been working in the North Sea since1985. Since then weve grown from a familybusiness to become a flagship in the Acteon group and worked on projects from the first-ever riglessabandonment, to world-beating 12,200psi risertechnology.

    Some names you might recognise:


  • Custom supply optionsIn addition to the products in this brochure, we also offer

    multiple supply options to suit your application for

    instance, we have slim-bore and zoom variants of CamScan

    cameras, and can engineer cost effective brackets for

    mounting cameras on equipment.

    Our cameras a glance

    CamScanA robust pan & tilt downhole camerawith LED lighting, high image quality.

    See page 6

    MultiCamA full-function disposable camera formonitoring installation operations.

    See page 8

    Crane BoomAllows crane operators to monitor thearea around their load. CraneCam isEEx rated and enhances crane safety.

    See page 10

    Ultra Low LightOur low-light camera operates effectivelydown to 0.0003 lux, providing maximumvisibility in the poorest conditions.

    See page 12

    Learn more at: Tel: +44 (0)1493 744500 0504

    Claxton sells more than just camera systems.

    Having over two decades of working subseaunder our belt, we understand thechallenges operators face on their projects,the harsh treatment our equipment mustwithstand and the visual performanceneeded to make decisions.

    Its thanks to this experience that our camerasystems are among the best you can findanywhere.

    Bespoke mountingbrackets

    Slimbore cameramodules

    Zoom cameras

    EEx housings

    Options include:

  • Cam


    CamScanA best-in-class feature packed pan and tiltdownhole camera with LED lighting.

    Learn more at: Tel: +44 (0)1493 744500

    CamScan has proved to be invaluable for visualinspection operations, earning an enviable record ofsuccessful downhole operations. The system has beenused for wellbore trouble shooting, fishing operationsand the inspection of landing shoulders, seal areas andtieback threads. CamScan is also ideal during subseainstallation operations such as template landing, pilerunning and jacket location.

    Product Features Operates in water depths up to 2,000m

    High-resolution, high-sensitivity camera

    Operates in low light levels of 0.03 lux

    360 pan, 180 tilt

    Digital recording to tape

    Easy JPEG and MPEG data transfers.

    Key Benefits Rapid setup time & easy operation

    Suitable for multiple applications

    High power light mode improves visibility inpoor conditions

    Compact lightweight system

    Standard file formats for easy transfer.

    Claxton pioneered the use of LEDlighting in offshore cameras enabling high powered lighting in asmall camera body


    CamScan specifications

    Housing 316 Stainless Steel, Optical Acrylic Dome

    Environmental 2,000m depth

    Image Sensor Colour CCD 752(H) 582(v)

    Resolution 400 TV Lines

    Sensitivity 0.03 lux (f1.4 / f1.2)

    Optical 3.6/6mm lens

    Video Format PAL (mpeg file output)

  • Learn more at: Tel: +44 (0)1493 744500


    amMultiCamDisposable camera systems withindispensable performance.

    Operations dictate it is often preferable to leave itemssubsea rather than to incur retrieval costs - Claxtondesigned MultiCam to meet this need while maintainingthe high visual performance associated with moreexpensive systems.

    Multiple cameras can be used to monitor stab guidesand other key areas to ensure a safe and accurateinstallation and to verify that infrastructure has beensuccessfully locked down.

    Product Features Multiple cameras and lights can operate fromone system

    Small form factor enables installation in tightlocations

    High performance camera modules.

    Key Benefits Easily operated and rapid set up

    Maximum visibility in poor conditions (camera inclose proximity to point of interest)

    Bespoke camera mounting brackets

    Standard file formats for easy transfer.MultiCams small form makesit ideal to monitor installation intight locations


    MultiCam specifications

    Housing 316 Stainless Steel, Soda-lime glass port

    Environmental 400m depth (standard)

    Image Sensor Colour CCD 752(H) 582(v)

    Resolution 600 TV Lines

    Sensitivity 0.1 lux (f2.0)

    Optical 3.6mm lens

    Video Format PAL (mpeg file output)

  • Learn more at: Tel: +44 (0)1493 744500



    mCrane BoomThe Claxton crane boom camera makescrane operations safer.

    The Claxton crane boom camera is designed to assistcrane operators in ensuring the safe movement of loadseven in blind locations - making crane operation saferand faster.

    The system, built using the same robust technology asour industry-leading subsea and downhole cameras,can be installed on virtually any type of crane operating inany environment.

    Product Features Best-in-class 312:1 zoom capability

    EEx rated modules provided for controlled zone,or cross zone applications

    High-resolution daylight viewable LCD monitor

    Custom designed pivot bracket and dampingsystem maintains a steady view of the work site.

    Key Benefits Unmatched visual performance - class leadingzoom capability and high quality monitor system

    Simple operation and easy set up

    Used in daylight and low light levels withoutadjustment

    Straightforward interface with existing crane design

    Field proven in harsh North Sea rig environments.

    A robust damper enablesCraneCam to maintain a smooth

    view of the work area


    Crane Boom specifications

    Housing Stainless Steel, Soda-lime glass port

    Environmental Weatherproof IP68 & ATEX options

    Image Sensor Colour CCD 752(H) 582(v)

    Resolution 450 TV Lines

    Sensitivity 3 lux (F1.8) colour, 0.12lux mono

    Optical 25x Zoom lens, f5.4 to 64.8mm, F1.8-2.7

    Video Format PAL

  • Learn more at: Tel: +44 (0)1493 744500


    t A state of the art camera module providesvisual clarity in nearly pitch-black conditionsand deep water environments.The Claxton Ultra Low Light camera works effectively inconditions where light is poor or the sea is murky. Usinga light source in water with a large amount of particulatematerial normally results in bloom as the particles reflectthe light. Our system negates this issue by eliminating theneed for high powered lighting.

    Product Features Effective in light levels down to just 0.0003 LUX

    Camera module rated to 3,000m (300bar)

    Robust, easy operation control unit

    Fully field-proven system components.

    Key Benefits Ideal for low-clarity waters, such as those in theNorth Sea

    Reliable visual performance for applicationswhere silt is stirred up during operations

    Standard file formats for easy transfer.

    A state of the art CCD enablesclear vision in conditions too darkfor most cameras

    Ultra Low Light


    Low Light Camera specifications

    Housing Stainless Steel, Soda-lime glass port

    Environmental 3,000m

    Image Sensor Mono CCD

    Resolution 570 TV Lines

    Sensitivity 0.0003 lux

    Optical 23.6mm lens

    Video Format PAL (mpeg file output)

  • Learn more at: Tel: +44 (0)1493 744500 15

    CamScan provesvital to successfultiebackCamScans powerful combination of high-spec featuresand quality visual performance has made it the de factocamera of choice for tieback operations.

    The Problem A tieback operation had been halted due tosuspected dropped objects downhole in KilmarWells 43/22-1 and 43/22-2.

    The Solution Claxton mobilized a CamScan system with LEDinternal lights to provide strong illumination andmaximum visibility

    CamScan was deployed downhole and the operatorused the pan and tilt function of the camera toquickly locate the position and orientation of junk forsubsequent fishing operations.

    The Result The camera provided vital visual feedback andclear images of the location and nature of theobjects

    CamScan was instrumental in inspecting thetieback threads and checking for further debristhroughout the tieback campaign

    Following the deployment of CamScan the tiebackwas completed successfully.

    Actual output from CamScan projects

    MultiCam verifieswell installationIts often the case that simple, robust solutions can usurpmore sophisticated systems as MultiCam proved on arecent project providing visual verification beyond thereach of an ROV.

    A client had seven subsea Xmas trees to install as part ofthe Callanish and Brodgar Field developmentprogram. However due to access limitations, an ROVcould not be used to verify the installation. Views wererequired at the following locations

    Wellhead lockdown indicator

    Flow line hub lockdown indicator

    Guide post engagement

    In order to provide the necessary verification, Claxtonsupplied a suite of low cost MultiCam systems andmounting brackets to monitor these key locations.


    Case studies

    The Problem High currents and low Subsea visibility, at timesless than 3, restricted ROV capability and riskeddelays in the completion programme

    Viewing angles unobtainable using an ROV due toaccess constraints

    The cameras had to be mounted withoutresorting to direct modification of the trees.

    The Solution Simple unidirectional cameras mounted on the treestructure to provide positive confirmation of theindicators actuation

    Claxton designed a fully extendable, fullyadjustable mounting bracket that clamped to theexisting structure

    A weak link system enabled the umbilical to beretrieved and the camera/light assemblies to stay inplace on the tree once the installation was verified.

    The Result All camera assemblies functioned successfully andprovided the expected data without any loss of time

    The Xmas tree assembly was installed successfullywithout delays.

  • Learn more at: 17

    The Bowtech Explorer EXTREME underwater CCDcamera is the first to offer better than SIT performance,without the need for an image intensifier, through use ofCooled BIT EMCCD technology. Contact Seatronics formore information.

    Ultra Low Light sensitivity 1 x 10-5 lux

    High resolution monochrome 576TVL

    Solid state better than SIT performance

    Low through life costs

    No sensor burn or image smear

    Cooled BIT EMCCD

    Ultra Low Light (Cooled BIT EMCCD)underwater monochrome camera

    Also available fromSeatronicsDTR 100Z ADF night and day explosion proofunderwater colour TV camera.

    The DTR 100Z ADF explosion proof camera offers a 10xoptical zoom with a tilt/rotate viewing head and verycompact dimensions (OD 120mm, L 265mm). Suitablefor applications in an explosive risk environment.

    AquaVision Explorer (Near SIT Low Light)underwater monochrome camera.

    The Bowtech EXPLORER low light level, high resolution,underwater monochrome CCD camera, is the idealsolution for extremely low light level underwater viewingand navigation, yet still produces excellent images in highintensity illumination.

    AquaVisionExplorer Extreme

    Seatronics, a sister company toClaxton in the Acteon Group, suppliesa range of subsea electronic marineequipment. This includes a range ofROV cameras complemented bysurveying equipment. Claxton andSeatronics regularly share our cameraexpertise to ensure clients benefitfrom our joint experience.

    What follows is a small sample of whatSeatronics can offer, learn more

    Seatronics offers Bowtechs Surveyor High Definition(HD) underwater colour zoom camera utilises Sonyslatest block camera incorporating 1/3 inch HD CMOSCCD giving exceptional picture quality.

    High Definition 10:1 optical ooom

    1080i/720p HD

    Component output

    HD-SDI option

    6000m titanium housing


    underwater colour zoom camera

    rough cutout

    ROV cameras


  • Great Yarmouth - Main Base

    ClaxtonBureside HouseNorth River RoadGreat YarmouthNorfolk, NR30 1TAUK

    T: +44 (0) 1493 744500E: [email protected]


    ClaxtonTern Place House, Tern PlaceBridge of DonAberdeenScotlandAB23 8JX

    T: +44 (0) 1224 452371E: [email protected]


    ClaxtonPO Box 262490Jebel Ali Free ZoneGate 5, South SideFZS1 ALO5Dubai

    T: +971 4 8863540E: [email protected]