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<ul><li><p>GEMChemCHEMICALS &amp; LABORATORY REAGENTS </p><p>VOLUME - II</p><p>SPECIFICATION MANUAL </p><p>Q u a l i t y i n C h e m i s t r y</p></li><li><p>An outstanding feature of all our products is their </p><p>dependable quality. Our Management and Staff </p><p>through controlled checks and reporting systems take </p><p>extreme care and responsibility for Quality Control through </p><p>our set Quality Management Systems. We endeavor </p><p>to continuously better our operations to ensure complete customer satisfaction.</p><p>We fulfill customer-specific requirements like additional parameters, own batch-wise certificate of </p><p>analysis, which are in par with product specifications and providing products in special packaging units. </p><p>We strive to be the best provider of Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents in the industry and wish to </p><p>achieve this by fully satisfying our customers by exceeding their needs and expectations with best </p><p>products at competitive prices and bespoke service. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction ALL the time.</p><p>Tirupati Industries (India) Limited believes </p><p>in being and providing Better than the Best. </p><p>We commit to provide products and </p><p>services meeting high quality standards. </p><p>Since inception in 1973 we have </p><p>imbibed the value of providing outstanding </p><p>products to our customers by:</p><p>Ensuring that every product that leaves our </p><p>premises is thoroughly checked and </p><p>conforms to internationally acceptable </p><p>specifications and standards which are in </p><p>accordance with the specific requirements of </p><p>our customers.</p><p>Achieving our commitments for quality and </p><p>timely delivery schedules</p><p>Making certain that our products surpass </p><p>customer expectations</p><p>Quality Policy</p></li><li><p>About the Company </p><p></p><p>TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED, incorporated in 1973, is a manufacturer of </p><p>Methyl Esters, Biodiesel, Industrial Oils, Fatty Acids, Soaps, Edible Oils, Chemicals and </p><p>Laboratory Reagents.</p><p>At TIRUPATI we aim to provide superior quality products and services at competitive </p><p>prices to meet the essential requirements of our esteemed customers. Our value of </p><p>returning to the society and our commitment by our actions and words is what evokes </p><p>trust amongst our consumers, employees, shareholders and the community.</p><p>Diversification and Innovation has been the basis of the evolution and growth of </p><p>TIRUPATI. Starting with solvent extraction in the seventies, TIRUPATI pursued a </p><p>strategy of diversification and innovation in Methyl Esters, Biodiesel, Industrial Oils, </p><p>Fatty Acids, Soaps, Edible Oils, Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents production. </p><p>Developing new products and creating markets has been the cornerstone of </p><p>TIRUPATIs success.</p><p>It gives us great pleasure to present the second volume of GEMChem specifications </p><p>manual. This manual comes with a portfolio in excess of 3000 products that include high </p><p>purity and excellent quality LR/AR/ACS Grade Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents, </p><p>Metallic, Mercury and Silver Salts, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Acids, Solvents, </p><p>Buffer Tablets, pH Indicator Papers, Solutions, Diagnostic Reagents amongst a wide </p><p>range of other products meeting international standards and specifications. </p></li><li><p>Understanding the GEMChem GHS Labels</p><p>GEMChem GHS labels are designed to provide complete information on the details of the product. </p><p>On the labels, you will find:</p><p> Entire product name, code and description</p><p> Health and safety hazard information through pictograms</p><p> Batch number of the product to help you track online COA</p><p> Useful reference data like, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) number, risk, safety and other details; </p><p>chemical formula and manufacturers details</p><p></p></li><li><p>GEMChemCHEMICALS &amp; LABORATORY REAGENTS </p><p>GEMChemCHEMICALS &amp; LABORATORY REAGENTS </p><p>FOR LABORATORY USE ONLY IMPORTANT: For use in industries, labs, research &amp; academic institutions, universities etc. No liability accepted for accidents arising in handling or use.</p><p>TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITEDRaigad 410 203, Maharashtra, INDIA</p><p>For any complaints please contact:</p><p>Batch No: TS12030001</p><p>M.R.P. Rs. 1350/- Incl. all taxesMfg: April 2012Exp: March 2017 </p><p>TARIFFF</p><p>::</p><p>Cas No. : 12054-85-22841 70 00</p><p>14</p><p>T1001 01000</p><p>1 Kg</p><p>AMMONIUM MOLYBDATE(EXTRA PURE)(NH ) Mo O . 4H O4 6 7 24 2</p><p>NOGHS</p><p>NOGHS</p><p>NOGHS</p><p>SpecificationMolecular Weight: 1235.90Assay 98.0 Min %Chloride 0.002 Max %Sulphate 0.02 Max %Phosphate 0.0002 Max %Lead 0.0002 Max %Iron 0.0005 Max %</p><p>b c</p><p>e f</p><p>h</p><p>j</p><p>l</p><p>m</p><p>k</p><p>i</p><p>g</p><p>d</p><p>n</p><p>a</p><p>Key to GEMChem Product Labels:</p><p>Product Name and Descriptionh</p><p>Chemical Formula j</p><p>Disclaimerk</p><p>i Price, Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date</p><p>Hazard Pictograml</p><p>Manufacturer details and Customer Support contact m</p><p>Manufacturer Website (Refer for Online MSDS &amp; Batchwise COA)n</p><p>Pack Sizeb</p><p>Batch Numberc</p><p>CAS Registry Numberd</p><p>Product Code e</p><p>Product Specificationsf</p><p>Tariff, Risk, Safety and Disposal g</p><p>a Registered Trademark Logo and Brand Name</p><p></p><p>Pictograms</p><p>Corrosive Highly Flammableor Extremely Flammable</p><p>Dangerous for the Environment</p><p>ExplosiveOxidizing</p><p>Health hazzard Gas PressureIrritantNo GHSToxic or Very Toxic</p></li><li><p>GEMChemCHEMICALS &amp; LABORATORY REAGENTS </p><p>GEMChem Products</p><p></p><p>Metals and its Compounds</p><p>High Purity Acids</p><p>High Purity Solvents</p><p>Indicator PaperKarl Fischer's Reagent Py Free Sol.</p></li><li><p>Bulk Pack Available for all Products</p><p>1</p><p>CODE - PRODUCT NAME Pack CODE - PRODUCT NAME Pack</p><p>SPECIFICATION MANUAL</p><p>ANALYTICAL REAGENTS (AR)</p><p>Reagents useful for analytical purpose and research</p><p>work where high purity is essential. The certificate</p><p>of analysis gives the minimum assay and maximum</p><p>limits of trace impurities.</p><p>ACS</p><p>The correct grade for Analytical laboratory applications.</p><p>Specifications meet the American Chemical Society</p><p>Standards.</p><p>FOR SYNTHESIS</p><p>General purpose reagents used in many potential</p><p>applications in chemical laboratories &amp; applications</p><p>for organic chemistry. Careful control ensures that</p><p>a consistently high defined quality is maintained</p><p>throughout.</p><p>EXTRA PURE (EP)</p><p>Laboratory reagents which are extra pure or purified</p><p>are used in many chemical laboratories &amp; technical</p><p>production applications.</p><p>HPLC GRADE</p><p>Highest purity solvents having features such as UV</p><p>absorbance, transmittance, non-volati le matter,</p><p>moisture content, fluorescence impurities and assay</p><p>are very carefully controlled. Continuing advances</p><p>in the use of HPLC have led to an increased demand</p><p>for solvents and reagents in wider range of application</p><p>areas, particularly for bimolecular and ion separation.</p><p>GC GRADE</p><p>Solvents which are extremely high-purified. To</p><p>guarantee our tight specifications we perform strict</p><p>GC quality controls. After strong concentration of</p><p>the solvent, differences in quality are easily revealed.</p><p>As more sensitive capillary GC methods are</p><p>introduced, solvent purity must be improved to meet</p><p>the more stringent analytical requirements. According</p><p>to this, GC Grade solvents have evolved.</p><p>SPECTROSCOPY GRADE</p><p>These are solvents of high optical purity for UV/</p><p>Visible/IR/Fluorescence/NMR and Mass spectroscopy.</p><p>The certificate of analysis includes assay, minimum</p><p>transmission at certain defined wavelengths in UV</p><p>range, moisture content, non-volatile matter etc.</p><p>DIAGNOSTIC REAGENTS</p><p>These are specially produced for the use of various</p><p>hospitals, clinical and pathological laboratories for</p><p>diagnostic purpose.</p><p>BIOLOGICAL STAINS</p><p>Stains are frequently used in biology and medicine to</p><p>highlight structures in biological tissues,Histology,</p><p>Hematology and Cytology. Stringent testing on all</p><p>batches is performed to ensure all specifications</p><p>are satisfied. They correspond normally to the</p><p>specifications given in the handbook on Biological</p><p>Stains titled Stains and staining (Microscopy) .</p><p>BIOCHEMICALS</p><p>Highly purified reagents for use in biochemical</p><p>research and analysis. They are free from inhibitors</p><p>such as traces of heavy metals and tested with a</p><p>view of biochemical work. Our range includes alkaloids</p><p>amino acids, buffers, carbohydrates, enzymes, enzyme</p><p>substrates, nucleotides, derivatives etc.</p><p>MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRADE (MB)</p><p>To meet the requirements of our Molecular Biology</p><p>customers in the Life Sciences Sector we are expanding</p><p>our Molecular Biology performance grade product</p><p>line. These products are prepared specifically for</p><p>Molecular Biology usage and are certified to be</p><p>DNase, RNase, for detecting DNA-protein, RNA</p><p>enzymes and protease-free.</p><p>ION PAIR CHROMATOGRAPHY</p><p>Highly pure additives for ion pair chromatography</p><p>are suitable for detection in the low UV range.</p><p>Reagents of this special quality inspected by means</p><p>of a filter test, a cyclovoltagram and gradient test</p><p>at 205 nm in the Spectral Band.</p><p>GEMChem Reagents</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>CODE - PRODUCT NAME Pack CODE - PRODUCT NAME Pack</p><p>TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED</p><p>GENERAL TERMS OF SALE</p><p>QUOTE</p><p>All quotes are on Ex Works basis. Please specify if you require</p><p>FOB, CIF etc. quotes.</p><p>RETURN &amp; CLAIMS</p><p>Cancellation of orders received after dispatching the</p><p>materials will not be considered. Rejection complaints</p><p>should be made within 30 days of our invoice date</p><p>INSURANCE</p><p>Our goods are packed with utmost care and forwarded at</p><p>Customers risk. No responsibility is taken for breakages or</p><p>loss in transit. Goods can be insured at the customers request</p><p>at 1% of the invoice value. Charges for insurance will be made</p><p>on the invoice itself.</p><p>SPECIAL NOTE</p><p>All products are sold for LABORATORY USE ONLY. We assume</p><p>no responsibility if they are used as DRUGS, FOOD ADDITIVES</p><p>OR HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS &amp; other applications that are not</p><p>prescribed.</p><p>For any Product(s) requiring special statutory permissions or</p><p>licenses you will be requested to produce the same.</p><p>FORCE MAJEURE</p><p>Notwithstanding whatsoever contained herein, in the event</p><p>due to reasons beyond our control such as riots, strikes, civil</p><p>commotions, shortage of raw materials, act of God,</p><p>Government restrictions, etc., we may be prevented from</p><p>making supplies. We or our authorized stockiests will not be</p><p>liable for any penalization for delay or non-supply of the items</p><p>in such cases.</p><p>STANDARD PACKING FOR GLASS BOTTLES</p><p>All Acids and Solvents will be supplied in standard packing</p><p>only. This is to ensure safe handling &amp; delivery of the products.</p><p>SOLVENTS &amp; ACIDS</p><p>6 X 250 ml 6 x 500 ml 12 x 500 ml</p><p>16 x 500 ml 6 x 1000 ml 4 x 1000 ml</p><p>4 x 2500 ml 4 x 4000 ml</p><p>FOR THE INDIAN MARKET</p><p>PRICES</p><p>Prices mentioned in the Price List are ruling at the time of</p><p>printing of the Price List and subject to change without prior</p><p>notice. Goods shall be invoiced at prices ruling on the date of</p><p>despatch.</p><p>TAXES &amp; DUTIES</p><p>The prices are inclusive of Central Excise Duty wherever</p><p>applicable but exclusive of any other applicable taxes and</p><p>levies. For exemption from Taxes, Duties and Levies, you</p><p>will have to furnish necessary exemption certificates/</p><p>declarations with the order.</p><p>PAYMENTS</p><p>All payments are to be made by Demand Draft/cheques</p><p>drawn on TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED payable at</p><p>Mumbai. We set various guidelines for payments for our</p><p>dealers, customers and end users, i.e. advance, on delivery</p><p>or payment on expiry of certain number of days from delivery,</p><p>such terms and conditions of which should be complied with</p><p>accordingly.</p><p>DELIVERY</p><p>All orders of Rs 10,000/- and above will be supplied F.O.R.</p><p>destination by transport. For orders below Rs. 10,000/- the</p><p>goods will be supplied on freight to pay basis. Goods can be</p><p>despatched by Air, Post, courier or by Passenger Train on</p><p>customers request, the freight for which will be borne by</p><p>the customer. Road permits, licenses etc. wherever</p><p>applicable should be accompanied with purchase order.</p><p>FOR INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS</p><p>SUPPLY</p><p>Orders placed with TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED</p><p>should contain the following details:</p><p>Complete product code, size of the container (Pack - according</p><p>to current tariffs), quality/grade of product and number of</p><p>units to be acquired, Order Number, Product address and</p><p>delivery system, Invoice delivery address, Payment</p><p>conditions agreed and payment conditions.</p><p>ORDERS</p><p>We will supply orders of any quantity or value. Prices and</p><p>terms and conditions for our products will be given upon</p><p>receiving enquiry.</p><p>On request, TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED can</p><p>supply products or qualities in uncatalogued measures, and</p><p>uncatalogued products or qualities, whenever previously</p><p>negotiated and agreed on by TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA)</p><p>LIMITED.</p><p>PAYMENTS</p><p>All payments for orders upto USD 10,000 will be on Advance</p><p>T/T basis, Orders exceeding the same will be accepted on LC</p><p>basis from reputed International Banks Only.</p><p>FORWARDING AGENT</p><p>TIRUPATI INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED uses its own</p><p>forwarding agent for all its exports to assure safe and timely</p><p>shipments. We will not be responsible for any damage or</p><p>non shipment if a client would prefer to use their forwarding</p><p>agent once the material is collected from our factory unit.</p><p>TERMS and CONDITIONS</p></li><li><p>Bulk Pack Available for all Products</p><p>3</p><p>CODE - PRODUCT NAME Pack CODE - PRODUCT NAME Pack</p><p>SPECIFICATION MANUAL</p><p>T7500-ABSCISIC ACID EXTRA PURE (ABA) 25 mg</p><p>Abscission-accelerating plant hormone 100 mg</p><p>C15</p><p>H20</p><p>O4</p><p> M.W. 264.3 500 mg</p><p>Assay min 98.0%</p><p>CAS No:21293-29-8</p><p>TARIFF:3808 93 40</p><p>S:22-24/25</p><p>T7501-ACACIA 500 gm</p><p>Identity passes test 5 kg</p><p>Agar &amp; tragacanth passes test</p><p>Starch &amp; dextrin passes test</p><p>Tannin passes test</p><p>Sucrose and fructose passes test</p><p>Insoluble matter max 0.5%</p><p>Sulphated ash max 5.0%</p><p>Acid insoluble ash max 1.0%</p><p>Loss on drying max 15.0%</p><p>CAS No:9000-01-5</p><p>TARIFF:1301 20 00</p><p>R:36 S:26 F:16</p><p>T7502-ACACIA (ENZYME FREE) AR 500 gm</p><p>Heat inactivated under nitrogen emulsifying</p><p>agent for Olive Oil in serum lipase</p><p>determination inhibits cleavage of</p><p>lower fatty acid esters</p><p>Acid insoluble ash max 0.2%</p><p>Insoluble matter max 0.2%</p><p>Loss on drying (105oC) max 10%</p><p>Ash max 3.0%</p><p>Starch &amp; dextrin no reaction</p><p>Tannin no reaction</p><p>CAS No:9000-01-5</p><p>TARIFF:1301 20 00</p><p>R:36 S:26 F:16</p><p>T7503-ACENAPHTHENE FOR SYNTHESIS 100 gm</p><p>C12</p><p>H10 </p><p>M.W. 154.21 500 gm</p><p>Assay min 96.0%</p><p>Melting range 90.0-93.00C</p><p>CAS No:83-32-9</p><p>IMCO/UN/PG:9/3077/III</p><p>TARIFF:2902 90 90</p><p>R:51/53 S:61 F:3</p><p>T7504-ACES BUFFER 25 gm</p><p>N-(2-acetamido)-2-aminoethane sulphonic acid 100 gm</p><p>C4H</p><p>10N</p><p>2O</p><p>4S M.W. 182.20</p><p>Assay(alkalimetric) min 99.0%</p><p>Identity(IR spectrum) passes test</p><p>UV-Absorption max 0.05%</p><p>(250 nm; 2%; 1cm; water)</p><p>Chloride(Cl) max 0.05%</p><p>Sulphate(SO4) max 0.005%</p><p>Heavy metals(as Pb) max 0.0005%</p><p>Sodium (Na) max 0.005%</p><p>Loss on drying(105oC) max 0.2%</p><p>Biological buffer, pka at 20oC 6.8-7.0</p><p>CAS No:7365-82-4</p><p>TARIFF:2924 19 00</p><p>F:3</p><p>T7505-ACETALDEHYDE SOLUTION (20-30%) 500 ml</p><p>For Synthesis 2.5 Ltr</p><p>C2H</p><p>4O M.W. 44.05</p><p>CAS No:75-07-0</p><p>IMCO/UN/PG:3.1/1089/I</p><p>TARIFF:2912 12 00</p><p>R:12-36/37-40 S:16-33-36/37 F:7</p><p>T0050 - ACETAMIDE FOR SYNTHESIS 500 gm</p><p>Acetic acid amide</p><p>C2H</p><p>5NO M.W. 59.07</p><p>Assay min 99.0%</p><p>Melting range(After drying) 78-810C</p><p>CAS No:60-35-5 </p><p>TARIFF:2924 19 00</p><p>R:40 S:36/37 F:9</p><p>T7506-N-(2-ACETAMIDO) IMINODIACETIC ACID 25 gm</p><p>(ADA BUFFER) 100 gm</p><p>C6H</p><p>10N</p><p>2O</p><p>5 M.W.190.16</p><p>UV-absorption max 0.25</p><p>(250 nm; 5g/l;1cm; water)</p><p>Assay(acidimetric) min 99.0%</p><p>Identity(IR spectrum) passes test</p><p>Chloride(Cl) max 0.02%</p><p>Sulphate(SO4) max 0.005%</p><p>Heavy metals(as Pb) max 0...</p></li></ul>