choose the right pg/vg e-juice ratio for you & enjoy to the fullest

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  • Choose the Right PG / VG E-Juice Ratio for You & Enjoy to The Fullest

    E-juice, also popularly known as e-liquid, e-fluid or smoke is a liquid that is nicotine-based juiceusually used in the personal vaporizers and the very famous Electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes).Now as the E-juices generally include two main ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG) andVegetable Glycerin (VG), it is important to know the right combination ratio of both for you toenjoy the taste and flavor of e-cigarette the most.

    Read the following study about the PG / VG ratios that suits different tastes and differentindividuals. Read the pointers carefully and make your choice accordingly:

    1. 100% PG: It is a very common concentration for Propylene Glycol but is not muchfamous. The e-juice with 100% concentration of PG gives the most feel and flavor. So, formost of the flavor fanatics an e-juice with 100% PG base is the best bet. The drawback of100% PG is it creates much less smoke than the other concentration.

    2. 80% PG & 20% VG: The concentration ratio of 80% PG and 20% VG is not very commonor desired. It is just to increase the smoke production while decreasing the throat-hitability which is quite string in 100% Propylene Glycol.

    3. 50% PG & 50% VG: This is a good concentration if you are a beginner, or not a much ofE-cigarette aficionado. Also, you would enjoy the quantity of smoke and the quality offlavors. This ratio offers a quality exhales and discernible bite on inhale.

  • 4. 30% PG & 70% VG: this is the best combination ratio which offers lots of vaporformation and a little throat hit. The people who wish to experience a little hit in throatbut not so much and want to enjoy a lot of vapor and smoke, should prefer 30-70% ratioof PG and VG e-juice base.

    5. 100% VG: The people who choose a 100% VG base while buying an e-juice primarilyfocus on the competitive smoke / cloud chasing as they enjoy the vapor that comes outwhile inhaling. Sometimes the people also opt for the 100% VG base in e-juice becausethey are allergic to PG base.

    Bottom Line:

    Every individual uses a different amount of nicotine in their E-Juice depending on their wish; forinstance a heavy smoker generally opts for a high dosage of 20-24mg to start out, and on theother hand a beginner would start with a comparatively smaller dosage such as 2-12 mg. Thedose totally depends upon the user, so choose the PG / VG concentration or ratio in e-juice orcreamy e-juice which is best suited for you, and enjoy it to the fullest!

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