Christmas Facts and Figures Infographic to Astound and Amaze!

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Ever wondered where your Christmas tree came from? How many candy canes get made each year? Well, wonder no longer. Presenting The Great Christmas Infographic! Weve scoured the web, compiled government data, and delved into the history books to bring you the answers to some questions about Christmas you never asked (but were sure youll find super interesting). To our fellow data nerds, know-it-alls, and generally curious folks everywhere: Merry Christmas!


<ul><li> O, CHRISTMAS TREE The United States can credit its Christmas tree tradition to European immigrants, especially the German and Dutch communities in Pennsylvania. The rst National Tree was placed outside the White House in 1923. REAL or ARTIFICIAL? WHAT KIND OF TREE? 3% - Leyland Cypress 5% - Grand Fir 6% - Noble Fir 20% Fraser Fir 6% - White Spruce REAL ARTIFICIAL 76% 24% 9% - Scotch Pine 16% - Douglas Fir 11% - Balsam Fir 13% - Colorado Blue Spruce WHERE IS IT FROM? 11% - White Pine HOW MANY TREES? 24.5 Oregon North Carolina 400 Michigan Pennsylvania 40 Wisconsin Washington 4,000 New York Virginia Ohio 100 Minnesota 80% Sources: USDA, National Geographic, National Christmas Tree Association Created by: WaterBrook Multnomah HOLIDAY GIFT TIP people of all ages! Check out infographic for some ideas. RISTMAS SONGS CH P TEN TO 1. Winter Wonderland 2. The Christmas Song 3. Sleigh Ride FACTS ABO UT 5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 6. White Christmas 7. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! 8. Jingle Bell Rock 9. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer FRUITC AKE Source: ASCAP 1. Fruitcake was listed as a prohibited item on airplanes during the holiday season in 2005 due to the high density of the cake that blocked airport security scanners. 2. The oldest known fruitcake that is still edible was baked on Nov. 27, 1878. 3. Several communities hold annual fruitcake toss festivals, where distances. The most well known toss is held in Manitou Springs, CO, where the current record is 1,425 feet. E BY THE NUMB 128 million lbs +85 million RS Eggnog Consumed per Year Candy Canes Made per Year 1.8 billion Americans Traveling during the Holidays Delivered during the Season by the USPS 30 million 50 - 70% 40 - 50% billion Pounds of Mail to be delivered to Overseas Military by the USPS IM DR EAM ING OF A + 90% 15 25 - 40% Number of Words in Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol 29,449 WH ITE C HRIS TMAS 10 - 25% 0 - 5% Have you ever wondered what the odds are of having a white Christmas? Here are (roughly) the national odds of having a white Christmas, compiled from information from the National Weather Service. LOOKING FOR SOME GREAT CHRISTMAS READS OR GIFT IDEAS? CHECK OUT FOR OUR FAVORITES! </li> </ul>