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Images pertaining to nuclear concepts.


<ul><li><p>CHRIS HERNANDEZ Go Nuclear Canvas Paintings </p><p>These works deal with processes and capabilities which, when unleashed, not only change their </p><p>surroundings, but also the individuals who interact with them. Spectators appreciate potential </p><p>danger if safely viewed from afar. There is an awe or dread of enormous and overwhelming forces </p><p>taking place. On one hand, we abhor danger, but we appreciate a spectacle if we can see it </p><p>disconnectedly within the protected walls of our homes, or as a tiny photo in a book or via the </p><p>internet; separated by both time and place. We can also appreciate the beauty which takes place if </p><p>such events occur in a completely different context so as to imply some form of safety, or if the </p><p>occurrences are too distant to seem relevant. The irony is that this distance is what indicates </p><p>whether an event is terrible or not. In the Twentieth Century, the local disruptions society has </p><p>experienced, which have brought much pain, death and suffering, pale in scope and size to those far </p><p>away, remote ones witness beyond the confines of our planet. </p><p>These series of paintings illustrate the various events and processes associated with the atomic </p><p>forces and make a comparison between types of nuclear events. Furthermore, the series depicts an </p><p>association with some of the often overlooked occurrences of the nuclear process which seem </p><p>nonthreatening only due to their extreme distances from us. The work highlights the grand physical </p><p>processes which take place on enormous scales but without any of the social, moral or </p><p>environmental attachments people put onto them because of turbulent geopolitical histories and </p><p>technological disasters. These works are not a commentary about the state of nuclear power, </p><p>weapons, or technologies. They are a detached observation of both the natural and unnatural </p><p>nuclear reactions, and our interactions with them. The works bring safety to a dangerous situation </p><p>and sterilize a normally threatening occurrence. </p></li></ul>