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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Resilient Me! How to Understand your Emotions and be theBOSS of YOU! </p> <p>Lets talk about StressStress is a physiological experience from certain chemicals that your body creates, in order to give the body the energy and push to continue to do something. It can be negative or positive. As a positive it motivates (Eustress).as a negative it stops us.Anxiety</p> <p>An emotion of the futureAngerAn emotion about expectations</p> <p>FearAn emotion being prepared</p> <p>ConfidenceAn emotion being couragious</p> <p>5000 .....South AfricaNetherlandsGreeceBelgiumDenmarkSwedenLithuaniaUK</p> <p>Lets start at the beginningabcThe process of learned BehaviourThe world cant represent a problem</p> <p>When you look out of your window there happiness no loveno sadnessno problems...just nature at its bestProblems are constructions of the mind</p> <p>How do we liveYou live according to your values system and you expect that others will also live by your value system.How you fill your space is determined by your values system.How you sort out your money and your energy is determined by your value system. </p> <p>How do you live?What do you think about most of the time.What do you dream of?What does your internal dialogue say to you?What are you conversing about - with yourself and with others?What things do you react to?</p> <p>Most people live for what they think they should be and as a result they live according to someone elses value system. This causes internal conflict.What ever supports your higher values you will call good and what you support on what is lower down you call bad.If people support your value system you will think they are good and you will probably like them if they dont you will label them bad and you wont like them.When our values dont match we think they need fixing.</p> <p>This is what my life means.So we give our life meaning by the experiences that are around us.Things that we see, hear, feel, touch and smell become part of our experiences.As humans we have a need to judge in order to give meaning to things so that we know what to do with them and how to feel about them.So how do we do create our problems???</p> <p>What emotional juice are you making?</p> <p>Every thought becomes a chemicalThis chemical travels through the body and gives it informationThat is how the body knows how to behaveIt does not judge or has a preferenceIt just is</p> <p>We feel them by our emotionsYou recognize them by the way you feelGood Brain Juice-good emotionsBad Brain Juice-uncomfortable emotions</p> <p>You get two type of Brain Juice</p> <p>Good Brain JuiceJoyHappinessConfidenceLoveLaughterPeaceCalmRelaxedAngerJealousySadnessAnxietyGuiltDepressionHatred</p> <p>Bad Brain JuiceScience has shown that bad brain Juice, attacks your immune system.If you make a lot of bad brain juice and not enough good brain juice, you are more likely to get sick.Even if you are right, it is not worth it. Ask yourself intelligent questionsDo I know for sure?Is this true?What is my evidence?What can I do about it?So what to do???</p> <p>What are you going to do differently?Turn to the person next to you and tell what you will do as a result of what you have heard here!!!</p> <p>Q&amp;AYour workshop bonus ..5 discovery session for july</p> <p></p> <p>Or call Teresa 07904 287 065</p> <p></p>