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  • c i ta d e L d i g i ta l a g e n c y

    a cul ture of th inkers and makers

  • WE GET RESULTSwe combine data with storytel l ing to make brands more shareable, more prof i table, and more valuable

  • OUR TEAMjustin daviscreat ive director

    amanda davismanaging director

    dominic mol loytraff ic director

  • cat womackart director

    ashley taylormarket ing director

  • SO




    R C



  • Construct ion & Restorat ion - Abbotts F i re and Flood Restorat ion,

    Servicemaster F i re and Water Restorat ion, Profess ional

    Restorat ion, DKI Services, Enviocore Environmental Consul t ing

    Technology, F inance, Market ing & Consul t ing - The Pr int

    Connect ion, Br idgepoint Bus iness Advisors, Boost Local, Davl in

    Market ing Group, Mari t ime Advisory, ERP Advisors Group

    Health Care - UC Health, Humana, Rel iant Standard, USA

    Business Choice, Benef i tMal l , Mi le High Insurance, AGA Co-op,

    Direct Dental P lans, Eden L i fe Spa, TruFi t Ath let ic Clubs

    Hospital i ty, Food & Beverage - Marley Coffee, Best Western

    Denver Southwest, John Hol ly s Restaurants, Strange Brewing Co.,

    Idel la Wines, B lack Rock Beverage, Fortress Brewing

    Corporate - Colorado Housing Development Associat ion,

    Nat ionwide Equipment Control , Haney Trucking, Navajo Trucking,

    P ioneer L imo, Vaughan Law, Andrew Clark Photography

  • CA




    S t rategy

    Brand and Ident i ty P lanning

    Search Engine Market ing Strategy (SEO & SEM)

    Competi t ive Audits

    Strategic Consul t ing

    Communicat ions P lanning

    User Research

    Customer Journey Development

    Content Strategy

    Exit P lanning

    Design & User Experience

    Visual Design

    Branding and Ident i ty Design

    Usabi l i ty Test ing & Research

    Sty le Guides

    Custom Typography

    Interface Design


    User Scenarios & Persona Development

  • Social Media & Content

    Competi t ive Analys is

    Content Design

    Copywri t ing

    Video Product ion

    Social L is tening

    Channel Strategy

    Copy Edit ing

    Integrated Social Media Campaigns


    Responsive Website Development

    Appl icat ion Development


    Content Management Systems

    Qual i ty Test ing

    API Integrat ion

  • we are a fu l l-service digi tal agency with unconvent ional ideas and a relent less

    commitment to excel lence

  • citadeldigi tal .com

    720.744 .2060

    240 S Broadway

    Suite 207

    Denver, CO 80209

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