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  • 1. Open, Convert, Use The Citadel Open Data ecosystem
  • 2. What is Citadel? Citadel is a project co-funded by the EC To create a common European open data ecosystem To allow apps to be used in different cities To make it easy to open up data (for cities) To make it easy to use this data (for citizens and developers ) Not only through standards, but through easy and usable tools as well Open Convert Use
  • 3. Open Many governments are opening up data Citadel focuses on cities Strong links with local community But often lack in ICT budgets or know how (small cities) Strong demand for Open Data!!
  • 4. Benefits Inform Allergies? Make it visible which trees will need to be cut soon Remarkable trees Engage citizens to identify risks, diseases Crowd-source the information in a timely manner Fun
  • 5. What took us so long? We dont check each tree every week We dont want to provide data that is inaccurate We dont have the exact geo-location for every tree. We dont know what the best format is to do so
  • 6. CSV The Swiss army knife of open data simple common non-proprietary easy to export (from Ecxel) readable
  • 7. CSV CSV doesnt always cut it Different delimiters (tabs, semicolons, commas) F. Mercury; musician F. Mercury; Musician Encoding hell (Greek characters?) Different line endings on different operating systems Often has markup, subtitles, etc No semantics (which column names are used in France?)
  • 8. JRC Forest Map 2000. Source: EC-JRC FRC Unit (
  • 9. Open Convert Use
  • 10. Platform concept Open Anyone can do it: publishing Excel files is a good start Convert Converter tools transform and publish CSV/Excel files (the majority of datasets) as live JSON files Use The App Generator Tool allows you to immediately use selected datasets
  • 11. ODC architecture
  • 12. Converter development Version 1: on-line PHP Test concept with partners and cities Quick & dirty, but very simple to understand Version 2: off-line Java More complex semantic functions More stable development, possible batch use Version 3: on-line Java Anytime, anywhere
  • 13. Demo Converter Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 14. Interaction with Cities Enthusiastic reaction (we got something right) 16 datasets converted over winter holidays Empowering civil servants as co-designers Experimenting with prototypes, betas Motivating for data quality Seeing the process end-to-end
  • 15. Ecosystem development Converter enhancements Adaptations to convert other datasets New templates New templates can be developed for different data structures (eg socio-economic data) Dataset enhancements Rich datasets (eg containing links in text fields) can link to external functionalities (ie reservations)
  • 16. Next Steps Mobile access Integration with AGT for on-the-fly conversions Support on-going day-to-day use Save semantic mappings for re-use Support batch processing Integrate with AGT dataset listings Continue co-design with pilots
  • 17. Open Convert Use
  • 18. Citadel lifecycle Open Convert Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014 Use
  • 19. Data (re-)use Thousands of datasets are published every day by public and private sources in different formats in many different domains Is there any value in publishing them? Is it worth the effort/cost? How are they used? Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 20. Citadel approach Make it easy to publish data Make it easy for people to use data Quick and simple apps Increase the citizens innovation potential Demonstrate the value of the dataset Apps that can be used in different cities Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 21. How this is achieved Mobile application templates (for different types of data) Parking Events in the city Points of Interest in the city Crowd-sourcing Information Environmental Data Application Generation Tool 4 steps to create an app Citadel Hub Documentation, resources, discussion forum Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 22. Citadel Mobile Application Templates Common template features: HTML5, jQuery mobile, php ( + mysql) Datasets in common JSON format Environmental uses Xively feeds 'Near-me' functionality using HTML5 geo-location feature Map and list views Category based filtering All categories loaded dynamically Back end functionality for storage Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 23. Parking places Information about the parking lots in a city List of total/available parking places List of places for disabled's people vehicles Variation: On-Street parking Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 24. Events in the city Different event categories: festivals, exhibitions, presentations, etc. Detailed description of each event: time, place, fees, transportation, pictures Filter by date Add to favorites Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 25. Points of Interest (PoIs) in the city Different categories of PoIs: museums, hotels, restaurants, etc. Filtering function Detailed description of each PoI Voting mechanism Add to favorites Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 26. User-generated PoIs or crowd-sourced information Add new PoI functionality Different categories of user-generated PoIs Detailed description of each user-generated PoI Add to favourites Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 27. Environmental data Xively feeds Environmental data for different locations (simulation of live feeds for Athens and Manchester). Available sensors shown on the map Detailed page shows environmental data for each sensor (including historical data) Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 28. Demo AGT Data Days 2014, Ghent, 18 Feb 2014
  • 29. Application Generation Tool Screenshots 1/2 Data Days 2014, Ghen